SOS Meeting Notes – May 6, 2014

Here are the meeting Notes from Tuesday, May 6, 2014:

MAT-C (Medically Asssisted Treatment Center)

This Committee recently met at the Women’s Health Center. The group’s focus is continued efforts to raise public awareness to our opiate addiction problem. We are working on a Power Point Presentation, a video and will share those with our current informational brochures. Our GOAL is to get a MAT-C here in Josephine County in the very near future. Stay TUNED!


SOS Hard Rock Mining – Michael Cope 

This is a big week for the Hard Rock Mining Committee!  

  • See the Daily Courier’s article on May 4th titled “Rock for a Hard Place”

  • The Josephine County Board of County Commissioners voted to dedicate $1,000 from the Economic Development Fund to assist in the Mineral Summit. That’s fantastic, because, in the spirit of partnership, the City of Grants Pass matched that allotment with $1,000 for the Mining Summit! Great Job Commissioners! Great job City of Grants Pass! Great Esprit De Corps!

May 10, 2014:  
Southern Oregon Minerals Summit

1pm – 4pm

Grants Pass City Council Chambers

  • Please see the following brochure:

  • Carl Wilson is the MC and we have some great guest speakers lined up and a great keynote speaker that is coming here from Chicago to share information with us and answer some questions about the market for critical minerals such as Tellurium
  • The Summit will help explain how mineral development can be part of the solution to help our County get back on its feet and will help explain why we can do this without an environmental impact to our beautiful County
  • There are prepared presentations and then a Q&A section at the end where we can ask questions of our speakers.  We’re making history here and hope you can join us!


If you would like to reserve a seat for this event, PLEASE EMAIL


Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee

Pat Fahey shared various updates on this separate Political Action Committee for our information.


  • If you want a sign, CALL (541) 295-5273


  • IF you have questions that you have encountered regarding the upcoming levy, please forward them to Pat Fahey ASAP. Please, don’t be shy!
  • NEXT MEETING is at the SOS Office on Redwood Avenue, Grants Pass, on Monday, May 12, 2014 @ 5:15 PM!
    Join this committee, e-mail Pat:


Special NOTE: Per the group’s decision, SOS will be having a meeting at the Wild River Pub at 7:45 PM on May 20, 2014. The meeting will be brief. We have the Pub until 10:00 PM.



Cliff Thomason

This is also a separate Chief Petitioners Committee and an update was shared on this separate legal committee.  1000 more signatures are needed. If we can get 1000 signatures in the next 10 days we should be able to go statewide for signatures in time for County Fairs. There are 9 fairs that have a combined 900,000 visitors.  Cliff has packets that are pre-stamped that have 20 signature lines in each available.

Cliff has made some inroads with important community leaders to support the Lottery Local Control Act! Apparently the State Realtor Association is toying with a matching grant of $250,000—More to follow!

Contact Cliff for Lottery sign-up sheets at


Cheri Adkins wanted to announce that on Saturday, May 10, 2014, @ Bridgeview Winery, there will be a fundraiser for the IVHS “Safe and Sober” night from 4PM-7PM; tickets are $25 per person and $40 per couple. Cheri said this is a great way to support the Illinois Valley! She also mentioned the 2nd Friday ART night on May 9th starting at 5:30 PM! Support it if you can!


Lastly, our Juvenile Justice Center YOUTUBE video starring BILL WEST has 122 hits! Go there and share:


What say you?

MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable

Josephine County.”

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