Grace Roots (MAT-C)


To contribute to the health of our community by returning addicted citizens to healthy, productive lives through a continuum of services.


The Grace Roots committee meets at the following times in the conference room at the Women’s Health Center (1075 S.W. Grandview Ave., Grants Pass):

• First and Third Tuesday of each month from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.


Grace Roots originally began as a Committee in 2014 under Securing Our Safety to address the opiate addiction crisis in Josephine County.  Grace Roots was incorporated as a separate nonprofit agency in 2016 and recently became its own 501(c)3 nonprofit in January of 2017.  See the new Grace Roots website here:

Heroin and synthetic opioid abuse is a problem that’s been growing exponentially in Josephine County and nationwide in recent years. Addiction to these drugs tears families apart and fuels many of the property crimes that plague our county.

Our first idea was to simply bring a methadone/medically assisted treatment clinic to Grants Pass to serve the more than 200 opiate addicts in Josephine County who commuted daily to the nearest methadone clinic in Medford.

Based upon valuable input from many of you, our vision for the Grants Pass facility evolved from a methadone clinic to include a residential drug addictions treatment center that has the ultimate goal of helping addicts achieve drug-free lives and become contributing members of our community.

Recent News!


Grants Pass Treatment Center:

After much hard work, our vision for an opiate treatment center in Josephine County is becoming a reality! The Grants Pass Treatment Center opened in a space on the north end of Grants Pass in January of 2017.

The outpatient center will be operated by a private company based in Bend. The center’s director, Matt Owen, gave a presentation to the Grants Pass City Council on plans for the center in August 2016 and has given numerous presentations to other community leaders in 2016 and 2017.

By March of 2017, the Grants Pass Treatment Center was already serving approximately 200 individuals and taking in approximately 18 new patients per week.

Next project: Residential treatment

Grace Roots is now pursuing the creation of a separate, residential treatment center elsewhere in Josephine County to further ramp up the battle against addiction.  Through numerous community meetings and planning sessions in 2016 and 2017, we’ve discovered the largest gap in services needed to conquer opiate addictions is the availability of residential treatment centers in the region.  The very few residential treatment beds that are available almost always have waiting lists that prevent timely residential treatment, especially in certain demographics of individuals affected by opiate addictions.  An opiate/heroin addiction often necessitates getting out of one’s primary living environment for a few months to focus exclusively on recovery.  Stay tuned for news and further business plans for the Grace Roots Residential Recovery Center (GRRRC) and please contact us if you would like to be a part of this next project.

Watch this 20-minute video for more background on opiate addiction in Josephine County. The video was created by SOS and released in March 2015:

A GRANDMOTHER’S LOSS: A local grandmother who lost her granddaughter to addiction shared her story with Grace Roots. Read her story HERE.


Pathways to Wellness

Chairperson: Jay Meredith
Vice Chair: Dr. Felicia Cohen
Secretary: Crystal Lee
Treasurer: Rick Jones
Committee Members Include: Alysha Meadows, David Vance, Cheri Adkins, Michele Belcher, Dennis Clark, Diane Hoover, Dr. Lyle Jackson, Rick Jones, Jay Meredith, Bob Morgan, Dr. Tim Roberts, Paul Robertson, Dr. Jim Shames, Marilane Jorgenson, Mark Gatlin, Jay Snodgrass, Archie Lidey, Dr. Heather Kahn, Dr. Liz Hirni, Dr. Steve Marshak, Michelle O’Brien, Mary Collins, Dawn Cogliser FNP, Antonio Barros, Michelle Martin, Tracy Fain, Sandie Nelson, Rebecca Peterson, Dr. Matt Johnston, Dr. Cory Johnston, Dr. Lynch, Dr. Bradshaw, Crystal Lee, Marnie Martin, Dr. John McIlveen, Jess Webb, Matt Corey, Kathleen Krohn, Jessica Szilli, Dr. Brandon Lynch, and John Chambers.

Grace Roots Medical Director: Dr. Steven Rotter

Grace Roots is directly supported by our “Five Pillars” (treatment centers) in Josephine County:








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