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Notes From SOS Public Meeting – February 18, 2014

We are moving Josephine County! Progress is slow but sure.

Meeting NOTES 2-18-14:

Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee UPDATE  Pat Fahey

  • Petition Signatures were turned in to Art Harvey at the Josephine County Clerk’s Office!


    GMO, public safety measures make ballot 2/19/2014 – see the Daily Courier article!



  • An extra big THANK YOU to Erica LedesmaJennifer and Ken Snook, Steve Marshak and of course,Cheri Adkins, for being the heart and soul of 199 signatures in less than 48 hours! Your COMMUNITY thanks you!
  • Connie Roach is maintaining the FAQ Section on the WEBSITE for this committee; we discussed the recent Letter to the Editor by Al Hammersly:

    Daily Courier Letter to the Editor 2/14/2014

    Securing Our Safety (SOS) is a group of dedicated, hard working citizens willing to donate their time and efforts to re-establish our defunct criminal justice system. Their mission statement is “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine COUNTY” (emphasis placed on “county”).

    One of the methods to realize their goals has been an initiative placed by petition on the May primary ballot. The measure would increase all county residents’ property taxes for a period of five years and would reopen the Juvenile Detention Center and increase the county jail-bed capacity — admirable goals.

    But once again, the measure does not fund additional deputies for county patrols. County residents are asked to increase their taxes with little or no benefit. A safe haven for abused children is definitely needed.

    But what good does extra space in the jail do for county residents when they have virtually no police force to arrest criminals? Who wants to pay for something with no benefit?

    The last ballot on this issue was carried by city residents but was defeated due to the county vote. Comments made in the Feb. 6 issue of Sneak Preview by SOS’s petition drive chairman repeatedly refer to benefits for city dwellers but never mentions county residents. I cannot believe such a dedicated, citizen-oriented group would pit city residents against county property owners just to gain passage of their measure. Would someone please explain why the initiative was written without increased sheriff’s patrols to benefit county residents?


    Grants Pass

  • We all agreed how much we appreciated the question posed by Al Hammersley and how much we appreciated the opportunity to answer that question and any others!
  • Pat’s Committee answered that question with the following letter by Darryl Scott:


Good news, Mr. Hammersley, regarding your letter asking why the upcoming Jail/Juvenile Justice Center levy doesn’t include county patrols. 

The levy will not only increase the number of jail beds and re-open the Juvenile Justice Center to treat, detain and shelter juveniles, but it will – importantly – free up County funding currently used for reduced jail services to increase the Sheriff’s patrol.  Great news for County residents!

Voters have stated, through two failed initiatives, that they are not willing to pay for the entire public safety system because it’s just too expensive.  SOS has listened and has placed a limited, more affordable levy on the ballot that will help restore some – not all – of the most critically needed services: jail beds, juvenile justice services, increased Sheriff’s patrol.

Those critically needed services will benefit us all, both city and County residents, which is why I am voting YES and urging others to do the same.

Darryl L. Scott

Grants Pass

  • Linda Scott commented that we need to ensure that we attribute that letter to the PAC: Citizens for Securing Our Safety (CSOS); Please do not forget: while many of our SOS members support the upcoming Jail/Juvenile Justice Center Levy and the Animal Shelter Levy, SOS itself is a non-profit organization and must refrain from political commitments to remain a non-profit organization! Thank you for respecting this separation.
  • Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck commented that when asked, “Where shall the money (approximately $2 Million dollars) currently directed towards jail funding, go, when the Levy is successful and the Jail and the Juvenile Justice Center are fully funded?” The Board of County Commissioners (BCC) shall answer, “To the Criminal Justice System, which includes the Sheriff’s Office and the DA’s Office.” That will mean MORE rural patrols!
  • Don’t forget to review the Letter signed by the BCC stating that Public Safety in Josephine County is their number one priority!
  • IF you have questions that you have encountered regarding the upcoming levy, please forward them to Pat Fahey ASAP. Please, don’t be shy!
  • A core group of people, to include Ken Smith, Linda Scott, Darryl Scott, Connie Roach, Roy Lindsay, Sue Fahey, and Pat Fahey, have begun to orchestrate campaign strategy and are doing EXCELLENT! The aforementioned Committee will be meeting next Monday, February 24, 2014 at Tap Rock at 5:15 PM, where there will be 9 sub-committees formed for the Levy campaign—-PLEASE attend and join a sub-committee! WE NEED YOU!
  • The Grants Pass & Josephine County Chamber of Commerce has announced that they shall be supporting this effort!
  • Join this committee, e-mail Pat:

Why It’s Important Local Governments Work Together  

Keith Heck spoke on the necessity of local governments working together and how the City of Grants Pass and Josephine County have been embarking on tasks together!
We briefly discussed the Economic Development Plan and that the City and County will be teaming up to to a joint Economic Development Strategic Plan (RFP to go out soon).

PS. Now that the petition has been translated into a Ballot Measure, we are hoping that the Grants Pass City Council publicly supports this Ballot Measure soon!


“Run for the Law” Committee

Bill West/Holly Lidey

Less than 4 weeks away!!!


  • This thing just keeps growing!!!
  • Mid-Rogue-Independent-Physician’s-Association (MRIPA) just announced that they will be a $1,000 donor of our AWARENESS RUN! fantastic! Thank You so much!
  • This is your run! Jump in and help plan it! Next Meeting will be THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 20TH AT 5:15 PM at the Tap Rock “big room to the right” (Only 4 WEEKS to go!)
  •  RUN AWARENESS Attendance GOAL: 999
  • Club Northwest will be putting on a promotional event called “14 Days to your first 5K!”  This will begin March 1 and go until March 14th.  They will teach you how to get prepared for your first 5K in 2 weeks.  Please sign up for that at Club Northwest if you are a member and are interested!
  • We are still looking for items to put into our swag bags for the runners.  If you know of a business that may be able to donate an item: inspirational plastic bracelets, pencils, water bottles, key chains, etc! It’s a great way to promote your business!!!
  • We are also encouraging businesses to help our event by offering to pay the registration fee for their employees. Challenge other businesses with this offer! Thus far Evergreen Federal and Southern Oregon Sanitation have stepped up!
  • IF you want to purchase a run T-shirt but don’t plan to register, such as volunteers, they can e-mail Holly: or call her at 541-660-8186. She will need the shirt sizes and money for the shirts before March 1st! Cost of the shirts: Adults $13.50 and Kids $12.00
  • FACEBOOK! Please share this event!
  • The Kid’s Dash” will start at 8:30 AMand it will be completed before the other races which begin at 8:40 AM, so that if parents want to run, Kidzone will be letting member’s kids in free during the 10K/5K on race day and will only charge $3.50 for non-member kids!
  • Leprechaun VOTE Results:
  1. 28%
  2. 7%
  3. 65%
Your new “Run for the Law” Leprechaun is attached to the top of these notes!
  • Please do not forget, this is YOUR AWARENESS RUN! If you have an idea, please let Bill orHolly know. For example, it was Cliff Thomason’s idea to have the Kidzone watch people’s children, who wanted to run in the race but who did not have child care! WE truly need everyone getting involved to change the face of our County! Come up with an idea and RUN with it!
  • Join this committee, e-mail Bill:


St. Patrick’s Day Run For The Law

10k Run or 5k Walk/Run & Kid’s Dash

March 15, 2014

Go to to register


Thanking the Oregon State Police

Keith Heck also wanted to acknowledge the Oregon State Police for the work they have been doing in Josephine County, noting that the BCC recently sent a letter to OSP Superintendent Rich Evans expressing the appreciation of the residents of Josephine County!

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson provided the following statistics in substance:

We only had 4 OSP patrols working our County…. We now have 11…

OSP records reflect the following for 2013:
Jackson County Criminal investigations            148
Josephine County Criminal investigations          797
In 2013, we increased OSP patrol workload in Josephine County by 72%
The numbers above do not reflect all the calls for service. The numbers do not reflect all calls declined by the OSP, because they did not meet their response protocols.

NOTE: In a recent conversation I had with OSP Superintendent Rich Evans on February 15, 2014, he said he was going to be addressing the problems he was facing with a lack of staffing for over-burdened OSP offices in Southern Oregon in Salem, and expected a decline in patrols as he did not have the man-power to replace or fill the gaps of the ever-growing decimated Sheriff patrols in the southern counties.


New Stat Article by Frank Morin

Traffic Crash Fatalities in Josephine County shall be appearing soon on our website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CJ Skateboard Raffle

What happened?

Archie Lidey spoke to soon in CJ one night and committed more money than our initial raffle produced… SO, last night, we decided to do the following:

  1. Reduce our Raffle Tickets to $1 each
  2. Everyone who has already purchased a $5 ticket shall be credited 5 tickets in the raffle
  3. We shall have a stand set up at the “Run for the Law” with tickets for sale and the Skateboard and the Helmet on display
  4. We shall draw the winning ticket on March 15, 2014, the day of the run!
  5. SOS shall reward the winner with the PRIZE and donate the proceeds—which shall amount to $1,000 one way or the other, to the CJ Skate Park Foundation!


April Awareness EVENTS

  • CJ Victim’s Forum—It was decided that we have a Victim’s Forum at the Wild River Brewery in CJ in April—possibly on April 10, 2014; We still need an event coordinator for this!
  • Whether we have a Victim’s Forum in GP or not is still yet to be decided—we shall decide at next meeting!
  • JJC Vigil—we are going to have a vigil outside of the Juvenile Justice Center in GP, tentatively on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 6:30 PM; We shall be asking Terry Soeteber and Jim Goodwin to coordinate this event—We want to let the kids know, they are not forgotten! More to follow!


Lottery Committee (PAC)
Cliff Thomason I am going to ask you to visit their webpage on our website for details, but here is the update:
  • Oregon Supreme Court supported our objection to the rewriting of our ballot language which reflected poorly, the result of what a YES vote would mean
  • Problem is, it took 2 months to arrive at that decision which cost us a lot of time!
  • Supreme Court made suggestions as to our exact ballot language and we should have the completed language cemented in on FRIDAY (02-21-14)
  • Now we are faced with gathering a lot of signatures statewide—150,000 in a very short period of time
  • If we hire professional signature gatherers, it would cost us $2 a signature on average, somewhere in the neighborhood of $300,000-$400,000—OK… Or we have Dr. Liz Hirni clone Cheri Adkins 36 times and place her and her back brace outside of each of the county seat’s Post Offices…or, we send Cliff Thomason to the Shark Tank for the money….or we get Erica Ledesma to get all of her Mormon Sisters to step up like her… or… You get the picture?
  • This committee had the Realtor Association donate $3,000 for a Poll that shall be distributed Statewide, which basically will ask, “Would you support Local Lottery Funding Control or not”; if we achieve greater than 65%, we will “go for it” for November’s Election (2014)
  • If not, we need to consider whether we should wait for the 2016 election…
  • If we go for it, we will be sending Cliff Thomason out to the 36 counties in our state to solicit money and support and we will have to figure out a way to pay his bills—incidentally, the group last night voted unanimously to send Cliff out of town and to pay his bills (some said it was a steal of a deal :)) More to follow!!!


Thank you so much for fighting for our home. We are engaged in HISTORY and we are proud to be standing next to you!

MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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