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Many of our Josephine County residents have become victims to crimes since the reduction of our public safety services.  The SOS team is concerned about the increase in crime.  We want to get the word out to the citizens of our county.  Please take a moment to share your story.  Stories will be posted anonymously on the SOS website.  We are also working on a video series related to the impacts of crime in our County so please contact us if you’re willing to share your story.   Read Crime Stories

Be respectful.  Please adhere to the following rules:

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Business Burglary and Assault

             As you are aware the safety security and well being of every Grants Pass citizen as well as to businesses in our city has been exposed to crime/crimes committed in the daily bases and not related a week ago today, Thursday     my business got burglarized by braking a glass door and my ATM taken away.

In regards to my wife’s assault she was taken away from the crime scene by an ambulance an taken to the local hospital for X-Rays reveling a serious injury to her left shoulder wrist knee and thumb finger nail plus cuts to her face and bruises to her left eye. She then IMMEDIATELY was taken to the emergency floor and within 30 minutes she was intervene by a team of three doctors and six nurses which, relocated her left shoulder that got miss-located as the assailant pushed her to the ground with a great force while resisting her purse successfully taken away from her.

I would like to add, the emergency procedure was not without a glitch, seen my wife not coming back after the induced coma/anesthesia administered for the medical procedure was with scary moments because she stopped breading. By a direction of one of the doctors I helped the team to bring my wife back.

It was a quite of a life experience that seen my wife alive and then die before my eyes for a respiratory arrest was of a shocking experience and incredible enough just due to a crime as she was pushed to the ground with a great force.


Home Burglary

My Story: I have been a part of SOS since last year.  I head a committee looking at using lottery dollars to fund our local justice system.  I have committed time and resources to make this a viable option.  I see the problems that have arisen from a lack of criminal justice funding and decided to be a part of the solution.  Countless times I have read or heard victim’s heartfelt stories and knew something had to be done.  Never did I think I would land in their shoes.  Now I am a victim and here is my story:

Sunday morning my wife came to me and said she thinks we were broken into.  I went to the garage to find that to indeed be true.  Someone had crawled under our garage door and stole everything from our cars that were inside.  Purse, ID, wallet, cards, cash, handgun, ammunition, cologne, makeup, power adapters, backpack, flashlights, misc from the garage, and whatever we haven’t discovered yet all stolen while we slept.  Our garage is attached to our home and we live in what I thought was a good neighborhood.  To be violated like that is sickening.

My wife and I moved back to Grants Pass 18 years ago to raise a family because both of us had grown up here and thought the quality of life would be good for us and our children.  In the last 7 years we have seen a rapid decline in that quality.  From the O&C Tribe mentality to the Pitbulls & Pajamas fashion, we’ve seen a serious devolvement in our local society.  Entitlement arrogance at an incredible rate has kept the fire stoked.

We want the quality of life that we had growing up and what we moved back for.  We continue to fight and we encourage others to do so as well.

Let us keep fighting the good fight!


Vandals Target ODOT



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