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SOS Meeting Notes – May 27, 2014

Again, great meeting Tuesday!



  • We discussed how we need community buy-in for whatever it is that we choose to do

  • We discussed that at the heart of our Mission should be commitment and that commitment should come from our community—we agreed that in our sessions with Travis Boersma over two years ago, when we were trying to come up with options after that levy attempt, Trust and Transparency was one of the major things we identified with respect to matter of importance! We agreed that we needed to have trust in our leaders and a transparent government.


  • Trust & Transparency Committee Resurrected!

  • Grant Medley who has an extensive financial background has elected to Captain this committee. Their first order of business shall be an external audit of County Services. We want to know where the .58 cents per assessed $1,000 goes and then we want to educate our County via our website, brochures and presentations. We want to externally evaluate our current local government and in doing so, expose their transparency. All of this exists with an endpoint: 1) The average JOCO resident will know—if they want to, where our money goes, and hopefully have a better idea as to why our Criminal Justice System is where it is the other half of that endpoint—2) The government will do it’s job. It will be the voice of the majority.

  • Grant’s TEAM:

Laurie Norman

Steve Marshak

Scott Draper

Dale Matthews

Kristine Crewse

Gordon Edstrom

Shane Simon

David Smith

Mike Smith

Felita Short

Kris Woodburn

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  • It was suggested that we already have Commissioners in Keith Heck and Cherryl Walker, who we can trust and who are willing to work and make our home safe; both, who were in attendance, deserve a chance to demonstrate that they can lead, without being criticized to the points of inaction; both committed to transparency with respect to their leadership

  • Juvenile Justice Center Director Jim Goodwin sincerely thanked CSOS for its’ efforts to pass the levy and said he was proud to be amongst such a strong and committed group of people!


  • We achieved our first SOS outpost in Klamath Falls; it will be managed by Harold Hartman; and so the network begins! Gordon Edstrom shall be updating the website


  • Harold wanted to pass along:

    Here is the registration form and the flyer as attachments that I think you can download and use as you see fit.  I was hoping to get maybe an e-mail to SOS mailing list with maybe a comment to go to the website to register, i.e.  They can pay online and a special note to register by June 1 for the drawing (a one night stay for two at the Chateau at the Oregon Caves with a dinner credit and two tour passes/see attachments)

    Even though this is oriented toward the Fire-fighting end of public safety, I think it is still worthy of support and it is in the southern part of Josephine County


  • Justice of the Peace Committee

    Dave Corsi

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    UPDATE Next Week’s Meeting!




  • We reviewed all of our committees, which include the above mentioned and:



  • Hardrock Mining Committee

Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

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UPDATE Next Week’s Meeting!



  • Sobering Center Committee

Bill Landis

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The Jail and Juvenile Justice Levy Committee was dissolved. This group under Pat Fahey shall remain intact minus Shane Simon and will have a new name. Their first new task shall be examining the Deschutes County Criminal Justice System Model to see if it has any merit for Josephine County.


The SOS Run Committee (Bill West) and the Art Auction Committee (JoAnne Alvarez) are going to begin work again.
GOOD NEWS the next time we get something to the ballot, Carl Wilson’s son, JL Wilson, some people describe as a very competent, high powered lobbyist, called and told Pat Fahey, myself and several others that he would help. He spoke of how disappointed he was to see us in our dilemma. In our brief conversation, he agreed to even work pro bono to help fix his former home! Thank you!


And Lastly, I met a hardworking man who came to my work today. I took a break and spoke with him for a few moments. He told me that he had the utmost respect for SOS and what we were trying to do. He said that he was on a fixed income and could not afford the additional property tax. Almost too embarrassed to say, he said he voted NO on the levy. Sincerely, he told me that he wanted to become a part of SOS, because, he said, “Something must be done.” I welcomed him. Thank you all for your efforts. We will be successful somehow, some way, especially if we all work together…


What Say YOU?

MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”