SOS Committees

In 2012, SOS was formed by local business owners, community leaders, parents, retirees, and other concerned citizens to explore any and all ideas that might help address the County’s long-term needs. The initial focus has been primarily on finding sustainable sources of funding and/or cost savings to restore criminal justice services. After a series of strategic planning sessions and a major survey campaign that reached over 1200 Josephine County residents, SOS embarked on studying a series of solutions that can help our County get back on its feet. To see this original survey, please check out this page:

After residents weighed in on the level of services desired in local law enforcement and justice programs along with preferred funding sources, SOS established various Committees to pursue the solutions that were supported by County residents. Efforts towards some proposed solutions that were only marginally supported have been completed or stopped, while SOS remains busy working towards the various solutions our friends and neighbors in Josephine County have told us they would strongly like to pursue.

More broadly, SOS has explored a range of potential solutions to make Josephine County a safer, more stable, more sustainable community; to build the alliances across disparate community groups; and to seek to restore trust and communication between local citizens and their elected officials and other public servants. Please visit each of the Committee pages for an update on our research, education, and outreach activities for each Committee.

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