SOS Meeting Notes – June 17, 2014

Good Evening SOS!

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, from 5:15pm to 6:15p at the Wild River Brew Pub located at 533 NE F Street, in Grants Pass.


Last Week’s Meeting Notes:

Shane Simon led the meeting

Trust and Transparency

Grant Medley   Grant and his team continue to meet and evaluate the happenings within the county government. They met the week before with the County Commissioners and we have yet to hear their report. They are scheduled to meet with Sheriff Gilbertson. We have to clearly define what it is our Government is doing and where our current tax dollars go. While it is grueling, it will be worth it in the long run. People need to understand how the current collection of taxes works and where our shortfall is, assuming there is a “shortfall”.

Lottery Committee

Cliff Thomason        http://www.lotterylocalcontrol.com/news.html

Cliff reported that the required amount of signatures were turned into the Secretary of the State in Salem, Oregon last Friday (June 13, 2014). Actually 1300 signatures were turned in. 1,000 were needed. Cliff said he hoped have a Ballot Title by this July, for the 2016 Election.

Run for the Law

Bill West

Set date for next run – March 14, 2015
Bill will pretty much have his same team as he had this year
Bill invited people to participate and a Sign-Up sheet was posted
Shall start meetings in September
Holly Lidey is working with timing committee and SOS with deposit
Shall be looking for sponsors
Club Northwest is donating grand prize of $1,000

This year, the person winning must be present

The Deschutes Tax District Model

Pat Fahey We need to work out exactly who is working on this effort

Skateboard Raffle

Shane Simon

Cave Junction Skateboard Park is a place which gives the kids in CJ something to do. SOS got involved because it is in line with our mission for Josephine County. We would like to
raffle off skateboard and give proceeds to the Cave Junction group at the next meeting. The Grand Opening for the park shall be in mid-August. Shane would like to see SOS members involved.

Outreach Committee

Ken Smith
CSOS group met and have decided to combine their group with the outreach group. Josh and J.L. Wilson both volunteered to work on a pro bono basis for future ballot measure efforts.

This group, once it is better defined, shall be coming back to SOS with opportunities to staff outreach opportunities to include:
What are 10 problems with our county

“What answer do you want.”
How do we involve local organizations, such as Fire Groups

Public Comment
Rycke Brown: At City Council meeting, will discuss proposals for funding for jail:

Option 1: Private residents pay
Option 2: Business operators pay more. She wants a flat fee, paid by businesses.

Rycke also addressed litter in the city

Bill West related story about Target in Sacramento which pays to have private security patrolling parking lot
There was a discussion as to different reasons why people voted against the levy

Pat Fahey read his guest editorial – good summary of different perspectives on levy

Bill West told a story about a little kid who went “crazy” in Merlin, biting people in the face… He reported that many agencies were called to assist with OSP finally arriving 2 hours later. Bill said the people were frustrated and asked: How can we get help when we need it? There was no place to take the child.



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”