SOS Public Meeting Agenda for July 9, 2013

Our meeting this week shall be Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at the Newman United Methodist Church located at 132 NE B Street in Grants Pass from 5:15 PM until 6:15 PM.

Tomorrow’s Agenda:

·      Multi-Tier Taxing District UPDATE The Next Step? (Kris WoodburnChris Mecca, Pat Fahey and Jay Meredith)

·      Comments on the New York Times article

·       Lottery Committee Update: Why do we need $25,000 by July 31, 2013???
       Someone commented, “…money only is hard to sell.  I cant talk with any friends, employees, businesspeople, etc without selling comprehension of what the money is doing. Cant just be legal fees. What is the money doing? I’ve read the web site.   Thank you and sorry if I have missed something…”

(Cliff Thomason and Jay Meredith )

EVENT #1: Garage Sale

When? Saturday, July 13, 2013 from 8AM-3 PM!

Who’s in charge? Holly Lidey

Where:  The Daily Courier parking lot located at 409 SE 7TH Street, Grants Pass, OR

What Do We Need? All of your treasures, re-gifts and things (other than trash), you will never use!!!

Anything Else? People who can help Holly sell and set up!!!

EVENT #2: Pancake Breakfast

When: July 20th, 2013 (7-10 AM) 

Who’s in charge? Shane Simon

Where: Grants Pass Apple Bee’s

Cost: $7.00 per ticket (We designate cost) For every ticket sold, $2.00 goes towards food cost.

Seating: 250

Deposit: $50.00 refundable

Meal: Pancake/Sausage/eggs/coffee/tea/juice
Do we have the tickets???

What Do We Need? You and everyone you know to show up and eat!!! And then leave a huge tip!

Anything Else? We will need to provide 17 volunteers (so far we have 6!) to greet/seat/serve/bus.

AppleBee’s also made aware of the success they have had with tip/donation jars at these type of events.

Again, We really need everyone to sell tickets and to show up to this event!!!

EVENT #3: Poker Tournament 

When: July 26th, 2013 (6-10 PM)

Who’s in charge? Cliff Thomason

Where? Wild River Brew Pub

Donation?  $100 per ticket

What’s Included in Donation? ASSORTED WOOD FIRED PIZZAS; Hand tossed dough with Wild River’s own all natural pizza sauce compliment a variety of toppings and refreshing mixed green salad and house baked baguette bread; Prizes for top finishers

What Do We Need? You and anyone you know who will buy a ticket and play poker for fun!

Anything Else? Prize donations/People who can deal cards

EVENT #4: 5K Walk/Run 

When: To be Determined

Who’s in charge? Bill West

Where? To be Determined

Donation?  To be Determined

What Do We Need? A venue; You and anyone you know who will participate

Anything Else? Prize donations/For Top Finishers

The following people donated $100: 1-Holly and Archie Lidey, 2-Dave Corsi, 3-Brian and Erin Mateja, 4-Kris and Amy Woodburn, 5-Syed and Rabina Ali, 6-Karl and Mimi Raskins, 7-Jim Ditmer, 8-Cheri Adkins, 9-Connie Roach and 10-Keith Heck (Please write out your checks to SOS and bring them to next Tuesday’s Meeting! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!)

Lastly, Cliff will be going to Curry County on July 10, 2013 to meet with them and we need to retrieve the OP ED for the Lottery/how Stephen Campbell had written an editorial in the past in support of Lottery Fund reallocation, something that he might consider resurrecting

·      Josephine County Fair (Tom Dorman)

·      Why we should consider mining in Josephine County

(Michael Cope)

SOS Strategic Plan (Jay Meredith)

Committee Inventory/Everything SOS is working on!

Timber Committee-Jim Frick

Opioid Committee-Toni Webb

Sobering Center Committee-Bill Landis

Trust/Transparency and Education Committee-Bill Ertel/Holly Lidey

Efficiencies/Public and Private Partnerships-Laurie Norman/Toni Webb

BioMass Committee-Cheri Adkins

Refundable Committee-Carl Raskins

Multi-Tier Tasking Committee-Kris WoodburnChris Mecca, Pat Fahey and Jay Meredith

Sales Tax Committee-Jay Meredith

County Property Resource Committee-David Corsi

Property Tax Variations-Jeff Wolf

Lottery Fund Committee-Cliff Thomason

Justice of the Peace Court- David Corsi

Debate Committee-Matthew Eldridge

·      Opioid Committee Update (Toni Webb)

·      Knitting the Community Together WEBSITE:8,375-David Smith’s Next Article! We need Stats!


MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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