SOS Meeting Notes – September 2, 2014

Good afternoon SOS!

Our next meeting shall be:


September 9, 2014 from 5:15pm to 6:15pm

Location:  Newman United Methodist Church,  132 NE “B” St. ˜ Grants Pass

(right across the street from the Josephine County Courthouse)


NOTES from last Tuesday’s Meeting:

The meeting started out with a story about a Grants Pass, Josephine County, 29-year-old man who got out of state prison on Friday and less than a week later, overdosed on heroin and died on Thursday. Unnecessary death is always tragic especially when our youth are involved.


OUR MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”


Going “upstream” and addressing the opiate/heroin addiction is one of the ways we are attempting to accomplish our mission.


Heroin Cases = the number of cases involving Heroin Charges = the number of charges involving Heroin:


 2010 – 4 cases, 6 charges


 2011 – 22 cases, 33 charges


 2012 – 37 cases, 54 charges


 2013 – 123 cases, 172 charges


 2014 YTD – 104 cases, 142 charges, 

People battling opiate/heroin addiction, without extreme self-control or medical intervention, need to “get” the drug everyday to avoid “getting sick” (the withdrawal symptoms). They are opportunists and will do whatever it is they must to “get” the drug; for example, Grants Pass vehicle break-ins have been increasing exponentially…


Recently, Matt Corey, of the Josephine County DA’s Office commented on the above stats:


The numbers you have were done on July 31, 2014 so new numbers would not even add a month.  It is safe to say that the numbers have gone up in the 3 weeks since those numbers came out, and it is safe to say that we will shatter the numbers from 2013 when this year is over, continuing our 5 year trend of skyrocketing heroin related cases.  When you convert those hard numbers into percentages, the results are mind boggling.


Many of the people battling opiate/heroin addiction reside in rural Josephine County and not only make the situation difficult for those who reside around them, but often times go to the city of Grants Pass and commit additional crimes to secure their drug.

Our solution includes our MAT-C Committee, steered by Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen and others. They meet on a bi-weekly basis at the Women’s Health Center in Grants Pass from 5:30-6:30 PM. They met this past Wednesday, September 3, 2014 at the Women’s Health Center @ 5:30 PM


    SOS Sponsor Report Jennifer Essick

  • many of you have expressed how important it is for us to unite all of our businesses together under one umbrella, representing a united front “of” and “for” a safe Josephine County; as such, Jennifer shall be briefing us at the beginning of our meetings with a Weekly Business Success Report; she will report on the number of businesses who stand united and briefly comment on new additions

  • as you are aware, we always try to make a “win-win” situation in everything we do; in that regard, we encourage everyone to consider spending their dollars locally in Josephine County (please consider our sponsors when making a purchase— visit and ‘click on sponsors for additional information

  • If YOU have a business or know of a business who would like to join our unified effort in making our home safe, please contact Jennifer @

Casino Night Felita Short

  • Details about our October 2014 are forthcoming!

  •  Want to help Felita? Join her at

Timber Committee Jim Frick

  • Jim gave us an excellent Update

  • Timber Committee Jim Frick

  • Jim spoke of the Southern Oregon Resource Alliance. He said the County timber production is in a “lull” because of the fire season. The Illinois Valley is a base camp for firefighters. Increased county timber harvests by 700,000 board feet, due in part to the pressure Jim’s committee placed on our county production, producing monies to help funding situation for law enforcement. I took a mini-tour of the “Rough and Ready” Mill in Cave Junction this past Friday, and the harvest looked impressive. Joe Krauss credited SOS’ involvement in the County timber situation with some of the results.

  • Rough and Ready Lumber Company is once again up and running and should increase to 65 employees

  • Happy Camp fire is now occurring and crews are trying to knock it out as much as they can

  • some small logs are being logged at the Rough and Ready Mill which is encouraging

  • On the Federal front – Congress is at the end of 2014 session

  • (4) Bills pending in House

  • Senator Hastings – trying to push bill with potential O+C Funds

  • DeFazio and Wyden both have pending Bills; Defazio’s appears worse due to the Endangered Species Act – House and Senate are wrangling over provisions all of which holds up timber sales; three main sales have gone through, which includes sales to Rough and Ready, Swanson and Boise Cascade

  • “We are a 70% federally owned county; of the 50% left, 30% is owned by timber companies and 70% by individual property owners

  • there are a lot of people who live in Josephine County and who do not pay property taxes

  • JOIN this committee, e-mail Jim at

RUN/Walk for THE LAW Bill West

  • The first meeting for our run will be on September 15, 2014 at the AFSCME office on Williams Highway at 5:00 PM

  • A deposit of $100 has already been made to the timing chip company Eclectic Edge securing our run/walk date: March 7, 2015

  • Join this committee



  • 300

  • OUTREACH Event Calendar (Saturday Market/Gilbert Creek Park Event-Rycke Brown)

  • Cave Junction Festival Labor Day Weekend – We were represented by Cheri Adkins, Amber Garza, Shane Simon and Kay Smith. We made lots of Cotton Candy. One woman came to us wanting to start an SOS Satellite group in Cave Junction, to try to increase public safety awareness and combat the violence there. Her husband is a quadriplegic war vet in a wheelchair and was beaten up by six young men recently in Cave Junction!

  • CJ Skate Park Donation/Fundraiser

  • GP Saturday Market Report (Holly Lidey/Liz Hirni) Holly reported positive feedback at the Saturday Market, with many people walking up and saying things like “I read all the e-mails”; “What are you guys doing next?”

  • We are planning on setting up small tables at Club Northwest and at other businesses for OUTREACH! If YOU have a business or are part of a group who would like a quick 15 minute SOS presentation, please e-mail back ASAP! Let’s make this a subject for everyone!!!

  • If you would like to join this committee, email  

    Community Research

    Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

  • How did last Thursday’s Meeting go?

  • Ken Smith reported and his talking points are summarized below:

Community Research

Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

  • How did last Thursday’s Meeting go?

    Ken Smith and Linda Scott reported on two meetings they had attended in late August with the leadership group that has been convened by Scott Draper, general manager of Club Northwest, to explore options for addressing the public safety crisis. The group has included approximately 50 leaders of stakeholder groups including SOS, the business community, local and state government, the faith community, and other major groups in Grants Pass and Josephine County. SOS members who have attended these meetings include Archie Lidey, Pat Fahey, Cliff Thomason, Bill Landis and Jim Frick 

    Ken and Linda were invited to join the regular Thursday meeting of that group on August 21, 2014 to explore how our two groups could coordinate our community research efforts. The group had been on the verge of commissioning a scientific poll of Josephine County voters to guide subsequent efforts to get public funding for the criminal justice system. The group had solicited proposals from the same three consulting firms we had been considering as sources of technical assistance with the community research, and potentially a ballot campaign to follow. 

    At the August 2, 2014 meeting, we agreed with the group’s consensus that Strategic Research Institute (SRI) was the best choice among the consultants under consideration, and formed the impression that the other group is in complete alignment with SOS with regard to the goals and vision of launching a broad-based community effort to create a well-funded, sustainable, and effective criminal justice system serving all segments of county residents.

    At the next meeting on August 28, 2014, Pat Fahey joined Ken and Linda in attending the weekly meeting of the group. The meeting produced two consensus proposals: (1) a new coalition will be formed to conduct the research and campaign, with broad participation by all stakeholders that wish to join, including SOS; and (2) the group’s name will be Community United for Safety. It will reach out to all segments of the community to encompass as many individuals and interests as possible in a unified, community initiative that is successful in getting public approval for funding.

    Following these meetings, on September 2 the SOS Community Research Committee met and recommended that SOS should join the new coalition as a founding member, and should make a substantial financial contribution to set the tone and pace for outreach to the business community and other stakeholder groups for financial support of the new initiative. At the SOS meeting on the same night, we asked the SOS Board to approve that proposal as soon as possible and to determine the amount of the contribution that will be made. Our recommendation includes the expectation that SOS will continue to be a major force in the new coalition, especially in carrying out the community outreach portion of the campaign, in the context of a broad-based, grassroots effort to engage the public in a successful funding campaign next May.

    The Community Research Committee will be SOS’ representatives to Community United for Safety and will keep SOS apprised of, and engaged in, the efforts of the new coalition as well as carrying SOS’ suggestions and concerns to the broader group. Jay Meredith indicated he would convey our recommendations to the SOS Board meeting for action at its next meeting.

  • Following the meeting, Ken suggested that SOS step up, commit to the Coalition  and make the first cash donation towards the COALITION; SOS President Jay Meredith said he wanted a strong showing of SOS’ BOARD at next meeting as Scott Draper shall be making a presentation at the next SOS Meeting Tuesday.

More POSITIVE movement for our community!!!

Join this committee by e-mailing Ken: 

SOS Fundraising

Art Auction Committee  JoAnne Alvarez

  • We are asking local artists to e-mail Committee Chairperson JoAnne at to express their intent to donate and reserve a spot at this year’s auction

  • February 5, 2015

  • First Meeting September 4, 2014 for more info, contact JoAnne at

  •   We do not normally post this committee’s notes, however, they are reaching out to all of our artists to join and help make this auction and OUTSTANDING community awareness event, with respect to our Criminal Justice System plight—

    A message from our CHAIRPERSON:

    Good Evening Folks!

     Tonight we had the first meeting of the year for the Art Auction Committee….present was Joanne Alvarez, Kay Smith, Archie Lidey, Nadine Patel and Cami Benedict

    The 2015 Art Auction will be held at Roux 26 again this year.  The good news is they have added on a new large addition to the restaurant. So duties have been assigned…Joanne will take care of the artists and the wineries…Kay will contact Jon at the Roux 26 and set the date…We will invite 2 micro-breweries to join us this year that is for you Jennifer Essick!!!!  We will invite back Jim Frick to auctioneer again….We decided to bring in high school students to do the end of the auction wrap ups of the art work….also to bring in a quartet to play at the auction.  This is assigned to Nadine…

    We have decided the next meeting will be at the Roux 26 October 8 at 6PM to discuss the menu and to enjoy the tasting….Time goes by so quickly so if you know of anyone who would like to be a part of our committee please email me @

     Thank you all for coming tonight. 


    Hope to see the rest of you and you know who you are at the next meeting.

    Have a great weekend,

    Joanne Alvarez

    Chairperson, Art Auction Committee

    Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason


Hard Rock Mining Committee

Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

  • Working behind the scenes to get things going for our county

  • Within 2-3 years could bring in $200,000-500,000 per year for Josephine County from leasing County land and from royalties and at least 15-20 well-paying jobs

  • JO County owns property that could be leased out to private companies

  • Join this committee, e-mail Michael at

    Slowly but surely, we are reigning in our own government and being that voice!

    Kay – get notes to Archie in a timely manner
    Jim – ask Ms. Philippi to come to meeting
    Frank – write another article ASAP to post on website
    Cliff – make one contact to another county
    Michael – update Hard Rock web page
    Connie – Produce a brochure that shows what county grants are receiving general fund money and what the implications are 
    Jay – ask SOS board to endorse Community United for Safety
    Darrell – Grunt work
    Linda – confirm Scott Draper’s attendance next week
    Steve – One article from Trust and Transparency Committee to publish
    Nancy –continue working on Heroin/Opiate MAT-C video project
    Ken – write a concise paragraph that describes the meeting last week with the other group for Kay to put in minutes this week and distill the ideas from our focus group discussion at SOS into 5 powerful ideas

    LASTLY, an article by Mike Schneyder:

    I had been to write on the subject of where the money in the General Fund gets dispersed. I am working with Connie Roach on a trifold that explains what would occur if all General Fund money was used by the Criminal Justice System.


    The numbers are directly from the Proposed Budget.  An adopted budget is not posted online at the Finance Department.


    For the 2014-15  budget, Josephine County estimates that its tax rate will raise about $3,609,000[1] in current year taxes for operation of county government.  While the county collects over $60 million in taxes and charges, it collects the money mostly for other government subdivisions such schools districts, fire districts, cities, and Oregon Department of Forestry.  Its portion for operations is only $3,609,000.  Josephine County cannot use any of the money it collects for others for its own purposes. 


    If we look at the 2014-15 Josephine County Budget, The General Fund is made up of many of the core county functions:  Assessor, Treasury/Tax, Clerk, Surveyor, Planning, Forestry, General Government, Emergency Management, Court Facilities, and Veterans’ Services.  Most of these departments require some funding from taxes, fees and revenues that the county receives from other sources.  For the current budget year these departments require support of $1,783,600[2].  So it is easy to see that if the only source of funds was current year property taxes it would leave only $1,825,400 for the Criminal Justice system.


    [1] Josephine County Budget 2014-15, page 1


    [2] Josephine County Budget 2014-15, page 3


    Dear SOS,


    I am a county resident living about 7 miles outside Grants Pass near Murphy. I have spoken to your greeters at the SOS booths several times to express my opinion. I have about 25 years in management for the Semiconductor industry responsible for multi-million dollar budgets during most of that time. I can see that in Josephine County there seems to be a lack of appropriate Strategic Planning. In my experience, a key component of successful financial planning is to prioritize every component of the budget into three basic categories:

    1. Must have- no choice; you must spend the money for a specific purpose within the next budget cycle

    2. Important like to have- items are prioritized based upon their potential return-on-investment (example on a scale of 1-10) or the  possible improvement in safety or security.

    3. Nice to have – typically good ideas but not funded unless the they become more important


     I am very concerned because of the lack of rural patrols. It seems like rural patrols have been classified as “Nice to have” not important enough to fund.  I feel the patrols are a far more important public safety component than other public safety needs such as the sobering center, Juvenile Justice center, or even county jail staffing. When someone’s home is being broken into or they have an emergency of some kind it is a critical issue needing help, immediately! The current long wait times for assistance from the Sheriff’s Department is totally unacceptable. The problem is that not every component of public safety can be funded fully, and tax payers have already indicated their reluctance to pay tax rates of over one dollar per thousand (compared to the current 58 cents). So my suggestion is to put together a ballot measure that funds Sheriff patrols 24 hours per day 7 days a week with full compressed work week staffing of the day shifts (7:am to 7 pm) with eight deputies each shift and reduced staffing of the night shift (7pm to 7am) at 5 deputies. That is a total staff of 26 with a budget impact of around $4 million annually. This level of patrols would provide far better protection for citizens and back-up for patrol officers. I believe County tax payers would be far more willing to approve this dedicated funding approach rather than the “all or nothing” approach that has been used in past budget ballot measures. Please consider my idea and good luck with your efforts going forward.





    MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”