Public safety IQ answers

Q:   On any given weekend in Josephine County, Oregon, with almost 83,000 people and approximately 1,642 square miles, how many Josephine County patrol deputies are on patrol?

A:   0

SOURCE: Josephine County Sheriff’s Office

Q:   There were eight criminal cases involving heroin in Josephine County in 2012. How many were there in 2013?

A:   67

SOURCE: Josephine County District Attorney’s Office

Q:   How many babies were born in Josephine County with opiate withdrawal symptoms in 2012?

A:   126

SOURCE: Women’s Health Center

Q:   A Detective from San Diego calls for assistance to locate and interview a sex offender suspect who she suspects is now residing in rural Josephine County. She asks to speak to the Detective Sergeant for Josephine County. Who does she speak to?

A:   Not the Josephine County Detective Sergeant. There isn’t one. She does not speak to any Josephine County Detective. There aren’t any. If the Sheriff himself and/or any one of the two remaining deputies are available and not responding to emergency calls for service, she might speak to one of them. She might be able to speak to one of several detectives who work for the Oregon State Police, who are trying to fill in the gaps left by the reduction in manpower, but they have limited resources themselves and are now focused on solving several unsolved homicides in Josephine County. 

SOURCE: Josephine County Sheriff’s Office

Q:  What do you do after arriving to your rural Josephine County home late Sunday afternoon to discover that thieves have broken into your house while you were away, taken your car which had been parked out front, now most likely loaded with your stuff they just stole, and have left a mess inside?

A:   It depends. First call 911. We don’t know if the thieves have finished. Your home needs to be cleared. The 911 call taker will transfer your call to the Oregon State Police. A trooper might respond to “clear” your home if there are no other emergencies in progress. If the trooper responds, they will not take a report. You will be directed to call the Sheriff’s Office Monday morning and/or to the Sheriff’s Office on-line reporting system.

SOURCE: Josephine County Victim

Q:  How many abused or neglected Josephine County youth who required shelter care received that care locally in 2013?

A:   0

SOURCE: Josephine County Juvenile Justice

Q:   How many juveniles were cited and released for crimes rather than being transported to the Josephine Juvenile Justice Center from June 2012 till June of 2013?

A:   OVER 300

SOURCE: Josephine County Juvenile Justice

Q:   With respect to fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes per the Community Health Assessment 2013, the state average per 100,000 people in Oregon is 12. How many fatalities due to motor vehicle crashes did Josephine County, a county of a population of almost 83,000, have in 2013?

A:   23

Q : True or False – Crime Affects Property Values.

A:   TRUE 

Many studies have been done that nearly unanimously show that high crime rates cause property values to fall.  According to a recent 2013 report by the National Association of Counties that can be found here  Real Estate is the #1 industry in Josephine County.  Not providing for proper law enforcement via the Criminal Justice System could be the most costly thing we as a County could do. We have a lot of REAL value to protect.

 Q:  Per , from reported information from the Medford Police Department, which has over 100 sworn police officers, between January 1, 2014 and January 23, 2014, 281 crimes were reported in the City of Medford, which has a population of approximately 76,462 (SOURCE: US Census 2012). Grants Pass Department of Public Safety, which has over 50 sworn police officers, between January 1, 2014 and January 23, 2014, 385 crimes were reported in the City of Grants Pass, which has a population of approximately 34,805 (SOURCE: US Census 2012). How many crimes occurred in Josephine County during that same period of time?

A:   Unknown

       Crime reporting in Josephine County, aside from the Grants Pass Police, is broken. Josephine County Sheriff Gil Gilbertson does not have the manpower to collect statistics. He only has two deputies on any given weekday and three contract deputies. Victims are encouraged to use the Josephine County Sheriff’s on-line reporting system, but it is suspected that many crimes go unreported due to victim frustration and/or the inability of computer/internet access.

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