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Notes from the October 8, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

Once again, our meeting was excellent, with solid discourse. Slowly but surely, we move towards our Mission: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

To those in attendance, your presence means everything. Thank you!

Please get involved. However you can. Comment through e-mails. Write letters to the Editor. Come to meetings. Go to events. The safety of our community is everyone’s business. Do something!

Here are the Meeting notes:


·      Neal Appleton led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

·      How critical is the upcoming Levy for the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety relative to our Criminal Justice System? Holly Lidey/Penny Mueller

They reported in substance:

As many of you already know, the city police/fire levy is back on the ballot this November.  This is a renewal of the same levy that we have had for a number of years, at the same price that we have been paying.  This levy is very important to our city and county.  Our city police have been “the leg still standing” in our battle to create a sustainable criminal justice system in this county. If we lose a portion of our city services due to the failure of this levy we will have an even bigger problem to deal with than the one we are currently working on with county funding.

We are calling you to action: 

First, can you please forward this message to as many city residents as you can? 

Second, if you would like a Vote Yes for Police/Fire sign in your yard, please can e-mail Holly at  We will get you your sign as soon as possible. If you have a business that requires a window sign, please let Holly know in your e-mail, as we have window signs as well.

Third, we are also going to need many volunteers to do phone banking ASAP. Don’t be intimidated by phone banking! It happens to be Holly’s favorite form of getting the word out!  It is so easy because we provide you with a list of numbers and a card to read from.  There is no arguing! Just strictly encouraging people to vote Yes! We need 8-10 people on October 14, 16, 17, 21, 23, 28, 30…and possibly November 3rd.  It is from 6p-8p at Keller Williams Realty (555 NE F Street). The 2 hours goes by very fast, and this is an easy way to volunteer some time!!  Please e-mail me the date and time you would like to sign up for. 

Fourth, is the door-to-door flyer passing.  For the next three Saturdays we are asking that people go to the lot across from city hall at 6th and A St at 9:30 am.  You can pick-up a highlighted map of an area that needs to be walked, along with a stack of flyers.  You don’t have to walk at that time if you can’t!  Once you pick up your map and flyers you can cover your area at any time! You just have to make sure you get the area covered. You can spread out the walking and do an hour here and an hour there.  It is very easy, as you knock on each door and hand them an informational flyer about the levy.

This is your city!  Please help where you can,

Thank You,
Holly Lidey and Penny Mueller (Liaison between SOS and the City Levy PAC)

·      Frank Morin Wrote: “I’m trying to put together another stats-related article, but one of the big challenges we face is lack of data, particularly in the county. With so few people available, they just can’t deal with the issues, but therefore they don’t have the numbers for all the issues they don’t even log or respond to, or all the issues that aren’t even getting called in anymore because people know there is no help available.

I’m wondering if we should take a slightly different focus.  Is there a way to generate a city-wide and/or county-wide poll somehow where we could ask people if they feel safer or less safe?  Have they had a personal experience with crime since the loss of justice funding?  Do they know someone who has experienced crime since the loss of justice funding?  Do they feel the area is safer or less safe?

Not only would that give us a good feel for the pulse of the county, but probably help drive home the point for everyone that the situation is bad.

Until then, I’m going to keep working to put together meaningful data.


We had good discussion about this topic. We spoke about a poll and for the most part agreed that a scientific poll would be the best route. We also agreed that anecdotal feedback from residents in Josephine County was important and POWERFUL.  

We spoke about the belief by some county residents that crime has not increased since the failure of the last levy or since the decimation of our Criminal Justice System, hence the need for a poll.

We decided anecdotally that polls on our website, Facebook and possibly the Daily Courier would be helpful. We also discussed getting soliciting Rogue Community College and Southern Oregon University for their help.

We agreed to contact Ken Smith to help us formulate questions for a poll, such as:

#1) Are you a resident of Josephine County?

#2) Do you feel safe living in Josephine County?

#2) Have you been a victim of crime over the past year?

#3) Do you know someone, other than yourself, who lives in Josephine County, who has been a victim of a crime over the past year?  

#4) Do you feel that it is a waste of time to report a crime these days in Josephine County?

We realize that a scientific poll will cost money, which we will have to raise. More to follow…


·      How the Board of County Commissioners Realize how necessary the City is to the County Services and Vice-Versa? Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck spoke on the absolute necessity for the City and County to work together and move hand-in-hand in the future; the group suggested that the Board of County Commissioners adopt a Resolution of Support for the Levy; Commissioner Heck is investigating this option and voiced that he was personally in support of the GPDPS Levy

·      The Immediate Change Committee’s First Project   Jubilee Park, Cave Junction Shane Simon and Lottery Tickets $1,000 Goal; Cheri Adkins advised us that the Skateboard, tickets and SIGN are on their way and should be ready for the Saturday Market this Saturday!

Jody Nigh and the JAIL Mowing Project—We will NOT be mowing the jail grass, as an agreement with Community Corrections has been struck; we agreed to focus our attentions back on the 5THStreet Overpass, to get the steps removed and to clean the area up; Baker Park is also a project

·       Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee Update 

Pat Fahey per Cheri Adkins, announced that the language for the Levy petition is being approved by Stephen Campbell and should be ready soon! We have a draft posted on our website: go to this committee’s tab and click on to read!

·      Justice of Peace Committee Update Dave Corsi Webpage Website and the first meeting are forthcoming!

·      Community Networking  

Roger Brandt

When:   Monday, October 21, 2013. 3:00 – 8:00 pm (dinner provided)

Where:  Illinois Valley Senior Center (250 East River Street, Cave Junction, OR)

 What:    This is a dynamic and interactive opportunity for nonprofits, community-based organizations, volunteers, and business owners interested in community improvements to increase their connection with others who have similar goals and objectives and want to build capacity to work together.

Registration: No charge to attend, but registration is required by October 14th. Use this link to register:

 Information:  Theresa Hart (541) 551-1769

 Purpose:  The purpose of the Community Collaborations program is to enhance the capacity of rural leaders and organizations to leverage the power of working together to ‘get things done.’

NOTE: This is the fourth of five community building sessions offered by The Ford Family Foundation in Illinois Valley. The fifth session will be the Ford Institute Leadership Program next year.

This is a very important meeting and thus far: Keith HeckCheri Adkins, and Mark Gatlin have agreed to attend on behalf of SOS; please make sure to register!

·      The Hardrock Mining Committee—What’s the Next Step? Michael Cope will discuss current mining efforts next week; I had an in depth discussion about this committee with Michael after our meeting and cannot tell you how excited for the potential of safe/non-invasive mining in Josephine County; more to follow!

·      Opioid Clinic Update Notes from the Impact Summit 2013 which occurred on October 3, 2013 at the GPHS; we briefly discussed the Summit and the need to continue with this effort; we are going to focus on Medically-Assisted-Treatment (MAT); there is a good editorial tonight by Kevin Widdison in the Daily Courier; our next focal point shall be on creating a brochure on what it means, “To Get Sick”;  this committee shall be meeting tomorrow at the Women’s Health Center at 5:30 PM!

·      Timber Committee Jim Frick gave us a brief but informative  UPDATE; indicating that we will know more about the salvage sale efforts after October 11, 2013; we do know that the county just made a sale of $225,000, which we hope, shall be forwarded to the Criminal Justice System; Jim also spoke about the impact on Federal Forest Lands with respect to sales and how the current shutdown of the Federal Government is impactful although Josephine County is not directly affected; Jim also spoke about the award of the O+C funds, approximately $4.5 ($4.2 after sequester-ization) we will see in Josephine County, which will mostly replace the funds we are currently operating off of… More to follow!

·      Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason will UPDATE next week!

·      Run/Walk Bill West met at the end of our meeting….

·      Fund-Raising Art Show February 7, 2014 this date is set; whoever would like to join this committee, please e-mail me back asap!

·      Holly Lidey and Cheri Adkins passed out the last of the SOS sweatshirts. If you ordered one, please pay. It’s still not too late to ask for one for the next order; they are $21 each (Size Small-XL) and $25 each (Size 2XL-3XL); please e-mail Holly at to get in on the next order!

·      POKER NIGHT Fund Raiser at the Pub Jay Meredith November date will be decided upon by next meeting

·      Saturday Market Opportunity Cheri Adkins, John McCafferty and Tom Dorman shall be working the booth this weekend; we discussed how great an opportunity this booth is to reach out to folks; we also need to ensure that we have the SOS E-Mail Sign-Up sheet available

·      WEBSITE Gordon Edstrom; we are going to be soliciting YOU for the Photo of the day for our website; if you come across a good photo opportunity in Josephine County, please snap the shot and forward to me so we can post!

·      Sheriff Gil Gilbertson announced that he was going to come out and publicly support the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety Levy!

·      Additionally, several in attendance last night voiced that they were rural county residents who, although they do not live in GP, support the levy, as they come to GP to work, shop and eat and like the feeling of being safe!

· LASTLY Please mark your calendars for October 22, 2013, @ 5:00 PM, we shall meet across the street from the Josephine County Courthouse, in front of the Neuman United Methodist Church, responding to a “Call to Action” in support of the men and women of the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety! WE WANT THE WORLD TO SHOW UP!!! We shall promptly leave at 5:15 PM and walk together as a large mass south on 7TH Street, across the bridge to East Park Street, where we shall turn west and then north onto NE 6TH Street and continue to NE A Street, where we shall walk east to the Grants Pass High School. There we shall meet others gathered and briefly hear support and praise for our Department of Public Safety from some of our leaders and citizens!!!



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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