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SOS Meeting Notes – August 5, 2014



  • First EVENT GP Saturday Market
  • Pat Fahey, Phil Killian and Archie Lidey (Saturday, August 2, 2014)
  • How did it GO? It went well. Many people look down at the ground and barrel through the area on the southwest corner of the Saturday Market, where traditionally, political tables are set up and people entering the market are accosted. SOS is promoting a united community which is safe and there really shouldn’t be any selling.
  • Many of you know my motivation comes from my desire to be the light for the children of our county who have no light—no hope to run to for protection against the dark. I encourage all of you to Google the story of Jeanette Maples who at the precious age of 15, died Dec. 9, 2009, of abuse in Lane County, Oregon.
  • We reviewed our general SOS Flyer, which was well received by our public
  • We also have flyers for the MAT-C and our Lottery committees
  • Our OUTREACH Booth will have the following Logs:
    1. Business Log, for Josephine County businesses who want to become partners
    2. Idea Log for people to write down their suggestions as to how we can solve our criminal justice system dilemma funding
    3. E-Mail Log for people who want to get onto our email list
    4. Victim’s Log, for people who want to share their victimization as a result of our decimated criminal justice system
  • Poll—Linda Scott spoke briefly about the upcoming decision by our Community Research Committee to begin developing a scientific poll or if we should we continue with additional focus groups and how that decision will be made this Monday (August 11, 2014)
  • OUTREACH Calendar (Gordon Edstrom will be putting our OUTREACH event calendar up on our website; thus far, we have the GP Saturday Market and the JO CO Fair)
  • We agreed to participate in the Josephine County Fair which runs from August 13-16 and will cost us $350; I will be sending out an e-mail asking for you to participate at our booth; regretfully, you will be responsible to pay your own way in and also for parking; the fair is on desperate times and cannot afford not to charge, so we shall support it! THANK YOU in advance!!!
  • Fair Sign-UP Schedule (will follow this e-mail)
  • if you would like to join this committee, email


  • Trust and Transparency – Grant Medley
  • A History of Mistrust in Josephine County is an article written by Kristine Crewse which shall be appearing on our website
  • The subject of an external AUDIT of county resources shall be discussed at next meeting


  • SOS Fundraising
  • We are asking local artists to e-mail Committee Chairperson JoAnne at to express their intent to donate and reserve a spot at this year’s auction February 5, 2015 
  • Kristine Crewse is our Grant Writer. If your committee has a financial need, please present it to Kristine and she will assist you!
  • Poker Night Felita Short announced that this event will take place on Thursday, October 16, 2014! SAVE the DATE! Details to follow!


  • Sobering Center – Bill Landis
  • Bill gave the following update in substance:
    1. the Sobering Center, which was an idea born by Bill and advanced by SOS into a reality, is as you know, an independent 501©(3) nonprofit organization, with its own Board of Directors in place
    2. fundraising for the facility is continuous with donors such as MRIPA, bringing the current revenue balance for the center at approximately $145,000 and pledges amounting to approximately $300,000
    3. the site for the center was navigated through zoning and neighborhood concerns and has been chosen
    4. meetings with the OLCC in Medford has created a relationship, which could potentially help fund the center in the future
    5. the third-highest state revenue stream is the liquor tax, which has traditionally not set aside money for the problem left behind by alcohol abuse; using the liquor tax to take care of the abuse problem is a great idea and one that we hope to perpetuate with other counties
    6. it is not out of the realm of possibility that each County could get a portion of the state tax revenue for a local sobering center and will be something to consider in the next legislative session
    7. a grant writer has been hired and thus far three grants have been applied for amounts between $10-$15,000
    8. an issue of whether to lease land or to purchase it outright has been solved, as it is  more favorable to own the property versus leasing it to secure grants (people who approve grants want to know you’re going to be a permanent addition to the community)
    9. we want this center to be operational by 2015
    10. the response thus far has been very positive, a “good thing” for the community

Citizen Review Board – Bill Landis

  • Bill spoke about his concept of a Citizen Review Board, which he described in substance:This committee will consist of 10 to 11 individuals from the community, who are representative of the entire County of Josephine, who are not in any way connected to law enforcement or the criminal justice system, and who are respected members of the community. Ideally, this group would consist of business leaders, professionals, school leaders, and the like, who truly care about our community, its’ safety, and who are honest not ignorant as to what public safety might cost.The “Josephine County Criminal Justice Oversight Committee”, and that name isn’t established yet, would meet quarterly and evaluate how we spend money on public safety in Josephine County. They would hold all of our public officials (the Sheriff, City Police Chief, DA, etc.) accountable for their budgets and the efficient results of their respective departments. This is not to say that this committee would dictate to departments on how to run them. Coaches coach. Players play. Teachers teach. The respective tasks of each department would be left up to the respective department to accomplish. This committee would simply determine the need through a layperson’s eyes, as well as review the efficiency, again through a respected/trusted layperson’s eyes, of each component of the criminal justice system.
  • In essence, the “Josephine County Criminal Justice Oversight Committee” would put the management of the criminal justice system back in the hands of the citizens.
  • When the jail was built, a group came in to study our community and determined that 262 beds would be able to support the peace in Josephine County. When the question is asked, “How many jail beds do we need to be safe in Grants Pass? Josephine County?” The answers vary. The study is forgotten. The “Josephine County Criminal Justice Oversight Committee” would determine that number, as well as the number of Sheriff’s patrols needed for response in rural Josephine County, the number of deputy district attorneys needed to make Josephine County safe, etc.
  • “Trust” in local government is a big problem in Josephine County. In order to keep “trust” in public safety intact, I am recommending a citizen oversight or “Citizen Review Board”. Other communities mandate their police departments to have citizen oversight. I am currently working with Jim Frick, Darren Fowler, and Dave Daniel to develop a “Josephine County Criminal Justice Oversight Committee”.
  • it was decided that the group would lead an effort to begin polling Josephine County on selecting three individuals in Josephine County who people respected and trusted, to begin the process of developing this committee
  • once the first three individuals have been selected, they shall be tasked with the continued development of the committee, to a number of people on the committee, they believe would be representative of the entire County of Josephine
  • Bill shall be preparing a summary paragraph and then the specific question for this polling, which we shall then deploy through our local newspapers, social media, the SOS website, etc.


Rycke Brown continues to clean up our county!

She wrote: We had a great cleanup Under Caveman Bridge on Saturday, with Carl Wilson taking up the cause and calling out his friends and listeners.  Nine people showed up, and we made great progress on the area, which includes the top of the bridge, the disc golf course, and the area around the bridge.  We will be back there on August 16th from 10am to noon.  You can register to help at or just show up at the parking lot just inside the west entrance to Riverside Park.  

Next Saturday, we will be at the Fairgrounds, parking at the flooring shop just past the entrance, cleaning the frontage to the west end of the parking lot.  Mary Groves had the weeds cut along the west parking lot last week, so that will be easier.  Register at

And the campaign for public litter cleaning has 18 days left:

Yours, working for a city that looks safe and is safe, Rycke


    • The decline of the Blackberry Festival in Cave Junction was apparent last weekend as those who attended it remarked how it was a pale shadow of its past
  • Bill Landis celebrated how efforts to combat nuisance crimes in the downtown area of Grants Pass appears to be sparking a resurgence/a desire to return to the heart of the city, noting in particular the recent purchase of the Brewery and it’s scheduled reopening
  • The Chinese Proverb: solve a problem while it is small does appear to resonate and accuracy in our County
  • there is talk of a Red Robin opening up on Highway 199 near Allen Creek
  • Heroin STATS from DA’s Office:
  • Cases = the number of cases involving Heroin Charges = The number of charges involving Heroin

2010 – 4 cases, 6 charges

2011 – 22 cases, 33 charges

2012 – 37 cases, 54 charges

2013 – 123 cases, 172 charges

2014 YTD – 104 cases, 142 charges

“Wake up Josephine!”



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”