SOS Meeting Notes – April 7, 2015

April 7, 2015 NOTES:

“JoCo Public Safety/Criminal Justice budget status starting in July of 2015…We are still in crisis”

Cherryl Walker guided us through the complexities of county subsidies.

In summary:

  1. US House approved a 2 year extension of Secure Rural Schools Funds at 95% of what Josephine County received in 2013.  This SRS is an amendment to the Medicare Bill.

2013 =$4,858,134 X 95% = $4,615,228 for 2015.   We still don’t know if this amount will be subject to 7.3% sequestration.

$4,615,228 X 95% = $4,384,466 for 2016.

The Senate has not approved this, but likely will by Friday April 17, 2015 as the current Medicare law expires that week. 

  1. Josephine County received $2,174,441 in February that went into the General Fund, for Bureau of Land Management (BLM) actual shared timber receipts.  The SRS legislation requires this BLM amount be subtracted from the SRA payment to be sent to the counties.  Therefore, Josephine County will actually receive appx. $2,440,787 when SRS money is distributed.
  1. Josephine County has also received U. S. Forest Service Receipts in February 2015 in the amount of $69,067, after sequestration.  This money is required to be split 25%/75% between County Schools and Public Works.  None of it is available to the General Fund.  Last year this amount was $1.4 million.
  1. PILT, Payment In Lieu of Taxes, that goes into the General Fund but has historically been used for Public Safety, is expected to be nearly $700,000 for 2015.  It is not yet received and the date is uncertain at this time.  In 2014 the County received a little more than $500,000.

SOS Editorial – therefore, JoCo will have in total slightly less than the current year’s already unacceptable dollars by which to operating its law enforcement and public safety programs.  We are still in crisis, even with this extension of lower amounts of federal funds.

SOS Sponsor Report Jacki Halcomb

  • Sponsors as of March 24, 2015: 104
  • Go to www.securingoursafety.org Great Job Jacki and Mark Gatlin!!!
  • SOS shall be sponsoring a Business “Thank YOU!” Dinner at the Grants Pass Golf Course on May 2, 2015—Please e-mail Jacki @ jaklar@msn.com to invite a business you want to come to this event! We will require an rsvp
  • LUNCH MOB! We were thinking about designating a business a week to mob for lunch… What say YOU?
  • If you have any questions or if you would like to get involved in being a part of this committee, please feel free to call or email Jacki @ jaklar@msn.com or 541-218-1427



  • We hired a reporter/videographer!

  • We received 12 qualified responses
  • We eliminated those who were not local-Josephine County
  • We were left with 7 qualified responses
  • We took the top 4 responses and conducted interviews last week at the Wild River Brew Pub
  • Thank you to all of those who participated and submitted applications!!!
  • Jay Meredith, the SOS Board, and Archie Lidey participated in the interview process and chose Kerin Sharma. You can view his talent at www.sharmakerin.com
  • This will be a short term paid contractual position
  • We are hiring him to create 10-12 Videos lasting 1-3 minutes, which reports factually on effects of the diminished Criminal Justice System, the “cost” of inadequate criminal justice system resources
  • David Smith shall be the Project Director and shall be conducting the interviews
  • Subject Matters INCLUDE: Examples of the higher priority video ideas include a report on crime stats with our Sheriff, story about DUIIs and related stats, story about traffic fatalities per capita, an interview with a crime victim, interview with another crime victim and mix in the actual 9-1-1 call, crime story and interview with Adult Protective Services, and we have more below.  WHAT SAY YOU?
  • How does opiate addiction impact a community?
  • What happened when you called 911?
  • Does it matter that we do not have a juvenile detention facility?
  • Decrease in number of DUII arrests by GPDPS
  • Taylor’s Sausage victimization
  • Has Crime in Josephine County decreased or is there a communication problem?
  • OSP Report of Highest Use of Force in State in Southern Oregon
  • Walmart Theft Loss of between 1.4-1.6 Million dollars and how crime affects business

MAT-C Committee

Nancy Yonally/Marilane Jorgenson/Dr. Felica Cohen

  • Dr. Steven Rotter Medical Director

Grace Roots “Pathways to Wellness”

  • Maria Simon Photography took photos which are NOW on the MAT-C webpage of www.securingoursafety.org
  • We are continuing on with our Next STEPS! This center is going to be a REALITY!
  • We shall be having another viewing and an interactive PANEL scheduled for May 19, 2015
  • Video Circuit—Do you know of an organization who would like us to share the video with at one of their meetings? If so, please call the MAT-C (541) 218-2059

SOS Website Gordon Edstrom

  • Over the next week, we shall be doing an intensive website overhaul which shall include Committee Inventory

If you have any comments on how we can make our website better, please contact our Webmaster Gordon Edstrom @ gedstrom@gmail.com or gordon@daydreamdigitalmedia.com

SOS MEDIA Public Information Officer David Albright

David shall be working with Cheri Adkins to increase our media relations. Please contact David @ davnandy@earthlink.net with any and all suggestions!



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”