Our Community Pulls Together


In the old days, the first thing a new town did was hire a Sheriff. Safety, protection and law enforcement was a top priority in new settlements. Grants Pass needs law enforcement even more now than we did then, but the City Police force can’t do the job alone.

Without a prosecuting attorney’s office to convict criminals, and a jail in which to house them, police officers often find their hands are tied. Criminals are getting the message. Crime rates are rising, property values are falling, and something must be done before the cost of lawlessness becomes more than we can afford to pay.

SOS plans to show its support of the Sheriff and Police Departments by staging a “Pull”, citizens working together to pull officers up 7th Street in a patrol car.

“Our Community Pulls Together” will be held Saturday, April 20th at 9AM. The Pull will begin at 7th and A. St and continue north approximately one mile to the 1800 block of 7th St where a brief rally will be held.

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