Notes from SOS meeting 3-5-13

sos-logo-smaller-155x155.jpgI want to thank everyone who participated in last Tuesday’s meeting.
As you are aware, Josephine County is in a pretty serious situation. The diminishing Criminal Justice System has created challenges that
 are/will continue to be, historic for our area. I will not burden you with tales of unanswered cries for help about the county or describe specific examples of lawlessness. You know that problem all too well. You know it needs fixed. I am getting a sense from many of you that you believe the situation is too big for us to solve—that it’s a lost cause.
That simply is not true.
Together, we can!
Monday, Chris Mecca, Kris Woodburn and Pat Fahey stood up an accepted your nominations to lead our Multi-Tier Taxing Committee, joined by committee members Jay Meredith, Harold Hartman, Robert Graham and Fred Borngasser.
Together, we can!
Tuesday, I was advised that our Opioid Clinic Committee proposal, under the leadership of Toni Webb and supported by committee members Dr. Felicia Cohen, Diane Hoover, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck and Cheri Adkins had a real chance of success up in Salem.
Together, we can!
Wednesday night, I saw a lone Josephine County Commissioner courageously stand at a podium at the Grants Pass Council Chambers and appeal to a large Grants Pass City Council and crowd, to support a “bridge” to “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”
Together, we can!
That same Wednesday night, I saw Grants Pass Officer Dave Daniel presented with a Medal of Honor at the Grants Pass City Council, for recently disarming a man with a gun, which saved lives, epitomizing public safety dedication by our officers in Grants Pass.
Together, we can!
When asked by my middle daughter if we were going to have to move, I said,”No honey. We’ll figure this out.” I know we can do this. It’s going to take everyone.
Together, we can!
I implore you to get involved with our efforts. Most of us are busy with day-to-day life, with our families, responsibilities and other duties. This is our home. We are asking for your help. How ever you can…
Together, we can!
March 6, 2013 Meeting Notes:
  • Opioid Clinic Update (Cheri Adkins/Opioid Document submitted and being evaluated in Salem/next Committee Meeting to be announced)
  • Water Park Presentation (Myrna Shaneyfelt/Park could be great source of employment/impact community positively)
  • Multi-Tier Tax District Vote Results (Chris Mecca/Kris Woodburn/Pat Fahey all accepted nominations to be Co-Captains)
  • Fireteam Updates (Bill West reported on Monday’s Meeting and showed latest SOS Presentation/Group agreed to up the presentations/anyone who knows of an organization who would like the BCC to present the Bridge presentation are to e-mail me asap!/Sheriff Gilbertson said he would make himself avaialble for SOS presentations) 
  • BCC Movement-Agreed to answer difficult questions posed by public on weekly basis/committed to Bridge presentations
  • “Question Guru” Announcement (Steven Lombardo has accepted the assignment of Question Guru and shall now field any and all questions; DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS for the BCC?
  • RESTORE Update (Jeff Wolf announced meetings are every Monday @ Noon at the Wild River Brew Pub in Grants Pass)
  • Ball Committee (Kimberly Gasperson announced she is proceeding with our very classy “Ball” event, which has a twofold purpose: making those more fortunate aware of SOS and to generate much needed funding; Dates sound like April?)
  • Website (Gordon Edstrom/Frank Morin and Jay Meredith will soon be unveiling some exciting changes on our website!)
Thank you all for your commitment to save our home!
Together, we can!
MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

8 thoughts on “Notes from SOS meeting 3-5-13”

  1. Mktcaster

    At a previous meeting it was noted,

    “Formation of A PAC separate from SOS in support of the levy shall form under the leadership of Jeff Wolf. Jeff’s PAC with Roy Lindsay as the Treasurer shall be called RESTORE; Bill Ertel challenged anyone present to follow him with a $100 donation, 9 people followed and in less than 30 seconds, $1,000 for the PAC was generated; Please make out your checks to RESTORE and get them over to Jeff Wolf; Jeff will present the group with some donating guidelines in the near future and advise when they shall be meeting, etc.”

    However, the State of Oregon shows only $400 collected to date (3/6/2013). I’m sure you folks have Jeff Wolf, a retired accountant working this.

  2. By the ways, I was amused by your recent submitted to the State of your Methadone Resolution. The numbers were impressive.

    One question?

    No where in the funding request did I see the “line item” for infrastructure.

    Just where do you propose to setup this clinic, in the park? I didn’t see any building or maintenance operating costs for the clinic. Is someone donating an empty building, the maintenance and upkeep, plus utilities, phones, etc?

  3. Mktcaster wrote:

    “Going without the level of services we had in our County in previous years has already led to horrible situations and we have to restore services before even larger problems come our way.”

    “Previous years” had “Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination Act” funding level services which at $12 million should have provided adequate services.
    Citizen reports from rural areas were “return cell phone calls from deputies,” ” days later response,” or “no response at all.” Some reported never seeing a deputy patrol car in the area to overkill presence based on “special condition” codes attached to a location or individual. One citizen reported seeing a particular deputy by name, times, and car ID, working traffic stops routinely inside the City of Grants Pass. (On BCC record)

    Horrible situation? I don’t think I would label it that but one of “distrust” in the system when it was adequately funded.

    Several citizen groups,not as vocal as yours, have done a simple comparison of numbers. Based on simple math, GPPS stands to benefit from the levy passage based on the ratio of patrol officer per JCSO deputies per shift. ( Just look at the current GPPS roster now and use an assumption JCSO number for levy passage) The utilization of jail bed space, DA time, juvenile center, court services, probation services, etc is weighted more towards GPPS.

    The current levy as worded states “MAY fund..” With no guarantees of what services will be definitely allocated. Rural patrol has now been defined as rural response (on BCC record 3 times).

    Bottom line:
    Hypothetically, if GPPS has 10 patrol officers per shift 24/7 versus JCSO only having 4 deputies per 10-12 hr shift for less days (not including CJ, BLM, USFS, or Marine Deputy) (have not included GPPS detectives)

    Who will fill up the jail, file more cases with DA, fill Juvenile detention, use the court services, or probation services more?

    One only has to the recent crime statistics from GPPS Chief posted in the Daily Courier to arrive at the easy answer, City of Grants Pass Public Safety!

    Horrible? Nope, REALITY!

  4. Thanks for your comments folks. While you may have strong feelings on certain concepts like property tax proposals, here at SOS our mandate is not only to collect public opinion but to research all potential solutions that can help provide for a Secure, Stable, and Sustainable JoCo. Some solutions may require local contributions and some may not. Based on our research we believe that many different solutions will have to be implemented to be successful, and likely there will have to be some support locally to go with other solutions.

    Going without the level of services we had in our County in previous years has already led to horrible situations and we have to restore services before even larger problems come our way. If we wait for things to get really bad it will be too late. We can’t afford to ignore the problem until it is too late. Those serving in SOS are doing it in volunteer time and working hard to find solutions that we all want. Nobody is saying we don’t want to restore law enforcement and criminal justice services. Please consider contributing to a solution as your time allows.

  5. Is just possible if the county hasn’t procured the software and saved the annual $60k maintenance costs that the money could have been spent for wiser things like let’s say
    Re-opening the Juvenile Detention Center?
    It appears this White Elephant won’t even meet the simplest expectations once thought before but no one puts a halt to this train wreck, why?

  6. I agree with previous post author. I noticed that as soon as “factual” contradictions via video or words are posted on this website, public comment is locked. So much for freedom of speech

    If you were to look up at the SOS membership rolls and the past five years of PAC supporters to include the Grants Pass Daily Courier’s publicize list of tax levy supporters you’ll see the same exact names. Lawyers, doctors, real estate owners, business owners, elected officials, and public sector workers, the city and county elite, “the good old boys!”
    They can afford the higher taxes! Why? Insures job security!

    Meanwhile, the unemployment rate continues to climb upward and the so does the costs of living.

    Now you folks want to throw a two or multi-tier tax?

    When will you folks learn?

  7. Mr. Lidey,

    Those are some great sentiments. Your desire to build a Safe and Secure county is a noble one, as a city police detective, your service is noted. Unfortunately it comes across to me and others as a typical government employee mentality. Who’s solution is to add greater tax burdens on a poorly run, and poorly employed community, in order to keep dollars coming into the departments of your peers.
    If crime was a horrible as it is being made out. There would be a public outcry. Not a city and county employee outcry.
    Those that have means, certainly don’t want to be have not’s. The uncertain direction of larger gov’t entities…. State and Federal primarily are taking away from the spirit of freedom, through excessive, and oppressive rules, laws and yes more taxes.

    Why would anyone risk losing their home to a county tax collector, who stated at a county BCC meeting a few yrs. ago, that he would TAKE the homes of residents and sell them, if they don’t pay their property tax.

    Your numbers will continue to dwindle, sadly…and tax levies fail…. until the bigger picture of a Secure and Stable Josephine County are addressed, or until there is a true safety concern that reaches the everyday lives of it’s residents.

    I’d like to see the city, with their rainy day millions to at least take this as seriously as yourself and the group you have formed.

    BTW.. Many have had to move from this beautiful county already. It wasn’t due to crime, it was due to the lack of opportunity, jobs and hope for a future, as we are a county under siege, by the Federal, State and local governance. The corruption and self serving knows no bounds and the people are waking up to it.

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