SOS Meeting Agenda: 1-8-13

Our Meeting this week will be tomorrow, Tuesday, January 8, 2013 @ 5:15-6:15 PM @ the Wild River Brew Pub located at 533 NE F Street in Grants Pass.

Our Agenda will be as follows:

1)      How to ensure SOS remains a Non-Profit organization without political associations? (Pat Fahey)

Re-working the SOS Presentation…

We are—our solution shall be: multi-pronged!

2)      Setting up a group dedicated to the tax district and separate from SOS (and what SOS as an entity can or can’t do, politically)

3)      Animal Shelter Stakeholders (Toni Webb)

4)      Committee Inventory

The following are our current Committee Captains:

•Sales Tax-Jay Meredith

•Private/Public Partnerships/Improved Efficiencies Toni Webb

and Laurie Norman

•Natural Resources-Jim Frick 

• Property Tax Variations-Jeff Wolf 

•Trust, Transparency, Education and Public Ownership and Involvement-Holly Lidey and Bill Ertel

•State Lottery Funds-Cliff Thomason

•Justice of the Peace Court-David Corsi

•BIOMASS-Cheri Adkins

While as a group of concerned citizens we have enjoyed some success in effecting change, we have yet to achieve our Mission“A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

I am asking each Captain to attend tomorrow’s meeting and give us an update on their committee and its current status.

5)      Methadone Clinic (Diane Hoover)

6)      Website Gatekeeper (Frank Morin/Jay Meredith)

Frank wrote recently: “I like the changes to the web site.  The FAQ is much more prominent, the site is much more user-friendly, and having those questions at the top of the FAQ really delivers the most important information soonest.”

7)      The issue of no patrol in a Taxing District Proposal, member comment:

“This morning I made a pitch that the Chamber needs to take an active role in supporting the district proposal and it will be brought to their Board meeting on Thursday.  Their Board has been reluctant to take political positions so hopefully it will go well as many Chamber members are impacted.

Commissioner Hare was there as well and reported no progress in renegotiating the contract with the Feds for jail beds.  I’m concerned that folks will say if the County won’t do something to help themselves why should I support more waste.  This issue needs to be resolved ASAP or it will hurt the campaign.

The issue of patrol was briefly discussed and I believe it will also hurt the District proposal as the paper is saying the District proposal does not include patrol and that is a big mistake.  I suggest a small 3 year levy for the entire County with the money collected in GP and CJ returned to them for their patrols.”

8)      Blitz Update-Fireteam Captain’s Report

1-Kimberly Gasperson

·                  City of Cave Junction Council Meeting December 10TH

·                  Rotary in Cave Junction December 18TH

·                  GP Firefighters January 2ND @ 5:10 PM

Kim commented, “Just wanted to give you a little update on how the presentation went with IAFF.  It went well. The presentation took me about 15 minutes during their union meeting.  Two of them are now planning on attending our Tuesday meetings and they are going to give us $500.  They need the information as to who to give the money to and need to verify SOS’s nonprofit status.” Great job Kim!!!

2-Bill West (Bill has been recovering from recent surgery)

Bill wrote, “There is nothing like baptism by fire! My team (Mike Waldon, Mary Bowers (ill  no show), Gordon Estrom and myself, entered the jaw of the lion! We had an interesting debate, presented our point and got out with our life!” Great job Bill… We will have to hear more about that!

3-Linda Rahberger

4-Steve Marshak

5-Holly Lidey

·                  Newcomers

·                  Catholic Church

·                  GP Toastmasters

6-Cheri Adkins (Recent Cancellation—Cheri wrote:

“We have been cancelled at the IV Lions Club tomorrow night January 8 due to a misunderstanding regarding what SOS is about.  Because of the district taxing issue brought up at the City Council meeting, their board thought we were all about finding new ways to tax everyone.  I advised my contact Steve Lyons to go to our website and review it.  What we are after is their input and ideas how we can get the Criminal Justice system back on track.   I advised there are several sub-committees in SOS and the district tax group is one of them and, to ask Jim Frick about us. Steve said he would talk to the board again and get back to me if they want us at the next meeting. Steve said he would talk to the board again and get back to me if they want us at the next meeting.” Great job Cheri! This is why it is so important to ensure that people know what SOS is really about!

7-Archie Lidey

·                  Neuman Methodist Church

8-Erica Johnston

9-Abe Huntley

10-Brian Pendleton

11-Pat Fahey

·                  Upcoming GP City Council Presentation January 14 at 11:45am in Council Chambers

12-Jay Meredith


1) CAPTAIN: Jay Meredith 2)_Darin Fowler 3)_Quin Collins__4)__Bill Ertel (COMPLETE)

2) CAPTAIN: Bill West 2)__Mike Waldon___ 3)_Mary Bowers__4)_Jennifer Essick (COMPLETE)

3) CAPTAIN: Holly Lidey 2)_Liz Hirni 3)_David Smith__4)__Frank Morin_ (COMPLETE)

4) CAPTAIN: Abe Huntley 2)_Ryan Mulkins__ 3)_John McCafferty___4)__Jim Frick__(COMPLETE)

5) CAPTAIN: Pat Fahey 2)__Dave Daniel___3)__Dylan Orton_ 4)__Peter Angstadt (COMPLETE)

6) CAPTAIN: Linda Rahberger 2)__________________3)____________­­­­­_____ 4)_____________

7) CAPTAIN: Steve Marshak 2)___Greg Redfern 3)_Toni Webb 4)_Dominic Zottola_

8) CAPTAIN: Kim Gasperson 2)_Lily Morgan__ 3)_Shane Simon_ 4) _________________

9) CAPTAIN: Erica Johnston 2) Matt Johnston_ 3)_Melissa Snyder_ 4)_Travis Snyder_ (COMPLETE)

10) CAPTAIN: Archie Lidey 2)_Erin Mateja 3)_Ryan Brown 4)__Cliff Thomason_ (COMPLETE)

11) CAPTAIN: Cheri Adkins 2)__Keith Heck__ 3)_Harry Mackin 4)___Mark Gatlin_(COMPLETE)

12) CAPTAIN: Brian Pendleton 2)_Laurie Norman__ 3)__Mike Sanchez____ 4) Janine Wilson___

9)      Rescheduled date for Uniting for Justice  (Quin Collin)

After the Conneticut tragedy, Mike Sanchez wrote: “And yesterday’s tragedy also makes Thursday’s gathering all the more important for us as a community to turn out in big numbers to mourn with the families and to remind our community we need to make it safer for our own kids.  This is also a good opportunity to remind our community leaders and state legislators that they need to join us as well, not just be notified about the event. SOS is hundreds strong, we should be able to do this outreach before Thursday! WHAT SAY S.O.S.?” Amen Mike!

10)   Legislative Ideas submitted to State Representative Wally Hicks (Jay Meredith)

11)   The Survey—How about a single line survey for the website?

12)   How about a running discourse for the website? WHAT SAY YOU?

13)   How about a weekly KAJO address for the website? WHAT SAY YOU?

14)   How about a debate FORUM? Guest Moderators, etc.? WHAT SAY YOU?

15)   How about a weekly article on website?

16)   SOS Board Agenda Items WHAT SAY YOU?

17)   We are it…

Thank you!

MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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