SOS Meeting Notes – September 9, 2014

Good Evening SOS!

Great meeting Tuesday!

NOTES (September 9, 2014):

SOS Sponsor Report Jennifer Essick

  • Weekly success report

NUMBER of current SOS Business SPONSORS:


  • Jennifer reported on our total number of business sponsors to date

  • Jennifer will continue to knit together our business community, which shall include OUTREACH to the business community throughout our county

  • Jennifer spoke about a recent newcomer sponsor: Rogue Valley Humane Society, who is requesting assistance with their fundraising efforts (more to follow next week!)

  • If you are a business, who wants to stand united beside us and effect a change in our county, please e-mail Jennifer @etopps_08@hotmail.com

  • We encourage everyone to visit our sponsor page on our website: www.securingoursafety.org and to SHOP LOCAL!


Casino Night Felita Short

  • Details about October, 2014 Will be reported next week by Felita!

  •  Want to help Felita? Join her at felitashort@gmail.com

Scott Draper Presentation

  • Scott Draper gave a moving presentation to the group, after and introduction by Jay Meredith

  • Jay mentioned how proud he was of all of SOS’ successes and that if we shut down our engines tomorrow, would be proud of everything we have accomplished!

  • In substance, Scott spoke about the following: There is a gap in Josephine County with respect to business owners getting involved in our current crisis, relative to the decimation of our Criminal Justice System. We have an incredible opportunity to build “trust” in our community. The “other group” formed after I assembled some “movers and shakers” of our business community to get involved. We had difficulty coming up with a name for our group. Truth be told, we didn’t even want a name. While we want us to come together to solve our crisis, just like SOS, we don’t want to remain in this activity forever. We want our professionals to be able to focus on their professions, and not pull double duty working on our crisis as the “other job”. I just want to run my business but I can’t stand by and do nothing while watching my community in decline. This group which I am moderating meets every Thursday at 3 PM at Club Northwest. We welcome you with open arms as I know SOS welcomes everyone the same. We all our existence to the efforts of you at SOS. We are not competition but rather a complement. You—we— pulled a car up 6TH Street in an effort to raise awareness of our dilemma. We went to step alongside of you and grabbed part of the rope, a door handle, whatever, and help push the same way. We want to help push the car to our shared destination. I was born and raised in Grants Pass. My parents were also born and raised in Grants Pass. May 20, 2015 is our Deadline! If we don’t have something together by then, our situation that we presently suffer through, will only grow worse. We must take a stand together. SOS must continue to build trust in our community. We have a “Great Community”! Our business leaders are beginning to step up and make a stand. They are beginning to join and make an effort to save our community. We all want the same thing, a safe community. We want to “own our own outcomes”!

  • Our group is going to become a “PAC”. We have chosen the name: Community United for Safety. We have been working with SOS’ Community Research Committee and with Dr. G. Gary Manross from SRI, a polling company who will be moving forward with a scientific poll of a sample population of 500 people in Josephine County. The purpose of the poll shall be to determine what Josephine County residents want with respect to our Criminal Justice System. SRI will, in effect, through scientific polling, report as to realities in terms of future efforts to secure funding for the Criminal Justice System, whether that funding potential be a levy, tax district, or some other yet to be researched option. SRI has a successful past history, and worked with Lane County to help them with a similar dilemma. In the future, there is talk about and Advisory Oversight Committee, composed of business and professional people, unrelated to politics or the Criminal Justice System, might serve as the voice and guide for the funding of our Criminal Justice System.

  • Scott then deferred to Linda Scott, who reported the following in substance, regarding her recent interactions with Community United for Safety: Myself, Ken Smith and Pat Fahey, have all been thoroughly impressed with Scott Draper and that group. We are now infused together. Last Thursday, within 10 minutes, we solicited $40,000 for the polling from business owners present at that meeting. Is going to take a lot of money to conduct the polling as well as stage a campaign of awareness in our community. I expect to receive another $40,000 for our efforts at the next meeting. It was very motivating to watch as business leaders stepped up to the plate and contributed one after the other. I am very hopeful of our future! We’re in the process of composing questions with SRI for our polling and believe the poll will be up and running within the next three weeks!

  • Ken and Pat both chimed in on how impressed they were with Scott and the Community United for Safety group and how “we” will move on together

  • Scott reinforced how we are a “We” and how it is going to take all of us to move our community and make this the safe place for our children

  • Scott was careful to point out how we do not want to support public safety in a “marginal way”

  • Scott also mentioned again how important it was for us to develop “trust” and how we have to be patient with one another, that we can all change for the good

  • Community United for Safety meets every Thursday at 3:00 PM at Club Northwest!

  • Jay then addressed the group and requested that SOS stepped forward with a pledge of $5000 to the Research efforts


RUN/Walk for THE LAW Bill West

  • The first meeting for our run will be on September 15, 2014 at 5:15 PM at the AFSCME office located at 1607 Williams Highway, Suite 3

  • A deposit of $100 has already been made to the timing chip company Eclectic Edge securing our run/walk date: March 7, 2015

  • Scott Draper mentioned that his liaison to the run last year had been a race coordinator all over the country and had repeatedly remarked to Scott how amazed he was to see almost 500 people on RACE DAY, an unimaginable number for a first race! We want to blow that number away next year!

  • Club Northwest has already graciously committed $1000 in prize money

  • If you have ever ran a race before and always thought it would be neat to have a voice and it, this is a great opportunity for you to participate, have a voice, and serve your community!

  • Join this committee, contact Bill West ontherogue219@gmail.com


  • 300

  • OUTREACH Event Calendar (Saturday Market/Next Week—Gilbert Creek Park Event-Rycke Brown shall be coordinating this event!)

  • CJ Skate Park Donation/Fundraiser

  • Next Week there will be sign-up sheets for different OUTREACH Events

  • If you know of a business or an event, where you think SOS should be, please e-mail the info and/or coordinate our presence

  • Next Week, we shall discuss new SOS OUTREACH T-Shirts, which might read on the back: “Evil rains when good people do nothing!”

Community Research

Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

  • Pat, Ken and Linda all commented about Scott’s presentation; all were very positive regarding our future efforts

  • Linda said that she believed the PAC for Community United for Safety will be formed by the end of this week

  • Join this committee by e-mailing Ken: ken@greatprograms.org  

“What are the Josephine County Board of Commissioners doing to address the safety issue in Josephine County?”

Keith Heck

  • Keith spoke about how important it was for all of us to work together, remarking how he has been a proud part of SOS from its inception and understands how the “air” has been taking out of us in the past, but how true character shines never brighter when you get up after getting knocked down

  • Keith also praised our unity with Scott’s group

  • Keith cautioned us to not eat each other or throw stones at each other, that we’re going to have to work together if we’re going to be successful

We ran out of time for the following AGENDA Items to be discussed next week:

SOS Grant Writer Report Kristine Crewse


Hard Rock Mining Committee

Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

Trust and Transparency Grant Medley

  • We are asking local artists to e-mail Committee Chairperson JoAnne at britus@charter.net to express their intent to donate and reserve a spot at this year’s auction

  • February 5, 2015

    Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason

MAT-C Committee

Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen

  • Will be meeting next Wednesday, September 17, 2014 at the Women’s Health Center @ 5:30 PM

  • They are beginning the process to become their own non-profit!

  • Join this committee, contact Nancy at nancy.yonally.coleman@gmail.com

Establishing the SOS satellite group in Cave Junction

Chris Blydenburgh’s Victimization

Recording the Meetings Again…

Voices from the Meeting:

  • there is a tremendous amount of apathy in Josephine County

  • there appears to be a migration of rural County elderly into Grants Pass

  • Josephine County has residents with a lot of money and a lot of wisdom in those of the people that need to be involved

  • trust is the number one issue in the County

  • people move to Josephine County to retire and to enjoy the low property tax rate

  • there is a mentality in Josephine County that has been evident for the past 25 years, that the local government depends on timber revenues and monies from retirees; the panic is that the timber revenue is gone and the retirees can’t or do not want to pay the difference

  • there are a lot of banks in Josephine County, specifically Grants Pass

  • we need to get everyone involved in any way they can, simply shopping local makes a difference

  • we expect our leaders to lead, however once they get into office, they are stoned (not in a marijuana sense) into hiding

  • we need to get all of the businesses in the County involved


MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”