SOS Meeting Notes – July 8, 2014

Last week’s NOTES from the July 8, 2014 meeting:

Website Webmaster Gordon Edstrom

  • UPDATE-Needs to remain current-How do we achieve this? From this point forward,  on a weekly basis, Gordon will first e-mail and then call, if necessary, each Captain, for a committee update
  • Phil Killian commented that he went to our website did not locate anything there, except for some “old stuff”; it was determined that Phil possibly went to be wrong website but still, we need to remain focused that our website is a: Living Documentation of SOS
  • Our old poll was taken down—Bill West suggested a weekly poll. Gordon suggested we have a bank of weekly poll questions. We have a new poll question: “Do you know where your $.58 per assessed $100,000 goes?” Please visit the site www.securingoursafety.org and vote!

What another recall means for Josephine County?

John F. KennedyInaugural address, January 20, 1961

  • We discussed how Why questions place blame—How or What questions incite action and solve problems. QBQ! The Question behind the Question John G. Miller
  • We discussed the destructive nature of such actions and how they don’t solve anything
  • It appears that much of the County is still unaware of the actual situation we are facing and that a select few are focusing efforts on further disruptions, negative actions that do nothing to solve our problems, which we as a community face, i.e. preventing physical abuse, sexual abuse of children, recovering stolen property, etc.; as hard as it is, we must not allow such efforts to drain us of any energy and stay the course to make Josephine County a better, safer place to live; eventually, that negativity diminishes, as most people, want to live in a safe place…

Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason

  • What’s the next step? Signatures are still being counted and verified. We are awaiting approval for the official ballot title to proceed. We should know more this week.
  • This is going to happen in the 2016 ELECTION!

Why SOS raises funds and where we are at financially

Jay Meredith discussed the following:

  • The SOS Board has policy that there can be no expenditure greater than $200 without two board signatures
  • if any committee has an idea and needs funds, they need to get approval from the board
  • Jay reminded us that the Lottery project raised close to $30,000 last year
  • Jay said that aside from the lottery committee, other committees have also received funding when they requested it and that said funds, have, for the most part, been distributed equally
  • Jay mentioned that some expenditures included $1500 for the website updates
  • Jay explained how we are required to maintain insurance for any type of fundraising events, which costs approximately $1500 for the last two years
  • Jay mentioned how the Oregon Minerals Summit cost approximate $2000 (to SOS), in that they received matching economic development funds from both the City of Grants Pass as well as from Josephine County  
  • Jay indicated that SOS still has some funds remaining, but that our intent is to earmark most of the funds
  • Jay explained how our upcoming Outreach Operation could be expensive and will require funds for possibly food and other items to entice people to participate
  • Jay also explained that we are currently involved in scientific polling which is very expensive; Jay explained that we, as a nonprofit organization, are able to contribute to such polling as long as the inquiry is broad enough and not just about a tax measure
  • Jay said that we are going to be meeting with several individuals to discuss the possibility of writing grant applications; for example we are aware that the Walmart Foundation offers grants up to $5000 for these types of community projects
  • Kristine Krewse is one such individual who has great knowledge about grant writing and someone with whom we are speaking to regarding grants      

Trust and Transparency – Grant Medley

  • Grant commented that his committee is heavily involved in numerous efforts of transparency. He said that he and David Smith have come up with some stuff, but don’t know how to format it. Phil Killian agreed to assist them with their efforts.
  • Kristine Krewse cautioned us that as a member of this committee and of SOS, we shouldn’t be promoting individuals as trustworthy or not. We should be promoting processes, not people!

Tax Option Committee Ken Smith

Ken updated: Tax Option Committee Ken Smith

  • the committee is made up of Pat FaheyLinda ScottConnie RoachShane Simon, and Cheri Adkins
  • they are working as quickly as possible to reach out to citizens all across the county to gather their perspectives on what the public wants and will support as solutions to the public safety crisis
  • they are using a combination of methods including focus groups and scientific surveys
  • once they gain some insights from these efforts, they shall report their findings to SOS as a whole, and make recommendations regarding next steps, especially about messages that will resonate with people regarding how they can help resolve the public safety situation
  • they are working with two consultants: Josh Balloch (PacWest) and J.L. Wilson. Both are donating their consulting services to us at no fee (although we’ll have to pay the expenses for the actual polling work to come)
  • the first event will be a pair of focus groups on Thursday evening, July 17, at Club Northwest. Josh has provided us with lists of people to invite, selected to reflect a wide range of ages and locations across the country. They are seeking up to 10 people in each of two groups – one comprised of men, the other of women.
  • The focus groups will give them some quick insights about opinions that are out there across the county. This will be helpful in planning the outreach effort, and later will be used to generate questions for the surveys that will provide scientific polling numbers about how many voters hold what perspectives on the options we present to them
  • they are moving forward as quickly as possible so that the work to be done in the next few months can be done with the benefit of good intelligence regarding what the voting public and major stakeholders (such as the fire chiefs) think about the public safety situation. We probably know a lot already about the range of opinions that are out there, but we have no way of predicting how that will translate into voting behavior in the future. That’s what the scientific surveys will hopefully tell us


  • I received an e-mail from Linda Scott, which read in substance:  
  • One woman I called, who seemed suspicious that I was a telemarketer before I talked to her about the organization, not only agreed to participate, but said, “Forget the gift card.  It’s my civic duty.  I’ll be there!”
  • But what I wanted to report to you is that no one  I’ve called has ever heard of SOS.  Ken and Cheri have had that similar experience.  A few people have asked me to go into detail about SOS, its purpose, work, and goals, and when I tell them about the organization (and give them the website address) they are amazed and grateful for the work we are doing, and thank us, even if they can’t participate in the focus groups.  Incidentally, one of the first questions people ask is if the group is religiously or politically affiliated.  I’ve told them no, the organization is a snapshot of the community, made up of folks of various ages, religions, political parties, occupations, etc., all with the common goal of working together to make our county a safer place to live and raise our families.   They think that’s remarkable!
  • We have been calling people to ask them to participate in the focus groups.  We will have called 150 people when we’re done tomorrow with the first two lists that Josh sent us, and I’ve asked him to send me another list of names, as we only have 10 participants (5 men, 5 women) so far.  It’s slow going, as folks we’re calling are either in poor health, or they’re going on vacation, working, just don’t want to be involved, or have other obligations that conflict.

It occurs to me that you might want to consider, at some point in the course of your community outreach campaign (especially if you’re able to get a grant for outreach), a direct mail piece to high propensity voters (the folks most likely to be involved in the community) to educate the public on the existence of SOS, on our goals and what we’re doing, and to invite them to join us; a nice public relations piece.  Spreading the word of SOS is sure to lend more credibility to and support for the organization, in addition to bringing in more members and bolstering our volunteer force.

If this is something you might be interested in doing in the future, I would be willing to help work on it.  I have 25 years of experience in creating such pieces for candidates, corporate clients (resorts, wineries, hotels, etc.) and ballot measures, and can show you some of the pieces I’ve created, if you’re interested.

Thank you Linda!

What Linda’s email demonstrates to me is how much work we have to do to really make people in our County aware. It is my personal belief that the majority of people in Josephine County are still unaware of the dire straits we currently find ourselves in. Again, it makes the activities of those engaged in negative actions, really non-factors and why, again, I believe, we should stay the course:

  • First Draft Proposal was reviewed by the group


MISSION: To connect with people and businesses throughout Josephine County and inform them of:

  • who SOS is
  • what SOS’ Mission is (“A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County”)
  • what we are doing to accomplish our Mission (Committees researching: Lottery, Timber, Hard Rock Mining, Medically Assisted Treatment Center, BioMass, Justice of the Peace Court, Tax Options and Sobering Center)


  1. Our community of over 83,000 gains a better understanding of SOS
  2. People with like desires, join SOS and contribute to our efforts
  3. Develop networks
  4. Increase business sponsorship-Jennifer Essick has agreed to become our business/sponsor coordinator!A) Going to our website and inventorying all of our current sponsorsC) Ensuring that we have a current contact for each sponsor  WHAT SAY YOU?
  5. D) working with the Chamber of Commerces in Josephine County encouraging “buying locally”
  6. B) Establishing a “spiel” for future sponsors
  7. She will be:

Mechanics of Deployment:

  • We decided that we will be attending events throughout Josephine County to “spread the word”

IF YOU know of an event in Josephine County, please e-mail me that date and a contact person ASAP so we can schedule our participation!

    • Teams of 3
    • Each event/tour will last 2 hours
    • Coverage will be of all of Josephine County
  • A sign-up sheet shall be available at regular SOS Meetings and posted/updated on our website
  • A sign-up list for the Saturday Market will be made for this Tuesday’s Meeting!
  • Media will be used to announce upcoming dates, times and locations
  • Josephine County Fair, GP Saturday Market and other such events shall also be included in the OUTREACH

WHAT shall be present at each event?

    • 3 MOTIVATED SOS members
    • A table
    • SOS Focus Poster (Linda Scott)
    • Will be revealed at Tuesday’s Meeting! (Great job Cliff Thomason!)
    • SOS Brochure (Phil Killian)
    • Will be revealed at Tuesday’s Meeting! (Great job Phil Killian!)
    • SOS Trust and Transparency Poster
    • SOS Poster
    • Cooler for free water
    • Lottery Brochure
    • Lottery SIGN-UP Petition
    • MAT-C Brochure
    • SOS E-MAIL sign-up list
    • Possibly the POLL from CSOS?
  • A carrot, so to speak—something to draw people in—Should we have these at business and pay for free food? If so, what should be our limit? Should we BBQ hotdogs ourselves? Should we just buy T-shirts? Should we have T-shirts on hand? What will be our carrot? The group was fine with water and pencils? What Say YOU?
  • A collection log for ideas
  • A collection log for crime stories

Where in Josephine County will this OUTREACH take place?

  • Every major event!
  • Jay suggested we also conduct a mini-poll during our OUTREACH Operation, which include questions such as: 1) Are you a registered voter in Josephine County? 2) What part of the County do you live? 3) What ideas YOU have to make our community safer?


Brochure Phil Killian

    • Completed a “first draft” this weekend, which shall be revealed to the group at Tuesday’s Meeting
    • Production costs of the brochure will be needed
  • Do we want to include photos of all of the Committee Captains? Group said: “NO”
  • Who is going to complete first run draft? Need to determine what business and get a cost—it should be one of our sponsors!


Trust and Transparency-Grant Medley

Timber-Jim Frick

BIOMASS-Cheri Adkins

Hard Rock Mining-Michael Cope

Sobering Center-Bill Landis

Medically Assisted Treatment Center-Nancy Yonally, Marilane Jorgenson and Dr. Felicia Cohen

Justice of the Peace-Dave Corsi

Lottery-Cliff Thomason

Run for the Law-Bill West

Art Auction-JoAnne Alvarez

Tax Options-Pat Fahey/Ken Smith

Sales Tax-Jay Meredith

SOS Fundraising

We, unfortunately, are going to need money for the OUTREACH program and to help with some of the other committee’s efforts, i.e., polling, helping Cliff Thomason take to the road to gain sponsors for the Lottery initiative; deposits for the Run for the Law; etc.

We are beginning to decide on Fundraisers. What has been suggested thus far:

Poker Night—Date suggested: Thursday, August 21, 2014

Talent Show—Date suggested: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Other ideas???

We are planning on having our Art Auction in February again. More to follow!!!

Ask yourself, “What have I done for my county lately? How has that action made a positive difference in someone’s life, who resides in Josephine County?”

Stay positive!



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”