Walking for Justice!

Notes From SOS Public Meeting – January 14, 2014

We had another great meeting this week!

Our next meeting is Tuesday, January 21, 2014, at the Wild River Brew Pub in Grants Pass located at 533 NE F Street from 5:15 PM-6:15 PM.


  1. Website Web Master Stipend—the Group agreed on a stipend for our current Webmaster, Gordon EdstromJay Meredith announced that the SOS Board had agreed on a monthly amount of $200 for the next 6 months; the Group voted to approve and it was made so.

  2. Intro Paragraph by David Smith has been completed; Please go to our website www.securingoursafety.org and let us know what you think about the paragraph and the site! This is OUR website and your input matters!


III. New Signs—The group approved the creation of two more signs, to be used at events and basically give a snapshot about what SOS is! Erin Mateja edited and they have been approved; everyone’s comments were addressed; Cliff Thomason will now get them created.


IV. Heroin, the growing crisis sweeping our county This article is now on our website and is the first weekly statistically based article by local Josephine County Journalist Frank Morin; there is an article tonight in the Daily Courier commenting on the heroin problem in Vermont;  again, Frank shall be writing weekly articles documenting Josephine County’s struggles with a depleted Criminal Justice System with FACTS and STATISTICS from credible SOURCES while keeping things in context.


V. Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee 

Pat Fahey was not present, but Connie Roach gave a brief update:


GOAL: 2,100 Signatures

Collected Signatures to Date:


Percent of Goal:




DEADLINE: February 19, 2014

*These numbers are being tallied by Connie Roach and updated every day

  • BCC Letter by Pat progress—received notice from Josephine County Commissioners Keith Heck and Cherryl Walker that they are drafting letters addressing their overwhelming support for public safety in Josephine County
  • Connie Roach/FAQ Section—We are looking for someone to help Connie!
  • Pat’s committee will next meet at his Southern Oregon Sanitation (SOS) Office on Redwood Avenue on Sunday, January 26, 2014 @ 1:00 PM
  • Pat Sign-UP Schedule—Will be getting posted on the website?
  • Door-to-door/Neighborhoods signatures was suggested
  • THE STAR of the Night goes to FELITA SHORT, who showed up with over 70 petition signatures in one week! Felita and her husband, who live in rural Josephine County, are both professionally employed and want to see our home change for the good; safety has to be our priority! They have both committed themselves to our Mission: A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

    The Shorts epitomize the good people of Josephine County seeking solutions to our dilemma!

  • If you have a completed petition, please e-mail Pat or myself or drop them off at Southern Oregon Sanitation (SOS) Office on Redwood Avenue; or bring it to the next Securing Our Safety meeting! Do not take it to the County Assessor’s Office. There was some confusion about that and we do not want people to have the perception that the County Assessor’s Office is behind the petition. SOS is and always will be beyond reproach in our dealings. Thank You!
  • Join this committee, e-mail Pat: pat@sosanitation.com

VI. How Important Levy Verbage Is

Dale Matthews voiced why he would vote against the levy this time. He said language by some of our members promoting the levy, included statements that100% of all of the revenue proceeds would go toward the Josephine County Jail and Juvenile Justice Center and said that wasn’t true, because 10% of it goes to support staff, to include janitors, and to paper supplies for copying, etc. The Group addressed this topic with Dale, and in unison commented that all businesses have a cost that is incorporated for such items and which must be paid for. Most commented that such costs were generally assumed by the public, to be a part of the operations of said entities, as for example, paying for police includes the police cars, gas, maintenance of cars, the supporting record departments, Dispatch, copying of Search Warrants, etc. The reality is that the janitor is just as necessary and important as the police officer. A dirty jail is a danger to all, whether in the form of disease risk to inmates and officers alike, or in the form of left behind debris, which could be used as a means of escape or weapon.

The consensus was that we agreed if something assumed to be understood by the public was not, that we would be “clear-er” on that issue. It would not take much time to include a FAQ question of that very nature with the aforementioned explanation.

We must all respect each other’s opinions. Is it not a better idea to hash things out now, together, than to wait to try and do it in MAY?
VII. Animal Shelter Levy “The Facts” Josephine County Health Director Dianne Hoover gave an excellent presentation on Frequently asked Questions about the Animal Shelter; Here are some of said facts: The shelter helped 715-720 animals get adopted last year versus having them killed; recently, adoption outweighs having to kill abandoned animals; the non-profit Shelter Friends is a huge organization; Dianne passed out brochures and I have several left; we shall address at next meeting, if we should have a FAQ section about the Animal Shelter on our Website; Frank Morin shall be writing a Stat based article regarding the shelter soon!
VIII The Hardrock Mining Committee Michael Cope/Jay Meredith
  • What’s the Next Step?
  • Jay requested a meeting with the BCC to discuss Mining potentials
  • The next step will be to invite key mining players to the Josephine County business table (NOTE: With respect to mining, there will be no support of taking ore and destroying our beauty in Josephine County)
  • Jay and Michael will be presenting in the future, improved mining methods which are not environmentally impactful
  • Join this committee, e-mail Michael: amrcope@gmail.com

I received this letter from SOS Member Mr. Salvador Corona, which I wanted to share with you:

Dear Archie, Happy New Year, it is getting late already… just the 15th of the month.

My wife and I has been busy, she is attending physical therapy and is progressing remarkable great after the surgery. She is still under the doctor’s and physical therapists care. In my case I has been busy dealing with ALL the nuts and bolts associated with the new Upscale Convenience store, the PORTOLA SUPER MINI MART & DELI, once it is open to the public I will be honored to see you there and give you a quick tour!!!

Besides to the above we has been sneaking in-and-out of town traveling to Washington State were two of my beautiful daughters and grand children lives.

Therefore although I wanted to attend the S.O.S. meetings my agenda has been tight but, due to your e-mails I am keeping abreast… Thank you!!!

Just amazing, tomorrow Thursday, January 16th, it marks the first anniversary of the tragic incident that changed and altered our life’s, also I will never forget your kind professional and down to earth approach on that day under a blue and sunny sky.

Archie… we have each other giving us rain checks, one for lunch and the other one for a flight. I will be honored to be your Pilot in Command!!!

So… One day we will have lunch and fly!!!


Salvador Corona and Esperanza Morera-Corona

PD: Let me share this with you, it took place yesterday Tuesday, January 14, 2014.


Thought I’d take a minute to say thanks again.The flight was really nice-you turned my day into remarkable.I will remember the tour forevermore.Your professionalism,courtesy and generosity was much appreciated and like I said,I’ll be glad to refer and/or recommend you anytime.S.O.S is a great group and we all need to help when we can.Keep up the good work and  great flying…


Note: the last part of the letter was one of our December Fundraiser Poker Tournament Winners, who won a flight donated by Mr. Corona!


IX. Medically-Assisted-Treatment (MAT) Committee Toni Webb shall update us at our next meeting; Topics will include:

  • SOS/OPTIONS/Rebecca Peterson donations
  • The next meeting at Women’s Health Center shall be on Wednesday, January 15 @ 5:30 PM
  • Flyer Distribution
  • Heartbreak Story of recent death which David Smith shall be writing about
  • Next Step
  • Join this committee, e-mail Toni: toniwebb3@yahoo.com


X. Jail/JJC Levy Petition Signatures Have Been Collected—Now What? Ken Smith 
XI. SOS “Run for the Law” Committee Bill West  Holly Lidey
  • Where are we at? This Committee’s work is so impressive! They have:
  • REGISTRATION for the Run for the Law on our website; PLEASE REGISTER NOW!!! www.securingoursafety.org
  • The next BIG meeting for this Committee is: January 16, 2014 at Wild River Restaurant @ 5:15 PM
  • Join this committee, e-mail Bill: ontherogue219@gmail.com


St. Patrick’s Day Run For The Law

10k Run or 5k Walk/Run & Kid’s Dash

March 15, 2014


▲Run our 10k or walk/run our 5k course starting and ending at Club Northwest with chip timing! Starts at 8:30am March 15th. Kid’s dash for youth 12 and under will start promptly at 8:40am.

▲Race awards include: $150 for 1st place overall; $75 for 2nd place overall; a metal/keychain for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place male and female overall and in each age category for runs.

▲Everyone participating in the kid’s dash will receive a ribbon.  All participants will receive race packet filled with coupons or items donated by sponsors.

▲Registration for run includes a free ticket in the raffle for an iPad! Additional tickets can be purchased on race day for $5.00 each.  Drawing will be held after the race, need NOT be present to win.

▲Check out our vendors near the start/finish line for food, merchandise, and other fun items.

▲Long sleeve dry wick Adult shirts and short sleeve dry wick kids shirts available for order until March 1st. Order in advance to guarantee getting one, limited supply available race day!!  Adults $13.50, Kids $12.00

▲Early registration fees are $25 for 10k; $20 for 5k; 18 years or younger $15 for any race. Kid’s dash is FREE!  THERE IS A LATE FEE OF $5.00 IF REGISTERING THE DAY OF THE RACE!

▲Donations and sponsors are much appreciated! FREE t-shirt given to anyone donating $250 or more!

Leprechaun sponsors ($500 or more) will be promoted on back of the shirts and on the SOS website.

Shamrock sponsors (less than $500) will be promoted on the SOS website.

Donations, as well as proceeds from run & raffle will go to the nonprofit organization called Securing Our Safety, a group dedicated to finding alternatives for funding law enforcement in Josephine County.

For more information contact: Holly Lidey (541) 660-8186 or go to www.securingoursafety.org

Register on line at


Register by mail

Click this link:   Mail In Registration Form

We are currently working on the Social Media aspect of this event via FACEBOOK!


Have you heard? The Medford SWAT TEAM has challenged the Grants Pass Swat Team, to beat their time in our run? Hmmm…

This awareness run needs to be HUGE! If you have not signed up, please do so on-line ASAP!

XII. Fund-Raising Art Show February 6, 2014 Joanne Alvarez, Cheri AdkinsKay Smith, Camille Benedict and Nadine Patel; Kay gave the update

  • Jim Frick is our AUCTIONEER!
  • Don Monetti from KCMD shall be “MC” for the event
  • Where? Roux 26 in Grants Pass (We will have the entire restaurant and plan to fill it!
  • When? February 6, 2014 from 6PM-9PM
  • How Mucho? $25
  • What does the $25 ticket include? 4 tickets for 4 wine tastes and for Whores Devoured
  • There will be a Harpist and maybe, just maybe, Keith Heck will dance?
  • Wineries participating thus far are TroonSchmidt and Fiasco
  • 25 Artists have donated for this event thus far!!!
  • Next Meeting is at JoAnne’s house on January 20, 2014 @ 6:00 PM
  • Number of Tickets SOLD:_40
  • Go on-line to purchase tickets or e-mail Nadine Patel at nadinepetel@gmail.com
  • Join this committee, e-mail JoAnne: britus@charter.net


XIII. Sobering Center Bill Landis

  • Where are we at?
  • Bill’s presentation was described to me as: “Fantastic!”

-Selected a board of directors

– Have applied for 501c3 status

– Created by-laws

-Old Jail could be a possibility

-Wally Hicks is working on some legal language for Sobering Centers

-Shall be a stand alone center

– Formed partnerships with several private and public entities

– Have raised $220,000 to date from cash and in-kind donations

– Created a bare bones budget that will cost approximately $260,000 annually to operate

– Land and building retrofit to cost approximately 1 million to compete with an estimated 5 month build time expected once money is raised.

– Once money received, would only need 4-5 months to begin operations


  • Per Dr. Steven Marshak’s Idea /CJ City Councilor Dr. John Gardiner and I will be working together to establish a date and physical venue for this event; Penny Mueller wrote:  “I just talked to Kevin at the Courier.  He was very positive about the forum and advised they would be interested in do news pieces on the situation out there.  He needs more specifics.  Let me know when I can get additional info from you and who the other committee members are.”

    Thanks Penny!

And Lastly, Pat Fahey will be doing an interview with NBC in Medford next week AND the SNEAK PREVIEW will be interviewing SOS and will be its’ Headline Story in February!

Thank YOU for all of your hard work!




MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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