SOS Meeting Notes – August 26, 2014


RUN/Walk for THE LAW – Bill West

    • The first meeting for our run will be on September 15, 2014 at the AFSCME office on Williams Highway at 5:00 PM
    • Come be a part of this awareness event by helping design the course and the event itself! Last year’s event was fantastic with almost 500 people in attendance. Please help make this event even greater! YOUR opinion and ideas count! Help shape our run!
    • Club Northwest has committed $1,000 in Prize monies
    • A deposit of $100 has already been made to the timing chip company Eclectic Edge securing our run/walk date: February 5, 2015


SOS Sponsor Report – Jennifer Essick

  • Jennifer is our business liaison
  • Jen has been going around to businesses with our pamphlet and has been getting our name out there. Jen said that we are being well received!
  • She will be giving us weekly reports as to her success
  • Here’s how it works:
  1. First, we inventoried all of our sponsors
  2. The purpose of our sponsors is to demonstrate our unity with our business community and to serve as a reference for our community to shop/utilize services, locally
  3. Jen will be contacting all of our sponsors on our sponsor page on our website www.securingoursaftey.org and confirm that they want to remain united with us
  4. Next, we thank and make all of our sponsors aware of how much we appreciate them
  5. All of our sponsors should be on our sponsor page on our website
  6. Jen will identify a contact person (usually owner or manager) with each sponsor which shall include the business physical address, phone number and e-mail address
  7. Jen will collect the electronic logo of each sponsor; where a business does not have one, we shall photograph their business and post it accordingly
  8. Ensure that each sponsor realizes that the sponsorship does not have to be monetary, it can be whatever they want, to include just the posting of their logo in a demonstration of our unity
  9. Jen will be advising each sponsor that we are attempting to “lace up” all of Josephine County in a unified front for public safety and that our intentions are to make this relationship a “win-win” relationship, where we intend to direct business their way when we can
  10. Jen shall be advising our sponsors that when we have big fundraising events, we will notify each and every sponsor; ask them to hang a flyer announcing said event(s); and ask that they consider contributing however, whenever and wherever they can
  11. Jen shall also advise that they simply need to contact her if they ever want to be removed from our list of sponsors for whatever reason, no questions asked
  12. Jen shall remind our sponsors that we are an official non-profit organization and of our Mission: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”
  13. Jen shall present each sponsor with an SOS general brochure; complete a sponsor form with each sponsor; and then each sponsor shall be awarded a laminated SOS sponsor card for the respective business windows
  • YOU approved at our last meeting, the funding for the SOS sponsor cards and for SOS Sponsor Business representative cards for Jen
  • Jen will be meeting with Colene Martin of the Grants Pass Chamber of Commerce and let her know of our intentions and seek her input
  • We agreed that a $10 stipend shall be paid to Jennifer for each sponsor she officially brings into the SOS fold to cover her expenses

If YOU have a business or know of a business who would like to join our unified effort in making our home safe, please contact Jennifer @etopps_08@hotmail.com


“What are the Josephine County Board of Commissioners doing to address the safety issue in Josephine County?”

  • Keith Heck

First off, Cherryl gave a great presentation last week, as covered in the previous SOS Notes’ Report. Cherryl informed me via e-mail that we made in error in our note-taking: The potential funds we could receive in Josephine County as a result of Measure 91 is between $30,000-$200,000 and not $30,000-$70,000. Again, those monies would be distributed to both Grants Pass and Josephine County.

Keith reported the following in substance:

  • June 30, 2015 is a dire date
  • it will be the end of the fiscal year 2014-2015 and if we remain at our current status, the Josephine County Jail will close
  • nothing has changed since last week
  • Commissioners are trying to gain more control of our county funds, in that we want more local control and less State Control— for example, all the lottery money made in Josephine County goes up to Salem to be distributed; Measure 91, all of the fees that will be assessed on marijuana in Josephine County, will be sent to Salem for distribution…
  • the Commissioners don’t know of any Federal timber money coming in and as September 2014 looms as the date for any such savior money to be determined, there does not appear to be anything in the works
  • even if miracle money falls from the sky, current trends suggest it would be less than provided before
  • that would mean that we would have approximately $3.6 million dollars (from property taxes) in our General Fund to spend on all Josephine County Services, where services are not already paid for by grants and pass-through monies
  • currently, approximately $2.5 million dollars is united with Federal O+C support dollars to maintain the current Josephine County criminal justice system
  • the discussion by County Department heads has begun – so they will be ready for July 1, 2015
  • as evident by past polling (2012): people in Jo Co don’t want to surrender their sovereignty to the state
  • How much of the General Fund is used for other things? $1.2 M
  • several people, to include SOS President Jay Meredith, commented that there is not enough talk by the current Board of County Commissioners regarding the looming June 30, 2015 date—Keith expressed the lack of trust by the community in local government makes the effort to express the impending situation challenging as “no one believes them”
  • we all agreed how important it was that this topic the on the forefront of every opportunity our commissioners have, with respect to public contact
  • lastly, Keith spoke about our need to all “get along” and move forward together, as no one gets anywhere with infighting—SOS agreed! Here! Here!

Mike Schneyder volunteered to write an article for SOS which answers the following question:

“How much money from the General Fund is used for things other than the Josephine County Criminal Justice System?

  • there was some discussion regarding House Bill 3453 —which if nothing else happens, the county could activate this bill which would replace the Sheriff’s Department with State Troopers
  • Many see that as problematic: Everything would operate out of Salem; that’s why we don’t have a National Police Force; We want to have a say in how we govern ourselves…

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson reported that he went to the Oregon Sheriff’s Association meeting in Salem last week. He said he talked about the state’s safety issue and in particular the situation in Josephine County. The Sheriff said he was rebuked when he asked for help and was told that “Until people in your area change their will, your doors will close!” The Sheriff said that the only thing the group was interested in was our lottery initiative. He said they want the sheriffs to lobby for the lottery and for “Local Control”!

The Sheriff also commented how he does not understand that our people do not realize how the Sheriff’s Office is literally the “cheapest seat at the table”.


Community Research Pat Fahey/Ken Smith

Linda Scott and Pat Fahey reported:

  • we met with Scott Draper in the “other” group and it was a great meeting, we had great discussion we had great discussion
  • we have to work with each other – we can’t have two groups fighting over what to do or who is best
  • Scott Draper is driving the other group and he is genuine, he wants all to work together
  • SOS anticipates a large coalition of a community group to address public safety issues
  • Ken and Linda attended last Thursday’s meeting and will report to SOS next week
  • the other group has additional funding and outreach ability
  • Dr. Gary Manross of the SRI Group will do a survey – polling
  • went into extensive detail regarding the mechanics of research design and methodology
  • will use a 500 person sample instead of 300-350
  • there will be an ability to poll with landlines and cellphones
  • spoke about some public funding
  • more of our people involved in the other group
  • Dr. Manross will attend September 4th meeting
  • We discussed SOS as a research medium, given our 501(c)3 non-profit status, we are positioned to be the legal entity for contributions towards research and education efforts
  • Some of the leaders of the other group are local religious leaders and are simply trying to get things done quicker
  • How will the two groups work together?
  • One suggestion by the other group: Franchise fee on utility bills which would bring in around $5 Million
  • Scott Draper wants to fund public safety so it is a good safe guarded fund not a “squeak by” fund
  • Linda said she was looking forward to meeting with the other group
  • Linda will be seeking permission from Scott Draper to post SOS Members at Club Northwest for our OUTREACH effort, as we shall at all businesses
  • A point was made by Jay Meredith that SOS can already accept tax deductible for research
  • Join the Community Research committee by e-mailing Ken: ken@greatprograms.org


MAT-C Committee – Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen

  • Timely or not, Grants Pass appeared to log another opiate overdose death one August 28, 2014
  • The Good News is that Dr. Steven Rotter has volunteered to be our new MAT-C Medical Director! That is fantastic news!
  • Our next meeting is this Wednesday (September 3, 2014) at 5:30 PM at the Women’s Health Center!
  • This committee operates like the Sobering Center, Community Research, Trust and Transparency, Art Auction Committee, the Run Committee, the Lottery, Hard Rock Mining Committees, and our “other group”, who all meet regularly in addition to the regular SOS Meeting! Thank you all for your dedication to our community!!!
  • The number of heroin related incidents are on pace to quadruple since last year!
  • Cases = the number of cases involving Heroin Charges = The number of charges involving Heroin
  •  2010 – 4 cases, 6 charges
  •  2011 – 22 cases, 33 charges
  •  2012 – 37 cases, 54 charges
  •  2013 – 123 cases, 172 charges
  •  2014 YTD (July 2014) – 104 cases, 142 charges
  • Join this committee, contact Nancy @ nancy.yonally.coleman@gmail.com


SOS Grant Writer Report Kristine Crewse

  • Need to be careful about meeting notes being posted on our website, do not want to be “perceived” in the political light, because it can and will affect grant potentials
  • Kristine asks Jay and Archie to help her work through what is necessary to post
  • Gordon Edstrom, our Webmaster, shall post the minutes on the website on another page with a tab from the main page
  • Contact Kristine with any and all Grant Questions kcrewse13@gmail.com

Rycke Brown was unfortunately unsuccessful with her Indiegogo for a year of full-time litter cleaning. Her Indiegogo campaign is done. Those who donated shall be refunded their money. Rycke is planning some demonstrations at the Parkway event. She also suggested how we might present at the Gilbert Creek Block Party Event in September by passing out water and cooling it in a natural way. More to follow next week!

We ran out of time for further discussion, which included the following topics for next WEEK:



  • 300
  • OUTREACH Event Calendar (Labor Day Parade CJ-Shane Simon/Saturday Market/Gilbert Creek Park Event-Rycke Brown)
  • CJ Skate Park Donation/Fundraiser
  • GP Saturday Market Report (Holly Lidey/Liz Hirni)

Trust and Transparency Grant Medley

  • External AUDIT?
  • Address Jack Swift’s article about the Internal Services Fund (ISF)

SOS Fundraising

  • We are asking local artists to e-mail Committee Chairperson JoAnne at britus@charter.net to express their intent to donate and reserve a spot at this year’s auction
  • February 5, 2015
  • Don’t FORGET First Meeting September 4, 2014 for more info, contact JoAnne at britus@charter.net
  • Casino Night Felita Short
  • Details about October 2014 date


Citizen Review Board Discussion Bill Landis

Josephine County Criminal Justice Advisory/Oversight Committee 

To achieve and meet community expectations, Josephine County strives to continuously evaluate and improve its quality of public safety services in partnership with the community. The purpose of the Criminal Justice Advisory/Oversight Committee is to assist the Commissioners and Criminal Justice Department Heads in exploring solutions to community issues, budgets, or staffing and to serve as a forum for community members to seek redress for unresolved complaints, concerns, or suggestions.

Question: If a committee was formed representing County residents that included no public officials of any kind,name one person you would trust on the committee to oversee criminal justice in Josephine County including spending and needs as outlined in the above description.


Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason

    • UPDATE on this separate legal entity
  • This is going to happen in the 2016 ELECTION!
  • Hard Rock Mining Committee – Michael Cope/Jay Meredith
  • MAT-C Committee
  • Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen



Some of you have approached me and have told me that you are staying away from certain meetings, because you don’t like certain people. I understand. I think you and everyone for every minute they have given to try to make our community safer. However, the problem before us is serious, great and grave. We have children that are at great risk, because our system is broken. Just this week I was part of a team that discovered evil of unimaginable horror being perpetuated against our children within our city. Evil of this type needs to be checked. We can’t do it without each other walking side-by-side. Please continue to look in the mirror and see clearly. See strength. Walk beside me and the others who have joined to battle and help us light every lamp of hope that makes it difficult for evil to hide in our county.

Trust me, this task that we have joined together to battle, is much more important than enduring an hour a week, with someone you may not care for… It’s as real as any garage sale, soccer game, or dinner you may participate in this weekend… It’s just scarier for those children.

Thank you again!



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”