SOS Meeting Notes – July 22, 2014

Here are our notes from Tuesday’s Meeting (July 22, 2014):


SOS General Brochure (Linda Scott/Phil Killian) was revealed!

Overall, well received! We will be sending out an edited version for your approval this weekend.

Here are some of the comments received of the current version:

      • Really great…the group is doing a lot.
      •  Phil Killian: It’s great…I especially like the captains’ names and e-mails being included.
      • Too wordy
        1. Connie Roach: Could take the text & make it bullet points
        2. Jack Swift: The more white space you have, the easier it is to read
        3. Bill West: agreed
      • Under Hard Rock Mining, “captain” is misspelled.
      • Put the website URL in blue
      • Last page…Order of needs should be re-organized to indicate importance, as indicated by focus groups…
      • We will reach out via e-mail to the entire group for their input
      • Comment: people’s opinions about the order of importance depends on where they live, city or county…

We discussed the possibility of, through our outreach; we have a separate one-page handout that asks people to rate the importance of issues we present—What SAY YOU?

  • Add “Do nothing” as an option…Some folks would prefer this
  • Sheriff Gil Gilbertson: In the polling, it’s important to have people indicate whether they live in city or county….tabulate results by those categories
  • Use ZIP codes so we can isolate responses from people in IV versus other regions. (Discussion: zip codes may not distinguish geographic region precisely, because they don’t delineate location
  • Suggestion: provide radio buttons in the handout so people can indicate their location:
  • Grants Pass area
    City of Grants Pass
    Sunny Valley
    Wolf Creek
    Cave Junction
    Outside of Josephine County (Does that cover the entire county?)
      • On the front page: “SOS was formed by…” – change order to put citizens up-front, rather than business owners and leaders.
      • State lottery:  “You buried the lead idea that that the proceeds would be used for public safety.”
      • Sobering Center discussion – Grant Medley: need to say more about why it’s important. (He suggests some wording for this section which I didn’t get.)
      • Jay Meredith: suggests some verbiage as to why we’re doing all this, in addition to what we’re doing (which is the thrust of the brochure). Archie asks him to suggest language, and Jay says he’ll do this and make other comments as well.
      • Bill West: The Run for the Law event is on March 7, not March 14 as indicated in the brochure.
      • We’re trying to create something enduring…to harness the energy of the community.
      • HOW CAN I CONTRIBUTE? Are you an Artist? Art Auction; an Athlete? Run for the Law – need to emphasize that there are things people can do to help, participate…jump on board one of these committees. Put on the back page: “You have a voice…here are some things you can do.”
      • Jack Swift: “I’ve had a problem selling the idea of sheriff’s patrols; you’d get a lot more mileage stressing response…”Somebody will come when you’re in trouble.” Everyone agrees that this is a good distinction to make, that patrols are not what people are interested in – patrol cars on the roads – but rather the idea that there will be a response to a crisis.
      • Format e-mail addresses so the entire address falls on one page, not broken between pages.

If you know of a Josephine County event coming up, let us know!!!

Final Brochure Draft will be presented for approval Tuesday!

OPERATION OUTREACH (continued) Archie Lidey

  • Sign-up sheet for Saturday Market presented
  • Jay will check out the cost of a booth there and report back (8 a.m. to noon) and it is a great way to do our outreach
  • VERY FEW PEOPLE KNOW WHO SOS IS—-Even after TWO YEARS +++++ in operation…
  • 75% of people don’t appear to want to get involved at any level?
  • Sheriff Gilbertson will be working with SOS Webmaster Gordon EdstromPhil Killian and Archie Lidey to get a sanitized Sheriff’s log on the Josephine County SO website. Gordon will link that log to the SOS website. They will be meeting Friday to make that happen!
  • Sheriff Gil Gilbertson and Archie met today about the log; the purpose of the sanitized log is so that anyone can access it to see the crimes that have been reported outside the city; it will be on the Web so anyone can access it (with protections to avoid victimizing victims); it will be a way for people to understand the volume of crimes that are going on.
    • What would be included: The geographical area in which a crime is committed – e.g., Merlin – lots of burglaries going on.
    • There is a website called crimemapping.com which the GPDPS uses, but it costs money to support this, and the county doesn’t have the resources to do it; will check with GPDPS Chief Bill Landis to discuss the costs/effort for such a service

Sheriff Gilbertson:

Today I had 29 calls left at the end of the day waiting for a response. This is typical.


Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason

    • Signatures?  We’ll be turning signatures into the Secretary of State’s office on Tuesday
    • We are in Lottery hold mode
  • This is going to happen in the 2016 ELECTION!
  • Jack Swift commented that Josephine County receives more in lottery proceeds every year than it takes in; Jack was using numbers posted by the lottery commission on their website which reflects two year proceeds, not one; We receive approximately 60% in return; Another reason for Outreach, so that everyone knows the correct facts
  • http://www.lotterylocalcontrol.com/
  • Join this committee   clifft9@gmail.com


Trust and Transparency Grant Medley

  • We’re moving along…but nothing to report
  • His committee met after the normal SOS meeting
  • Grant said that his committee was struggling with how to articulate what we’re finding
  • Steve Marshak is working on the “how the 58 cents is spent” issue
  • David Smith & Grant Medley are working on the “Other than the 58 cents” items
  • Phil Killian is composing a slide show re: “How we got here”…history of how the public safety crisis developed
  • This committee’s work is very important
  • Join this committee @ grantmedley@charter.net


IndiGoGo Campaign Rycke Brown

Rycke: I brought “Clean Up Grants Pass” leaflets. Right now we’re cleaning up Wilson’s property, the 7th Street Bridge. Saturdays, we’re cleaning under Caveman Bridge & Riverside Park, 9 a.m. to noon. I’ve made progress in 2 weeks, just 3 hours at a time. This is a problem we can solve…we’re getting ahead of the litterers.

It’s not a service, but a protest…because you can’t stand it anymore. It’s a protest against the culture that’s taken over. 30 years ago, we were a clean little town. We need to clean it up again. Businesses are coming in…we need to bring back the tourists, the people who are looking to retire here.

“I hope you’ll pay me for the next year to do this.”

The Lideys donated $20 to Rycke and her cause. We are challenging YOU to match our donation!



Tax Option Committee Ken Smith

CSOS held (2) focus groups last Thursday (July 17) – Had (5) women, (6) men, from all over the county.

To get these people, we had to call over 150 names. Many disconnected numbers, answering machines, and other contact problems. This is not an indication people aren’t interested; it’s a reality today: people don’t answer their phones; they monitor their Caller ID info to avoid being inundated by telemarketers, bill collectors and other nuisance callers, then return only the messages they want to.

    1. The meetings went very well. Josh Balloch facilitated, his assistant Courtney Johnson recorded. Linda Scott and I were observers for CSOS, but did not participate in the discussion.
    2. We’ll give detailed report at July 29, 2014 at the SOS meeting, and then have a discussion regarding what we found and implications for next steps in this process.
    3. QUESTION: Do you think 11 people can reflect the opinions of the people? Ken: No…Just some insights from a group of ordinary citizens, not connected with SOS, from all parts of the county and from whom we don’t usually hear. The themes we heard will help us to draft better questions for the polling efforts to follow. Only from scientific polling will we get a measure of how many voters hold specific opinions about the issues we present to them. But the focus groups will enable us to frame the issues better.



The SOS Board has decided to overwhelmingly hire Kristine Krewse as our grant writer. She’s an experienced grant writer. She will be provided with a small stipend. Now that we are an official non-profit group, we are aggressively going after grants to help us with developing funding solutions.

Kristine commented: There’s an Oregon directory of Grant Foundations. I’ve read through it, to see which foundations are interested in public safety. There are a lot. I shall be going around tomorrow to businesses that indicate they have charitable arms.

The SOS Board has decided to overwhelmingly hire Jennifer Essick as our business coordinator, to harness all of our business support under one roof. The businesses on board will all have a laminated SOS sign to put in their respective business windows. Our emphasis will be “Buy Local.” Jennifer too will get a small stipend based on number of businesses that are signed up. We estimate a stipend of $10 for each business joined into our Sponsor Group.


Poker Night Felita Short

  • Felita has moved the date of this event to the beginning of September
  • We will have a confirmed date next week!


MAT-C Committee Meeting

    • Dr. Felicia Cohen, Marilane Jorgenson, and Nancy Yonally Committee Captains
    • Met Wednesday, July 24, 2014
    • Notes will be posted on the SOS website webpage www.securingoursafety.org
    • NEXT MEETING: Women’s Health Center Wednesday, August 7, 2014 @ 5:00 PM!



Bill West: Wants to know who’s going to speak for the kids who aren’t being helped. “I want to know what SOS is going to do in November, in May next year, whatever. I want to know what the county commissioners are doing!”

Archie Lidey: Compared our current situation to a train wreck…it’s terrible…it tears you up, but it’s happening as we speak. The voice for those kids is YOU…it’s US! We have to stay positive…keep trying…keep moving forward!

Bill West: Want to see a PLAN…we come to meetings every week, but we want to know: what is OUR plan? What are the commissioner’s plans?

Jack Swift: [Gives a long historical perspective on how we got to where we are.] “I’ve advocated a levy for 9 years…but I also believe we ought to be working on getting the Federal Government to step up to the plate and do its share.”

General Responses to Jack’s ideas was mostly agreement, that litigation should be pursued, but meanwhile we need to be working on short-term solutions that we can implement ourselves. Getting the feds to respond could take years, meanwhile, the kids are suffering as we speak.


“What have I done for my county lately?”


MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”