SOS Event “Our Community Pulls Together” a Success

Here is the media coverage of the event:


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The event started by hearing a few words from SOS, hearing from a couple victims of crimes in our community, and saying a prayer for our community:

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And then, the kids tried to pull the vehicle!  (We might note they need adults to help solve this critical community issue of the lack of a proper level of criminal justice services)

IMG_69012013-04-20 09.12.212013-04-20 09.12.32


And then our community came together and pulled the Sheriff’s SUV all 1.2 miles up hill from A street to the top of 7th street:

IMG_6967IMG_6946IMG_69392013-04-20 09.37.032013-04-20 09.40.10IMG_6872


Thank you for your community spirit!

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