SOS Meeting Agenda: 12-18-12

Our Meeting this week will be December 18, 2012 @ 5:15-6:15 PM at the Newman United Methodist Church located at 135 NE B Street in Grants Pass. In the place where we normally meet, not the parlor. It will be our last meeting for the year.


1) Tax District Update Grants Pass

The Grants Pass City Council voted unanimously in favor of the resolution to be included in the Law Enforcement [Criminal Justice] Service District. In deliberations, councilors cited that they had a duty to allow City residents to vote on this district if it moves forward at the County level since City residents passed the last countywide levy vote by a small margin. The also cited that the #1 duty of government is to provide for the safety of its citizens.

The Cave Junction City Council did not get a second to sustain the motion to proceed and the motion died on the table.

What does it mean?

2) Opposition and Why the BLITZ is important STILL

3) Uniting for Justice (Quin Collins) Update the event-What’s been done? Flyers! Candles? Speakers?

“And yesterday’s tragedy also makes Thursday’s gathering all the more important for us as a community to turn out in big numbers to mourn with the families and to remind our community we need to make it safer for our own kids.

This is also a good opportunity to remind our community leaders and state legislators that they need to join us as well, not just be notified about the event. SOS is hundreds strong, we should be able to do this outreach before Thursday! WHAT SAY S.O.S.?” (Mike Sanchez)

4) Fireteam Captains Update (Bill Ertel)

5) SOS Committees-Why they are so important…

•Sales Tax-Jay Meredith

•Private/Public Partnerships/Improved Efficiencies Toni Webb and Laurie Norman

•Natural Resources-Jim Frick

• Property Tax Variations-Jeff Wolf

•Trust,Transparency, Education and Public Ownership and Involvement-Holly Lidey and Bill Ertel

•State Lottery Funds -Cliff Thomason

•Justice of the Peace Court-David Corsi

•BIOMASS-Cheri Adkins

Thanks for your tenacity in saving our home!

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  1. Hi All, I received a call from Mark Seligman this morning; he said that he talked with Keith Keck last night.  Keith said that I sent out a press release regarding SOS to the local tv stations.  This is not true.  Keith, where did you get this information? Can someone get to the bottom of this? Thanks, Toni


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