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SOS Meeting Notes – October 7, 2014

Good Morning SOS!

Our next meeting is:

Tuesday, October 14, 2014,  5:15pm to 6:15pm

Location: Newman United Methodist Church, 132 NE “B” Street in Grants Pass 


Meeting NOTES:

SOS Sponsor Report Jennifer Essick

  • Weekly success report
  • SOS Emblems (Cliff Thomason) We have 100 of them!
  • New additions include: Cary’s of Oregon, E Street Express, Roger’s Rods
  • If YOU have a business or know of a business who would like to join our unified effort in making our home safe, please contact Jennifer @
  • 70

Chris Bydenburgh Saga

What Happened this Weekend?

Chris lives in West Jones Creek area, less than two miles outside of Grants Pass. There are several nuisance drug houses in his neighborhood, which are becoming increasingly aggressive. Unfortunately, they go, for the most part, unchecked due to a lack of law enforcement.

In the past two months, two Search Warrants have been served: one by the City of Grants Pass, where numerous stolen vehicles were recovered, and another by the Oregon State Police SWAT Team. The drug traffic has quieted down immediately after the Search Warrant service, but picks up again days later.

Last Friday night, Chris’ saga began with a neighbor screaming, and the situation escalated to gun shots. Chris called OSP. OSP said they wouldn’t respond because the parties were separated (not in close conflict). A girl could be heard screaming and shots were fired. Chris said that the neighbors had AR15s and both auto and semi-auto guns. Chris has called 911 this past weekend several times and they wouldn’t help. He called 911 repeatedly. Finally OSP Troopers from Medford and Douglas County responded.

Chris and other neighbors were incensed when, after the Troopers finally arrested one male, who was apparently in some type of drug-induced psychosis, they warned him about false reporting, claiming there were never any shots fired.

As Chris was telling his tale, his neighbor called and said the same man who had been arrested Friday night, was now on her property with a knife threatening her and telling her to mind her own business and never call the “cops” again. Chris said the State Police refuse to respond to a trespass incident. He said they don’t want to get involved in something already going on.

What are Chris and his daughter to do?

SOS Grant Writer Report Kristine Crewse

  • Writing an application for grant to fund MAT-C project from Carpenter Foundation
  • Writing a grant for Collins Foundation for $20K to fund the outreach effort 
  • Will be ready in a week for Jay to review

Casino Night Felita Short

    • We have tickets!
    • If you are a business, we are gladly accepting donations for the event!
  • See attached FLYER for details about October 28, 2014
  • Mark Gatlin will be dealing Black Jack!
  • Jay will email last year’s participants the poster to notify them of the event
  • Want to help Felita?
  • E-Mail her at

Community Research

Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

  • Committee co-chair Ken Smith reported on the status of the Committee’s efforts to answer two questions: (1) What level of public safety do Josephine County voters want, and (2) How much are they willing to pay for it?
  • Committee members include Cheri Adkins, Pat Fahey (Co-Chair),  Jay Meredith, Connie Roach, Linda Scott, Shane Simon, and Ken Smith
  • This Committee has been representing SOS at meetings of the new coalition of which SOS is a founding member, Citizens United for Safety  (CUFS). CUFS has hired a professional political survey firm, Strategic Resources Institute (SRI), which this week (October 6-10) will be going  into the field with a scientific telephone survey of 400 registered County voters to answer the two questions, indicated above
  • SRI’s principal researcher, Dr. Gary Manross, will be presenting the findings of the survey at a meeting of SOS around late October or early November – Watch for an announcement of this very informative meeting! Based on what voters tell us on the survey, Dr. Manross will forecast whether or not voters will approve a levy measure in next May’s (2015) election ballot and what level of funding they are willing to approve.
  • SRI’s track record is impressive: in the past 20 years, they have been wrong only twice in predicting the outcome of ballot measures based on the survey data they have collected. They were consultants for Lane County (Eugene) when it succeeded recently on the 13th try after failing the previous 12 times to get voters to approve a property tax levy to fund public safety.
  • If Dr. Manross’ recommendation is a “Go,” then the Community Research Committee will propose that SOS move forward immediately with a petition campaign to collect the number of registered voters’ signatures needed to place a levy measure on the May 2015 ballot. We will be working closely with Dr. Manross to develop the ballot measure language and the 3 or 4 principal messages for use in the campaign
  • Connie Roach shall write up the question about what will happen if the levy doesn’t pass May 2015
  • Join this committee by e-mailing Ken:


  • 300
  • OUTREACH Event Calendar
  • Saturday Market-Phil Killian
  • CJ Skate Park Donation/Fundraiser

Art Auction Committee  JoAnne Alvarez

  • We are asking local artists to e-mail Committee Chairperson JoAnne at to express their intent to donate and reserve a spot at this year’s auction
  • WHEN: February 5, 2015
  • This Committee met for Hors d’oeuvre sampling at Roux 26 on October 8, 2014
  • Jon Bowen outdid himself with excellent samples and we are extremely pleased
  • The group met and set up the restaurant for the Auction
  • This year, FRANKENSTEIN shall focus local brewery beer samples
  • Join our committee, e-mail JoAnne at


MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”