Walking for Justice!

Notes from SOS Public Meeting – April 1, 2014

Good Morning SOS, thank you for your tenacity and your efforts to make our home safe.


Meeting NOTES:
Lottery Committee UPDATE
  • Where Is Cliff?  In the meeting room – he came home

  • Cliff Thomason reported:

  • We can be on the ballot for 2014, but major prosective donors want to wait until 2016 ballot

  • Recommends refiling for the 2016 election to make sure this initiative is done right
  • In July submit ballot again after getting 1000 signatures outside Josephine County
  • Then, once back on the ballot, we need to get 150,000+ signatures around the state (we will have closer to 2 years to make this happen and it will be a more affordable, more true grassroots campaign)

  • Will have help doing this as Cliff has and shall continue to identify people in each county to help
  • Largest donors want to wait until 2016 so their money isn’t wasted

  • We could start rewriting the ballot wording this week and potentially start getting signatures in the next few weeks

  • Cliff will be in charge of getting the NEW 1,000 signatures for the resubmission
  • April 17th, the Lottery Committee will be making a presentation to the Gresham City Neighborhood Association in Multnomah County

  • WE voted to move the ballot to the 2016 Election

  • WE voted that we want Cliff to stay on the road and to develop an SOS outpost in each of the 36 counties

  • Gordon Edstrom, our Webmaster, will make a map of all of the Oregon Counties and fill them in once a SOS Outpost has been established

  • These Outposts shall be included in all Josephine County SOS events and we shall offer each other support and serve as a network to achieve our MISSIONA citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County,” which we hope will be adopted by each respective county, inserting their own name for Josephine County
  • Cliff will be presenting us with a Strategic Plan at next meeting so we can begin this exciting trek to unite all of our counties!
  • Harold Hartman in Klamath County might be our first success
  • Cliff also stated that 85% of all of the Lottery Proceeds are from the 18 O&C Counties
  • For more information regarding this committee, go to:


  • Join this committee clifft9@gmail.com

Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee

  • Ballots will be out May 2nd and this separate PAC is busy!!!
  • We covered when our levy is successful how the money will be spent
  • Keith Heck reported that the emphasis will be on re-opening the jail and putting people in there to make it work; the discussion digressed to the facts that the Jail and the Juvenile Justice Center will be covered by the levy
  • If levy does not pass it means JoCo will probably have to close the jail next year
  • Keith explained how the Sheriff is responsible for his own budget and assigning the monies how the Sheriff best sees fit
  • Keith said the past split, with respect to Criminal Justice Funds from the county has been: 65% Sheriff, 25% DA and 10% JJC (but that will be different in the future since the structure of the levy is different)

Hardrock Mining Committee – Michael Cope/Jay Meredith

  • Sending out invitations this week to major stakeholders (Southern Oregon Minerals Summit, May 10th)
  • The City Council Chambers can only hold 114 people
  • Those stakeholders need to RSVP by April 18th
  • Invitations are being sent to 100-110 people
  •  Depending on how many replies received the remaining seats in the City Council Chambers will be opened to the public until all seats are taken
  • Jay to bring to the next meeting a breakdown of SOS budget and how it was approved.

April Awareness Events

CJ Victim’s Forum – Mark Gatlin reports the Victim’s Forum at the Wild River Brewery in CJ in April is still in the works, possibly on April 26, 2014. The location will be changed to the IV Grange; A ¼ page ad in the IV News $250.

JJC Vigil – Jim Goodwin and Terry Soeteeber are coordinating this event; we have flyers for this vigil. It will be outside of the Juvenile Justice Center in GP on Tuesday April 22, 2014 at 5:30- 6:00 PM; more info from Jim Goodwin at next meeting!!!

SOS Radio

Who wants to do this? It will be in an open forum format. Archie is putting together a presentation for Carl Wilson to get it started. This will be a 1-hour weekly radio show, where SOS shall provide a platform for solutions to our dilemma and how we can achieve our Mission: A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.” If interested email Archie / SOS ASAP

Newman Church

Holly Lidey has taken a donation to Rev. Richard Fuss last week of $250. Rev. Fuss has offered us an office and space to store our SOS items that we have collected and we are very thankful for letting us use their large room for meeting space in the last year


Archie is meeting Thursday with a new writer at the Courier.

We need Media contacts for all of the major local media outlets. Please e-mail back who you know so we can add them to our list!


Gordon Edstrom reported that Public Safety was the top priority (76%) on the minds of Josephine County residents according to our website poll, followed by Economic Development and a Lack of Trust in local Government.

Gordon reminded committee chairs about the need to update their pages regularly.  Gordon will post it for you.

Reminder about the need to make sure that the website looks good and is up to date.

Jay reported that a guest editorial is being put together in the next month or so for the Daily Courier, expressing the success of SOS and a call to all of our fellow residents to get involved! (Word limit is 850 words)

MAT-C Committee  

NEXT MEETING: Women’s Health Center Wednesday, April 9, 2014 @ 5:00 PM!

This Committee will have an updated webpage in the very near future—stay tuned!

Join this committee! E-mail Michelle: Michele.Obrien@sogoodwill.org

New Articles

Two articles coming down the pipes—a Statistical article by Frank Morin and an article addressing opiate addiction and its deadly impact on a local family by K. David Smith.



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”


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