SOS Meeting Notes – May 13, 2014

We had another great meeting on Tuesday!

Here are the NOTES  (Thanks Kay Smith!)

The levy is a bridge… It is not the permanent solution but it is a temporary one, from which we can build a permanent solution. There are kids out there that are being sexually and physically abused with no light to run to. Thank you for being that light. Thanks for being HOPE to them.

In recent recorded jail phone calls, the Josephine County Jail prisoners are heard preaching, that if the levy fails they will be let out. They are telling all of their friends to pass the word and VOTE NO on the levy. The Levy failure is their HOPE.

Please do not forget all of the things SOS is working on to achieve our GOAL: “A Citizen-voiced Plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

WHICH include:

  • Sobering Center
  • MAT-C (Medically Assisted Treatment Center)
  • Hard Rock Mining
  • Timber
  • Lottery Local Control
  • Justice of the Peace Court
  • BioMass



One aspect which we are solidly improving upon is the relationship of our County and City Governments working together. The County authorized $1,000 from the Economic Development Fund to assist with the Mining Summit and the City of Grants Pass matched it!

Hard Rock Mining Committee – Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

Southern Oregon Minerals Summit

  • How did it GO? The Summit went AWESOME!
  • The keynote speaker Gareth Hatch is working on a two-part article focusing on:
  1. The Public Safety Issue in Josephine County and Federal Land challenges
  2. The mineral potential of Southern Oregon
  • We are working on making the Summit video available on our website
    • What’s the next STEP? A Lab?
  • Expert: Huge mining potential here – read Jeff Duewel’s article in the Daily Courier this week!

“The keynote speaker at a minerals conference Saturday in Grants Pass said southwest Oregon has a bright future when it comes to mining….”

  • The Committee’s web page will have a link to the summit video when available
  • Join this Committee and e-mail Michael Cope @ amrcope@gmail.com


ALSO, Jay Meredith announced that he recently received an e-mail that came into SOS from a TV production company (that produces series like “Dirty Jobs”, “Welcome to Sweetie Pie’s”, “Down East Dickering”, and “Wicked Tuna”, and who frequently collaborates with networks such as the Discovery, The History Channel, and National Geographic, who believes that Grants Pass is that little small town fighting for it’s very life (like that little “woman” in that Steel Town named Alex, who had a dream to dance…) and they are looking for people that exemplify the fighting spirit of taking back their community. In short, they would like to tell our story! More to follow!


Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee – Pat Fahey

  • Pat discussed what is happening with this separate PAC
  • IF you have questions that you have encountered regarding the upcoming levy, please forward them to Pat Fahey ASAP. Please, don’t be shy:


Special Note: Per the group’s decision, SOS will be having a meeting at the Wild River Pub at 7:45 PM on May 20, 2014. The meeting will be brief. We have the Pub until 10:00 PM!


Some people thought it might be a good idea to reprint one of the letters to the editor regarding the upcoming levy:

When we speak of a levy for safety, as a Father with three kids, it’s scary. Especially when I know for a fact, without this levy, which can only be used for the Jail and Juvenile Justice System per State Law, our Criminal Justice System in Josephine County will be worse off.  Without this levy, there will be no additional patrol deputies, no custodies for offenders under 18, no shelter for sexually abused children and less jail beds.

Look around. Do you really think the status quo is a good idea?

I know some of you will say, you got a gun—everything will be fine. Well, I got a gun too. The problem is, my oldest, she’s driving now, and I can’t afford to ride “shotgun” with her every time she drives outside city limits. And I can’t fathom the thought of her driving into the midst of gun play somewhere in our county, visiting her Grandmother, where some good citizen’s stray bullet, meant for someone who should be in jail, hits her.

Your apology will not be accepted.

It truly does take a village to raise a child. But there is a cost we all need to share. Who amongst you thinks that a child in Cave Junction should be any less protected than a child in Grants Pass?

Please consider your home here an investment.

There is no middle ground here.

This Levy isn’t perfect but a fully functioning Jail and Juvenile Center is a good start!


Lottery (separate cheif petitioners committee) – Cliff Thomason

  • Signature Update—we have 280 signatures, need 1,000 by the end of MAY!
  • Cheri Adkins and Cliff shall be going to Medford Growers Market on Thursday (May 17, 2014) to get signatures
  • PLEASE turn in your LOTTERY Sheets!
  • As we spoke of in the past, we are trying to get all of the other 35 Oregon Counties on board with our SOS Mission; Cliff and I shall be meeting in the next two weeks to get that ball rolling!
  • Contact Cliff for Lottery sign-up sheets at clifft9@gmail.com
  • Join this committee and e-mail Cliff @ clifft@gmail.com

Cliff Thomason was singled out for his tenacity in getting the County and the City to work together! Cliff wanted to thank all three Josephine County Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for unanimously supporting the Mining Summit! Great job Cliff!


I think we just complimented our Commissioners. How did this happen? Is it snowing? Did our transient population all just pick up and leave? No. They (BCC) did the right thing and we should celebrate their support. Wouldn’t it be neat if we lived in a community where we were actually thanking (instead of chasing or criticizing or throwing rocks) our leaders?

The group all agreed how important transparency was/is in local Government. It’s what we want. We don’t want to hear how you are quietly and secretly working behind closed doors on the mystical cure to solve all of our problems. We want to see what you’re doing and share our opinions. We want our input to be heard. And, mostly, if you don’t lie, sincerely care, are committed to our home as we are, and simply do what you say you are going to do, we will thank you and be behind you—always!


MAT-C (Medically Assisted Treatment Center)

  • The next meeting for this Committee will be on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 5:00 PM at the Women’s Health Center
  • We are making great strides! The group’s focus is continued efforts to raise public awareness to our opiate addiction problem
  • We are working on our Power Point Presentation, and a video which we shall share and use in conjunction with our current informational brochures
  • Our GOAL is to get a MAT-C here in Josephine County
  • We celebrated Nancy Yonally’s commitment to this Committee, she is the former Executive Director of the Josephine County Drug Program
  • The Sobering Center shall be coordinating with the MAT-C and interesting enough, the BCC shall be deciding on whether to grant $50,000 in available dedicated funds to this center tonight (Wednesday May 14, 2014—That Vote already took place—More to follow!


How Did the Valley Go?
Cheri Adkins was about Cave Junction and distributed 320 flyers with Shane Simon!@ They reported the response from the folk out there in support of our activities was awesome! Great job Cheri and Shane!



We are still looking for a new poll question…

What Say YOU?


Lastly, Frank Morin has written yet another excellent Juvenile Justice Center article now appearing on our website www.securingoursafety.org entitled Is the Juvenile Justice Center Really Worth it? AND our Juvenile Justice Center YOUTUBE video starring BILL WEST now has 165 HITS!

Go there and share: http://youtu.be/Oug7gAi3AfA


Thank you all for all of your hard work, tenacity and GRIT!



What say you?

MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”


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