Timber Resource Committee

The Josephine County Securing Our Safety Timber Committee is dedicated to monitoring county timber practices on the approximately 30,000 acres the county owns, with roughly 20,000 acres in timber production.

The county timber lands are an integral part of potential future funding of public safety services in Josephine County.


Timber Committee Report 5/6/2015:

With Josephine County investigating whether to declare itself a “drought impacted county” this year, this may affect the amount of timber that can be harvested in a reasonable amount of time. The county starts harvesting on its lands in May, and normally can harvest into October, but this year may have too high of fire hazard to allow a normal logging season to occur. We anticipate that, after expenses, the county would receive between $500,000 and $1 million in revenue from the harvest. All monies have been earmarked for criminal justice by the Board of County Commissioners.


Jim Frick, Team Captain
Timber Committee for SOS

Timber Committee Report 8/25/14:

Regarding Federal Land legislation that affects the 18 O&C counties: The Douglas Complex had three successful bids on burned timber to the federal government from Swanson Superior, Perpetua Lumber Company and Roseburg Forest Products, but environmental groups such as Cascadia Wildlands and KS Wildlands protested the bids and began litigation.

Why will the general public not stand up and protest these frivolous lawsuits that stall productivity on our federal lands after a burn?

The bids from the three companies mentioned above are $2.2 million, half of which would be returned in taxes to the respective counties that logged the burned federal land.

Do the Oregon Wild, Cascadia Wildlands and KS Wild people donate large sums of monies to Boys and Girls Club, Rotary or Lions Club activities in SW Oregon?

Do they stimulate our economy with family wage jobs or are they just de-industrializing America and hurting public safety in Southwest Oregon?


Jim Frick, Team Captain
Timber Committee for SOS

The following documents are of historical interest concerning timber harvest in Josephine County and the distribution of O&C funds:

Original O&C Act

Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act

Secure Rural Schools Act Payments

Secure Rural Schools Act distribution


April 8, 14

October 5, 13

The Register Guard story on DeFazio O&C Plan

More timber sales offered on October 21

Sale of County Owned Timber


The Timber Resource Committee Captain is Jim Frick


Jim can be reached for comment at jfrick3@earthlink.net

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