SOS Meeting Notes – February 3, 2015

February 3, 2015 NOTES:

SOS Sponsor Report – Jacki Halcomb

  • We had a great meeting at the Fort Vannoy Store on Wednesday, February 4, 2015 at 1:00 pm!
  • Jacki is planning the next SOS Sponsor BLITZ very soon and will be asking you to help us achieve 100 Business Sponsors by our next SOS Meeting on February 17, 2015!!!

Sponsor Count: 44 (02/08/15)

  • Please support our local businesses! If you are going out to eat or planning a “date night,” why not consider one of our local venues, like the Schmidt Winery located at 330 Kubli Road, in Grants Pass, OR 97527 (541) 846-9985?
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email Jacki @ jaklar@msn.com or 541-218-1427

Have Insurance Rates Been Affected by a Diminished Criminal Justice System?  Brian Pendleton and Bill Thorp/State Farm

  • Brian gave an excellent presentation explaining how we have had “a ton” of car “break-ins” in Josephine County submitted for claims
  • Brian explained that personal property such as cell phones and iPads stolen from your vehicle is not covered through your vehicle insurance, but rather through your home owners insurance

  • If you want to recover personal property stolen in a vehicle “break-in”, you have to file a claim under your home owners policy and most people will not do that, because it will affect your insurance rate
  • Brian explained how it is nice that your vehicle is covered no matter where you are in the world
  • Brian explained how areas with higher crime rates will pay a higher premium
  • Brian explained that the insurance rate increase is slow to respond either way, as it is positively or negatively affected
  • Brian also spoke briefly about meeting your deductible before the claim returned monies
  • Brian said that a typical broken car window costs about $300
  • Brian said that the emotional impact of having someone rifle through your stuff in your car or even more impactful, through your personal stuff in your home, cannot compare to the financial impact of a levy or increase in insurance premium…
  • Bill spoke about how insurance reflects the condition in the marketplace in every zip code
  • Bill said that his office saw a surge the past couple of years which now appears to be leveling off
  • Bill said that things usually take 3-5 years to escalate
  • While it was clear that the “sky” was not falling, it was also clear that our area has experienced increased insurance claims due to a diminished Criminal Justice System and as to whether or not our insurance premiums go up, we will have to wait and see

Art Auction Committee  JoAnne Alvarez

  • The Art Auction was on: FEBRUARY 5, 2015 at Roux 26 and it was a smashing success again!
  • Jon Bowen and his team at Roux 26 did superb!
  • Tickets were $25 each and included hors d’oeuvres; wine sampling from Troon, Schmidt, and Bridgeview Wineries and beer sampling from Wild River Brewery
  • There was pleasant music by Antonio Melendez www.antoniomelendez.org
  • We sold 43 pieces of ART!!!
  • Which included a 2-Hour Gift Certificate appointment with World Renown Off the Map Tattoo
  • You can still view the Art at www.securingoursafety.org under the SOS Art Committee tab
  • There were 3 beautiful Door Prizes: #1-a quilted Wall Hanging by Cave Junction’s Carol Dickson; #2-a dozen of custom made (your choice of character/theme and flavor) “Whimsy Cake-pops” by JoAnne Alvarez; #3-a beautiful piece of Jewelry by Renee Herndon
  • Kristine Crewse produced a FANTASTIC brochure which, quite frankly, is itself was a piece of ART!
  • 4 youths from our local Mormon congregation stepped up and assisted with the wrapping!
  • Home Depot supplied the wrapping materials
  • Jim Frick, assisted by Don Monette (KCMD), did a fantastic job as Auctioneer!
  • YOUR Fantastic Art Auction Committee: Chairperson/President: JoAnne Alvarez; Co-Chairs: Cheri Adkins, Kay Smith and Nadine Patel; Jesse Meinerts, Jennifer Essick, Jay Meredith, and Archie Lidey
  • Excellent Volunteers: Mark Gatlin, Kim Gasperson, Jack and Sylvia Adkins (Thanks for building the stage Jack!)
  • OUR ARTISTS and the donations of their energies were AMAZING! We will be featuring them on our Art Auction webpage of the www.securingoursaefty.org  website
  • OUR participants, there were over 100 were generous and gracious—Thank YOU!
  • Our Webmaster Gordon Edstrom did a nice job with our webpage again, ensuring that all of the art got put up!
  • SOS President/Chairman Jay Meredith shall reveal our fundraising efforts for this event at our next meeting (February 17, 2015)
  • Please direct all questions and comments to JoAnne at britus@charter.net for further details!

Hard Rock Mining Committee – Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

What does mining have to do with safety in our county? There are economic benefits which the county can realize via responsible mining on county and public owned properties. Leases from the county can be awarded and properties can be developed with a lease and/or royalties in mind for the County.  The County owns 30,000 acres of “timber” land much of which can also be considered mineral land! We have always focused on the trees above the ground and have barely “scratched” the surface of the wealth we possess as a county below the ground.

SOS working with a couple private companies currently involved in evaluating two properties in the county as mining potentials. Initially, a small project consisting of 1-2 truckloads a day, it has the potential of family-wage earning jobs which may employ 15-25 people in the first year or two.  These types of projects can be duplicated many times over.

This mining will, as all of SOS projects strive to achieve, a “win-win” for all of those involved. We will not participate in any activity that would, for example, rape or destroy the land, or cause undue hardships for those who are directly affected by the mining operation.

A private company might come forward to the County with a proposal to lease land later in 2015.

           Join this committee, e-mail Michael at amrcope@gmail.com

Board of County Commissioners UPDATE

Federal Monies and the Marijuana Tax Proposal

Keith Heck

Measure 91 did not allow or provide for local taxation of marijuana and was created much like the current Lottery system, where monies are extracted from the county, sent to Salem, and then dispersed via Salem back into the counties of origination. That is exactly what the Lottery “Local Control” project started by SOS research is trying to reverse. We want local control of how we spend monies generated in our own county.

The latest issue of interest was that the Board of County Commissioners considered the ordinance they passed last October, which allowed them to tax marijuana. The thinking was that if we somehow got “Grand-fathered-in,” we would be able to circumvent MEASURE 91 and actually tax the marijuana crops. That cannot happen as it currently exists. As it is currently written, 10% of all marijuana revenues shall be returned to the county of origin.

Sadly, marijuana comes with problems of its’ own which evolve into criminal aspects directly taxes the current depleted county law enforcement resources. With the legalization of marijuana in July of 2015, unless something changes, it may further burden our diminished Criminal Justice System.

Community Research – Pat Fahey/Ken Smith/Linda Scott

There will be a Levy on the May Ballot!

  • Enough signatures were collected by the political action committee Community United for Safety (CUFS): NEEDED-2,038; Achieved: 2,523; Verified: 2,297
  • Three cheers for Rycke Brown, Mike Schnyder, Mahlon and Becky Best, Cliff Thomason and Mark Gatlin that worked hard with CUFS!!!
  • The Third Forum will be February 10, 2015 at North Valley High
    School from 6:30-8:30 pm
  • The Second Forum in Cave Junction on Monday, February 2, 2015, at the Wild River Brewery had around 65 people and the panelists were great: Jim Frick, Illinois Valley Fire Chief Hoke, Dr. Felicia Cohen, Sheriff Dave Daniel, Club NW Owner Scott Draper, Concierge Security Owner Julie Thomas, and a representative from Women’s Crisis
  • The event was moderated by Mahlon Best
  • Interesting POINTS made by the Illinois Valley Fire Chief, in substance: Our Fire Crews are now doing tasks that the police used to do; people are calling for us in emergencies, saying their homes are on fire, just to get anyone with emergency lights to show up; our crews are not safe and I wear a gun; I have had to draw and threaten people on calls before with my gun which I now carry routinely; we wait, often long times, for police to assist us—sometimes, that time we wait is vital to a person’s chance of survival…
  • Percentage of success of signatures in the CUFS effort was 91%!
  • Join the Community Research Committee by e-mailing Ken: ken@greatprograms.org

MAT-C Committee

Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen

  • Dr. Steven Rotter is our Medical Director
  • This center is going to be a reality!
  • Julie Rose’s Song is now on our website for review, written and recorded specifically for our MAT-C—Please go there www.secruingoursafety.org and then to the MAT-C website webpage and tell us what you think about the song!
  • SOS sponsored the song and recording of it
  • WE still need a name for our PROGRAM: “Grace Roots” or ???
  • Also, we need ideas for our Awareness Video PREMIER location in Josephine County (200 people expected to be in attendance and we shall cater the event)
  • At our next meeting, we are hoping that the Governor’s #1 Drug Authority, Dr. John W. McILveen will be in attendance
  • Next Meeting: Wednesday, February 18, 2015 at the Women’s Health Center from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM
  • Join this committee, contact Nancy at nancy.yonally.coleman@gmail.com

Run for the Law, A County United – Holly Lidey

Please get signed up for our Run for the Law: A County United!


  • Last day for t-shirt orders is Friday, February 20th!  T-shirts are great this year and come in both men’s and women’s size…as well as kid’s tees!  Check out the picture on our website.  When I registered our family I noticed that I could purchase t-shirts for non-runners (me) at the same time as I registered the rest of my family to run!  If you are not registering anyone, but would like a t-shirt, please e-mail Holly Lidey at haalidey@msn.com  – specify size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) or for kids (S, M, L, XL) – and specify if you want a men’s, women’s, or kid’s shirt. Adult shirts are $12 (any size) and kids are $8!  Your shirt will need to paid for before February 20th for the order to be processed!  You may give payment to Holly Lidey or send it to our PO Box with a note telling what the payment is for!
  • Our big thing is to promote our run!  Please e-mail anyone you know with the run information, and like and share our Facebook page!  If you know of a business that might want to sponsor their members to run just give them my information and we can set that up!  It is a great way for a business to support our organization.  We are also still looking for small items to put in our run goody bags.  This is a great way to promote your business!  We place items such as wrist bands, brochures, pencils, pens, coupons, etc!  Even if you don’t have items for every bag, we can put your promotional item in as many bags as you would like!
  • Our next run meeting will be Monday, February 9th from 5:30-6:30 at the Wild River Restaurant – Downstairs –  595 NE E Street.  Kids are welcome and food and beverages can be purchased.
  • A Facebook Event has been created (please go there and RSVP!):


If you would like to help in ANY way please contact Holly Lidey at 541-660-8186 or email her at haalidey@msn.com

Frank Morin wrote another Outstanding Article entitled: New Levy—with a Catch go to www.securingoursafety.org to read it!



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”