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SOS Public Meeting Agenda for Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Here is our Agenda for today:

·      SOS Run/Walk Update Bill West/Holly Lidey

We have a NAME!!!

·      SOS BOARD ELECTIONS Jay Meredith

·      Lottery Committee Update Cliff Thomason

Lottery Local Control Committee

To comment, please email:



·      The Hardrock Mining Committee—What’s the Next Step? Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

·      The Immediate Change Committee’s First Project

Jubilee Park, Cave Junction

Jody Nigh/Shane Simon/Cheri Adkins UPDATE

Our Goal is: $1,000

If you need tickets, please e-mail Cheri

Tickets are $5 each and include a helmet!

Buy a ticket and help the kids in CJ


·      Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee Update 

Pat Fahey

1.    The language for the Levy Petition

2.    Signature gathering campaign for this

Signature GOAL: 2,300

3.    Citizens for Securing Our Safety (CSOS) has been formed as the heart and soul of this petition/levy

4.    Sign-up sheets at the Saturday Market this week

5.    The focus point of this movement to be the emphasis that the jail and juvenile justice center is the core of our criminal justice system

6.    Please come ready with questions or e-mail your detailed questions to regarding the levy

7.    The above questions shall be posted on a FAQ site on this committee’s website webpage and then go to this committee’s webpage

·      Justice of Peace Committee Update Dave Corsi

Next meeting will be at Tap Rock on Wednesday, November 6, 2013 @ 5:30 PM ; If you would like to join our committee, please e-mail Dave at ; we shall continue our discussion of website webpage, and our Mission and Goals

·      Medically-Assisted-Treatment (MAT) Committee Toni Webb Awareness Campaign Brochure and the next step shall be our planning of the MAT Center—“If we build it, they will come”; next meeting is at 5:30 PM at the Women’s Health Center on November 7, 2013!

·      POKER NIGHT Fund Raiser at the Pub Jay Meredith

When: Thursday, December 5, 2013 at the Wild River Brew Pub

Cost: $50

What’s Included: the meal, stone-oven-baked Pizza, fresh Salad and poker chips; there will only be 100 tickets; Jay will have brochures and tickets available at the meeting; we are going to have a dealer at every table; we are in need of prize donations; SOS will provide the top prize of $500

·      Fund-Raising Art Show February 7, 2014 this date is set; Cheri Adkins/whoever would like to join this committee, please e-mail us!

·      SOS Office—We need someone to become our Sergeant of the Arms so to speak, and be in charge of SOS property at a room donated by the Newman United Methodist Church for storage; please e-mail us if you are interested

·      Saturday Market Signs/Award/Petitions



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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