SOS Meeting Notes – March 10, 2015

“Public Safety cost money.  But then so does crime.”

MARCH 10, 2015 NOTES:

Run for the Law, A County United


    • Review provided by Liz Hirni and Erin Mateja-Smith
    • We had a Facebook Event https://www.facebook.com/events/784206188281689/
    • We had over 350 registered Runners and Walkers
    • We had over 50 children in our Free “Kid’s Dash” and each child got a medal
    • Club Northwest was our base
  • The GPDPS assigned Motor Officers Scott Williams and Dennis Burge
    • Greg Redfern led the 10K on his bike
    • The Young Marines (Thank you Chris Blydenburgh) from Merlin and White City did a fantastic job manning the run/walk corners along with employees from Performant (Thank you Felita Short!) and First Call Resolution (First Call Resolution has already committed to sponsorship for next year!) and Hidden Valley High School Cheerleaders!
    • Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck helped with a sponsorship of the Run/Walk as Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker medaled in the 5K!
    • GPDPS Chief Bill Landis, GP City Mayor Darin Fowler, Club NW CEO Scott Draper all spoke passionately about wanting to make Josephine County a safer place and thanked everyone for coming out and showing support and commitment to our home!
    • Mayor Fowler commented that he hoped next year, SOS would be talking about a different cause next year, the shell work of secure, stable and sustainable funding having been achieved!
    • After he ran the 5K with lightning speed—he practiced running down and arresting a fleeing suspect the week prior—Josephine County Sheriff Dave Daniel thanked everyone for their support and spoke about how important it was that we all come together—as we had—and how he feels the future for our community looked promising! Sheriff Daniel said he felt the positive energy all about us!
  • Business Sponsors were: The Mid-Rogue Independent Physician Association, Johnston Dental (who led an ARMY of Tooth Fairies—“Preventing cavities one tooth at a time!”), Taylor’s Sausage, the Grants Pass Police Association, Evergreen Federal Bank, Rogue River Family Practice, Gotcha-Covered Screen Printing, the Women’s Health Center, Performant, Southern Oregon Sanitation, Siskiyou Pediatric Clinic, Club Northwest, and Asante
  • Dr. Steven Marshak and Mr. Scott Draper handed out $1,000 to: 10K Male Winner David Laney, age 26, from Ashland and 10K Female Winner Amanda Phillips from Roseburg! There was talk at the meeting about limiting winners for that award next year to Josephine County residents but it was immediately quashed—You win the run, You get the award—it does not matter where you are from—per the Run Committee
  • Rycke Brown cleaned the event afterwards!
  • Rachel Southmayd from Pixy Prints Photography was there and provided those that dared, a photograph from her photo booth!
  • Babe’s Bakery provided a breakfast and after run/walk treats!
  • Community United for Safety provided information about the upcoming May Levy and why this levy was so important
  • Julie Thomas donated Concierge Security for “overnight security” for the set-up
  • AMR was on-hand with an ambulance (I think it went unused!)
  • Club Northwest also provided FREE child care for those who wanted to race or walk and had small children!
  • Channel 12 featured us on their 5 PM and 6PM broadcasts!
  • The Daily Courier gave us a shout out!
  • We got a nice write in the Oregon Run Blog: runoregonblog.com
  • Pat Fahey won again 1st place for his age category 57 ½!!!
  • Home Depot donated paint for the course
  • Jay Meredith estimated the financial benefit from the race at approximately $6,000!
  • Enough cannot be said about the Race Coordinator Holly Lidey and her amazing Run/Walk Committee, which included: Frank Morin, Jesse Sallas, Cheri Adkins, Quail Hlelmeir, Kay Smith, Bekah Lidey, Liz Hirni, Felicia Cohen, Alison (from Recreation Northwest – GP Parks and Recreation), Megan Schwartz, Felita Short, Holly Gates (Perkins), Jennifer Essick, Kris Woodburn, Erin O’Donnell, Erin Smith-Mateja, Lisa Redfern, Mike Smith, Mark Gatlin, Jodi Nighe, Jay Meredith, Julien Silva, Cliff Thomason, John McCafferty and Mike Smith.

Again, go to www.securingoursafety.org  to review the Run/Walk results and to see some pretty great pics of a Community United!

Lastly, if you still want to buy a shirt, here’s what we had left:

Women’s XS: 2
Women’s S: 1
Women’s M: 8

Youth S: 2
Youth M: 8
Youth L: 1
Youth XL: 1

E-mail Holly Lidey @ haalidey@msn.com for more information!

Thank YOU!

SOS Sponsor Report Jacki Halcomb

  • SPONSORS=50 (3/09/15)
  • Exciting ENERGY is growing in this committee, which met Friday, March 13, 2015, at Blondie’s for lunch
  • There are more businesses that want to be part of SOS but through recent bouts of sickness and just a lack of time, we have been able to go out and harvest this unity; if any of the SOS members have time, the form is on our website for the
    businesses to fill out to sign up. Anyone member can take
    the form to a business and then turn it in to Jacki and we
    will get them the sign to put in their business window! Thank YOU!
  • More to follow with exciting upcoming business events!
  • If you have any questions please feel free to call or email Jacki @ jaklar@msn.com or 541-218-1427

Community Research – Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

  • Ken presented: Letter writing under way;  planning campaign strategy; Hope to get “YES” voters to vote! Need
    150 volunteers to pull off campaign strategy;
    Community Research Committee is finished; Oversight
    committee by-laws will be up on the CUFS website in
    approximately two weeks for comment; SOS members asked that questions asked regarding the levy are put on website so we can see what was asked—a FAQ page
  • Members also asked if SOS has a link to the CUFS website and if not, why not? What Say YOU?
  • Join the Community Research Committee by e-mailing Ken: ken@greatprograms.org

MAT-C Committee

Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen

  • Dr. Steven Rotter Medical Director

Grace Roots: “Pathways to Wellness”

  • The VIDEO Premiere shall be Friday, March 20, 2015 at 7 PM at the Grants Pass Community Center located at 234 SW L Street, in Grants Pass, OR
  • There will be dessert with a chocolate fountain and musical entertainment
  • This shall be the first of many video showings
  • Flyers/Brochures complimenting the video are being created
  • We are sending out 150 hand written invitations with an RSVP
  • We have a red carpet to use!
  • The Film is 20 minutes long
  • MAT-C has funded their own efforts
  • The MAT-C now has their very own phone number: (541) 218-2059
  • Dr. John W. McIlveen attended our last MAT-C Meeting
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 at Women’s Health Center from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM
  • Join this committee, contact Nancy at nancy.yonally.coleman@gmail.com

SOS Website Gordon Edstrom

Our Webmaster Gordon is doing a fantastic job! He is going to continue to be aggressive with the Committee Captains to ensure current info on each of their respective pages. Some great changes have happened and it will continue to grow and reflect current life down here on Josephine County. What do you think about our website? WHAT SAY YOU?


  • We are going to begin to have meetings every other week, the suggestion is the 2ND Tuesday of the month at Newman and the 4TH Tuesday at Wild River Brew Pub. What Say YOU?
  • Do you think it would be a good idea to have a Victim’s Forum in Cave Junction where people could have an opportunity to report their victimization and provide ideas and/or insight?



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”