KTVL CBS Channel 10 reports on Criminal Justice funding developments and Securing Our Safety

Here is a video segment from KTVL CBS Channel 10 reporting on Criminal Justice funding developments and Securing Our Safety:  http://www.ktvl.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/ktvl_vid_2613.shtml?wap=0

“Having been in real estate for 35 years in Josephine County, it has made me nervous that I have customers coming to me now and listing their homes because they’re either been burglarized or fear of more burglaries without having those people prosecuted,” Frick said.

“Frick is a member of Securing Our Safety. The group meets once a week to look at ways to make the criminal justice system money.”

Thanks Jim for representing SOS!

SOS Radio interviews the Sales Tax Subcommittee

This morning the SOS Subcommittee on Sales Tax was interviewed by Mike of SOS Radio.  Here is a link to the first of many SOS Radio subcommittee segments:  SOS RADIO – Sales Tax Interview

The Sales Tax Subcommittee stressed that it is important to visit our website at www.SecuringOurSafety.org and fill out the online survey about levels of criminal justice services and funding options.

For the SOS Radio audio of past SOS general meetings you can also visit our web page HERE to listen to all the committees hard at work to find solutions to restoring funding for Josephine County Criminal Justice programs.

Local Business Feels the Effect of Lack of Criminal Justice Services

Here are a few quotes from last night’s SOS meeting:

Owner of 7-Eleven in Grants Pass:  “I have lost $5,500 in inventory in the last 90 days.”

Chief Joe Henner:  “Crime at the north Safeway has gone up nearly 180% over last year.”

GP Detective:  “Nearly 20 cars were broken into last night at hotels on the north side of Grants Pass.”

We have to solve this problem so please take 3 minutes and fill out this survey!


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