Casino Night

SOS Meeting Notes – October 14, 2014

Good Afternoon SOS!

NOTE: The regularly scheduled Tuesday SOS meeting on October 21st will not be held as planned. Instead, it will be held on Thursday, October 23rd at the Evergreen Room at Taprock from 6-8pm.


What does the Dollar bill mean inside of our Tax Bills?

Connie Roach

Tax bills this month contained a dollar bill chart showing the distribution of the taxes to be collected for 2014.  Josephine County takes in $61 million in tax money for all the taxing districts within the county.

For every dollar collected, Josephine County keeps 8.2 cents to run all of county government (including Public Safety). The rest of the money goes to the other taxing districts such as the cities of Grants Pass & Cave Junction, the school districts, the rural fire protection districts (Illinois Valley, Williams, Wolf Creek & Applegate), RCC, etc.

Because not everyone is in every district within the county, you can’t make a comparison between an individual tax bill and the distribution. Tax rates range from approximately $12.50 in the City of Grants Pass to a low of about $6 for rural residents who are not in a fire protection district. The distribution formula is set by state law to see that all districts get a share of the taxes collected based on their own “permanent rate” and any bonds or levies that have been approved by the voters.

The County does the collection for all the other taxing districts and the taxing districts do not pay the County any kind of administration fee for this service.


Casino Night Felita Short

  • Purpose of Casino Night: AWARENESS of our Criminal Justice System plight; to get others in our community involved; to raise money
  • We still have tickets!
  • $50 admission includes admission, food and a chance at some awesome donated prizes!!!
  • Tickets available at the Chamber of Commerce, at our website: and at our SOS meeting!
  • Mark Gatlin is dealing at one of the BLACKJACK tables
  • Poker has a $500 gift certificate top prize (for use at any business in Josephine County)
  • Casino has at least 15 great prizes!

  • If you are a business, we are gladly accepting donations for the event!
  • We will have more flyers and all the details about October 28, 2014
  • Want to help Felita?



Community Research

Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

  • Survey is being done this week
  • Survey Results will be presented to SOS at Evergreen Room at Taprock on Thursday October 23 from 6-8pm!
  • Join this committee by e-mailing Ken:


Chris Bydenburgh Saga…

  • Last week Chris found the homeowner for one of the problem residences near his residence, to be located in Florida
  • Chris contacted her and she said she had no idea of what has been happening on her property
  • There is no power on her property
  • The property owner is flying back next week to check on things
  • Makes you wonder how many people own property in Josephine County who don’t actually live here or directly contribute to the welfare of the community
  • Chris has been hearing chain saws and gunshots at night
  • What did we learn?


“Our Opiate Problem” Frank Morin

Frank has written yet another fantastic article outlining our local opiate crisis in Josephine County, which you can read on our website soon at

Art Auction Committee  JoAnne Alvarez


SOS Grant Writer Report  Kristine Crewse
  • Kristine is currently applying for two grants for SOS!
  • Contact Kristine at


MAT-C Committee

Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen

  • Dr. Steven Rotter the MAT-C Medical Director, spoke about the center in general
  • Dr. Rotter spoke about the video production under works to: 1) Educate the community about opiate addiction and why its’ our problem; 2) Educate Financial “backers” for the center and why its’ important to have for our community; 3) Inform the opiate addicts that we will be a resource/platform for their recovery
  • the addict will cross the threshold of our treatment doors with a “sponsor”, who shall intimately support and guide them
  • the center will bring family-wage-earning jobs to our community  
  • this effort is really an “upstream” approach to a community/family crisis
  • Join this committee, contact Nancy at



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”