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Notes from the October 15, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

We had another GREAT meeting last night and again, THANK YOU to all who attended!

Meeting NOTES:

·      Mr. Salvador Corona led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

·      Lottery Committee Update – Cliff Thomason reported on where we are at with the Initiative. Cliff reported on how surprised he was that there were no negative lobbying by any of the Unions or actually—by anyone. Cliff said the most negative aspect of this initiative actually comes directly from the Attorney General’s Office in the way they propose the language is written. Speaking of language, Connie Roach made it a point that “local control” is in the ballot measure and the group seconded her motion. Cliff reported that Jay Meredith and Kevin Mannix were the only public written comments on the initiative, which of course, were both positive. Cliff said our Magic Initiative number is #31; Cliff said the measure is moving along and shall keep us posted (FYI Cliff agreed to write up his report for his website page, so please go there on our website for additional information—thanks Cliff!)

Cliff and Jay asked that I send out the following e-mail relative to the Lottery Committee:


Good Evening again SOS,

We have a lot of important projects in the works right now because we know we need to knit the community together from many directions.  We want to extend a special invite to join the Lottery Committee and follow this team’s progress.

As some of you know, our initial signatures for this initiative were certified by the state.  Now comes the state’s ballot title approval process which will take a little time.  We’re using this time to plan for the main signature effort to come and reach out for support across the state.

We met at the Pub last night right after the SOS meeting. We shall be meeting generally every two weeks at different locations. This effort will be heavily reliant on social (web) networking, emails, phone calls, etc.  Anyone could help us from home.

One of the best ways you can help at this time is to direct people / invite people to like our facebook page here:  Please also like our page so we can get the momentum going!

Thanks, and please let us know how you can help!  We’re just getting started and appreciate your support!

Lottery Local Control Committee



·      CASA Program—Cliff also spoke to us about the Children’s Advocacy Center and the need for volunteers to step up and sponsor children in need. Cliff said that there are over 600 children in Josephine County who are without sponsor and who are basically lost; I commented on how the Oregon State Police are being overwhelmed with DHS referrals and Bill West, who worked in the now defunct Juvenile Justice Center, commented how he still drives part-time and drove an abused youth from Brookings to Medford last week; Bill said the abused child had to be returned, because there was no shelter to house him; a discussion regarding the importance of the Juvenile Justice facility erupted and we came full circle to why we were all involved in this effort to restore the Criminal Justice System in Josephine County


·      Walk With Us!


We will not have our regularly scheduled SOS Meeting, instead, please join us on a walk through the heart of Grants Pass on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 and show your support for our Grants Pass Department of Public Safety members, a vital component of our community’s Criminal Justice System!

WHEN: Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Meet @ 5:15 PM in front of the Newman United Methodist Church (across from the Court House)

ROUTE: South on 7TH Street across the bridge, west on Park Street and North on 6TH Street, arriving at Henderson’s Chevron Gas Station on A Street at 6:00 PM for a few, brief, motivating words by our Leaders!

Just how critical is this Levy?

“If the city levy fails, we’re outta’ here!” Anonymous


We discussed how most do not enjoy or like a Levy, that we have to be patient and sometimes do things in the now for the tomorrow! WE agreed how important the Grants Pass Department of Public Safety is to our Criminal Justice System!

Who’s going to be on the WALK so far?

Ryan James Brown, Julien Silva, Misty Hamilton, Roy Lindsay, Steve Marshak, Holly Lidey, Jay Meredith, Jody Nigh, Tom Dorman, Amber Garza, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Mayor Darin Fowler, Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck, Pat Fahey

Will YOU be there?


·      The Immediate Change Committee’s First Project

Jubilee Park, Cave Junction Jody Nigh

Our Goal is: $1,000

Cheri Adkins advised us that the Skateboard tickets and Sign are done! Pat Fahey and Matthew Eldridge and Jay Meredith are going to coordinate the purchase of the Skateboard by this Friday, so that we can have the skateboard and the tickets for the Saturday Market booth this Saturday!

·      Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee Update 

Pat Fahey told us that we are still waiting for the ballot measure language to be approved, that he turned it into Art Harvey and that it is still being reviewed by Stephen Campbell; Pat will send the final version to Gordon Edstrom after it is done to be posted on our website:

·      Justice of Peace Committee Update Dave Corsi Webpage Website and the first meeting are forthcoming! Dave reported that he had 8 Committee Members and the first two meetings are scheduled for October 25, 2013 @ 5:30 PM and November 6, 2013 @ 5:30 PM, both meetings will be held at the Boardroom at Tap Rock; if you would like to join Dave’s committee, please e-mail him at ; I am cautiously optimistic about this venture and I was forced to break out our Menorah to demonstrate how this will be one of many funding sources / solutions for our Criminal Justice System!


·      Community Networking  

Roger Brandt

When:   Monday, October 21, 2013. 3:00 – 8:00 pm (dinner provided)

Where:  Illinois Valley Senior Center (250 East River Street, Cave Junction, OR)

 What:    This is a dynamic and interactive opportunity for nonprofits, community-based organizations, volunteers, and business owners interested in community improvements to increase their connection with others who have similar goals and objectives and want to build capacity to work together.

Registration: No charge to attend, but registration is required by October 14th. Use this link to register:

 Information:  Theresa Hart (541) 551-1769

 Purpose:  The purpose of the Community Collaborations program is to enhance the capacity of rural leaders and organizations to leverage the power of working together to ‘get things done.’

NOTE: This is the fourth of five community building sessions offered by The Ford Family Foundation in Illinois Valley. The fifth session will be the Ford Institute Leadership Program next year.

This shall be a very important meeting: Cheri AdkinsMark GatlinShane SimonKeith Heck and Archie Lidey have agreed to attend on behalf of SOS


·      The Hardrock Mining Committee—What’s the Next Step?  Michael Cope/Jay Meredith discussed current mining efforts; Michael discussed how important it is to have a lab and the interest of outside entities to use our lab; Michael and Jay will be coordinating a Mining Summit in the very NEAR future to capture other ideas, sponsors and supporters as we go forward; this is a very real potential for Josephine County; Michael and Jay will summarize their update from last night and forward it to Gordon Edstrom to put on their webpage; WAY more to follow!

·      Opioid Clinic Update Medically-Assisted-Treatment (MAT) is the better name for this Committee; Toni Webb spoke about our Awareness campaign and the Brochure we are currently working on; this committee continues to make great strides in a much needed arena—helping people gain control of their addictions will hugely impact Josephine County crime, even just starting with the opiate population, which has grown exponentially; we currently have four doctors, two pharmacists and six treatment councilors participating in this very important committee; thanks so much for caring and for thinking outside the box; the next meeting is at 5:30 PM at the Women’s Health Center!

·      Timber Committee Jim Frick “What happened on October 11TH?” Jim told us: Tom Stratton Salvage Sale in Wolf Creek (purchased by Swanson Group) netted the County $212,760; Poor Man Creek Salvage Sale (purchased by Swanson Group) netted $86,730; and the another (Boise Cascade) netted the County $395,000 ; Jim said the “bad news” is that at least ¾ of the money will go back into reforestation of our County Timber Forests, HOWEVER, Jim said that the County Timber Advisory Committee, the organization that SOS helped form, has recently been very impactful on the County’s decision to move forward with sales; Jim said we just need to keep up the pressure! AMEN! Great job Jim!

·      Run/Walk UPDATE Bill West gave us an update which included officially naming the run in two weeks and meeting with other potential supporters! Bill will forward his written update to me and we shall post on our website!

·      POKER NIGHT Fund Raiser at the Pub Jay Meredith

We decided that this fundraiser will be in the first weeks of December. A permanent date will be announced next meeting!

·      Fund-Raising Art Show February 7, 2014 this date is set; whoever would like to join this committee, please e-mail me back ASAP!

·      Holly Lidey at is the person you need to contact if you are able to do phone banks, need signs, etc. for the Public Safety Levy!

·      I shall be contacting Ken Smith about the Poll! We will officially begin it after the Public Safety Levy in November. More to follow!



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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