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The Oregon Lottery Local Control Act is a proposal to divert half of eligible state lottery proceeds directly to counties to help ensure that counties have adequate resources and the ability to allocate lottery funding to meet their greatest needs. The long-term goal is to put the proposal before Oregon voters via a statewide ballot initiative.

Although the project is a result of research work started by SOS, the effort was transferred over to a separate legal petitioner committee after the initial research and public input phase. You can now stay updated on this effort here:


Securing Our Safety found during its initial research efforts that lottery profit distributions don’t necessarily correlate to how much each county pays into the lottery system. SOS also came to the conclusion that the current method of allocating lottery funds doesn’t allow each county to spend the money in ways that meet its greatest needs. This proposal would give counties more control over how state lottery dollars are spent locally.

SOS eventually developed the recommendation that, of the 67 percent of lottery profits that are unrestricted, 50 percent should come back to counties to spend as each county deems appropriate — including on things like public safety, education, economic development or parks and wildlife.

SOS also developed some sample language that could be used for an Oregon Lottery Local Control Act ballot measure. To read the sample language, click HERE.

Because SOS is a nonprofit, it will not be participating in the political portion of this effort or campaigning for passage of the act.


 Cliff Thomason is the captain of this Committee.

Cliff continues to give Lottery Local Control presentations and SOS presentations throughout the state. For more information, or to request a presentation by Cliff and/or his committee, contact Cliff by email at .




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