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Securing Our Safety is kicking off a new initiative to arm our community and elected leaders with the facts we need to make informed decisions about Josephine County’s public safety crisis and our future.

We are in the initial stages of a capital campaign to raise funds to hire a professional analyst who will compile statistics on crime and crime-related issues in the county.

Check back soon for more details….


Special crime statistics provided by the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office on April 23, 2015:

Download (PDF, 223KB)


Crime Stories (click on the link for each story):

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SOS Team Captain & Board Member Hit by Crime

Four Stories of Crime in Josephine County

Victims’ Voices weekly column (click on the link for each story):

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In 2012 the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety began reporting local crime stats to and some information about recent crime stats in Grants Pass can be found below.  While this report doesn’t include stats from the State Police or the Josephine County Sheriff’s office, it’s clear just from Grants Pass stats that our community needs a properly funded Criminal Justice System.

Here are the March 2015 Grants Pass Crime Map and related stats:

March 2015 Crime Map JPG

In March of 2015 – 359 crimes reported just in that one month and this report excludes “disturbing the peace” incidents (which can also be very serious).

If you want a further break down of some of these March stats, please CLICK HERE.


Some fresh stats from an independent study of the Police Division of Grants Pass Public Safety also revealed the following in September of 2014:

“As can be seen in Table 2, in 2012 Grants Pass reported a UCR Part I violent crime rate of 215 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. For UCR Part 1 property crimes, the rate in Grants Pass was 5,282 property crimes per 100,000 residents. The violent crime rate in Grants Pass is 50 percent lower than the state rate and 45 percent lower than the national rate. The rate of property crime is 50 percent higher than the state rate and 85 percent higher than the national rate. Clearly, property crime is problematic in Grants Pass and the department should develop and implement a comprehensive property crime reduction strategy that involves the entire department.”

The full report can be found by clicking HERE.


A report from the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Chief in 2013 regarding recent crime stats in Grants Pass (by KDRV Channel 12) can be found by CLICKING HERE.

“Chief Joe Henner said after the failed criminal justice tax levy [in 2012], people speculated that crime would increase. He said recent data reveals the assumptions are spot on.

Burglary is up near 50%; thefts nearly 26%; disorderly conduct 20% and stolen vehicles up around 17%.”


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