Notes from SOS Group Meeting Held on Feb 5, 2013


  • Congressman Walden’s Meeting Update (Cheri Adkins) It was clear that nothing had been put in the budget or in a bill regarding us getting any O&C funds, but considering Walden’s power in congress, it sounded as if some money could be tacked on to something to get us something… What a sad commentary on a nation. The group voiced how they did not understand how politicians are so out of touch and how much damage such action does to a people who wish to stand on their own. Cheri encouraged us to address Walden and let him know what we really need! TASK #1 Archie Lidey—Get Walden to meet with SOS on his next visit!
  • We had a great discussion about the proposed Tax Levy (Jay Meredith) Jay’s Letter was well received. TASK #2 Jay is going to incorporate all of the below into a letter and forward it to the Board of County Commissioners
  •  Commissioner Keith Heck served as a quasi-punching bag but it all ended on a good note. We all agreed that we have to stick together. No matter what. Here are the key points we raised:
    • Ultimate Mission has not changed:“A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”
    • The levy is merely a bridge and it is not all encompassing.
    • That being said, 5 years is a bridge too far. We voiced that a 3 year bridge was sufficient
    • We acknowledged that there has been a lot of distrust for Government leadership, especially in the County Commissioner’s Office and we all agreed that we have good leaders at the helm now
    • The levy is a step in the direction we need to go.  The current best long-term option still appears to be a Two-Tiered Taxing District, with other revenue sources for the Criminal Justice System
    • We agreed that shortening the levy will demonstrate to the public, that our leaders are committed to arriving at a permanent solution within 3 years
    • At the very minimum, after 3 years, support by the public will either be there or not, based upon the work done by the County Leadership and the support of people like SOS
    • Jack Swift suggested the Levy be even shorter, like two years and reported, along with Jim Frick, that there is a lawsuit regarding our ability to harvest timber that has been litigated for years and a verdict should reveal itself sometime this month, which has the potential to hugely impact our local economy regarding our ability with timber
    • Keith Heck commented that if that was the case, then we could end the Levy early. Great thinking!
    • We all acknowledged and reminded ourselves that the levy is part of a PRONG and will not alone sustain all of the vital services need
    • Sheriff Gil Gilbertson spoke about what we might get with respect to services based on the amount of the Levy revenue alone
    • Everyone agreed that we need to know what we get for the amount of the levy
    • Bill Landis suggested that we stay away from saying we get “X” number of Sheriff Deputies or “X” number of DA’s, but rather, the Sheriff determine how many INCREASED jail beds he will keep open for offenders and have a fixed total; perhaps report on what crimes will be followed up on; for the DA, what crimes will be prosecuted, etc. where most people can relate better to these concepts versus the number of deputies or DAs
    • TASK #3 Sheriff Gilbertson is going to provide us with ideally what he thinks he would need in terms of money and personnel to patrol the county efficiently and to staff the jail for full capacity
    • the levy will end and serve as a report card if we need another one, in terms of public support
    • this campaign for the levy, will also be a campaign about public trust in their Government
    • keep everyone involved in the process to achieve the Mission TASK #4 Commissioner Keith Heck agreed that SOS and groups committed to finding a solution for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County, are worthwhile efforts and that at least one member of the BCC should be present at the weekly meetings 
    • we all agreed that we need one voice
    • we need to communicate what the need is, versus what would be ideal, versus what we can afford
    • the two tier tax district is not dead, just still being worked on; We agreed that the work that Pat Fahey, Connie Roach, Jeff Wolf and others did to get the Taxing District to the BCC was not done in vain; if not for their efforts, not even a levy would have been proposed. Great job team! TASK #5 Establish a Committee to examine and explore the Two Tier Taxing District/Sheriff Gilbertson will provide this committee with documents on this District, which had been proposed in 2008
    • the levy is only ONE part of the entire work in progress!!!
    • We agreed that if the Levy is to go forward, that the Commissioners need to get out in front of this
    • Many of us also voiced, that if Federal Monies do come in, a clear message needs to be voiced: “The money gets refunded to the people.” What a great way to demonstrate to our people leadership, resolve and that we do what we say we are going to do!
  • Methadone Clinic UPDATE (Toni Webb and Cheri Adkins) The following SOS Team Members are on board for this task:
    • Steve Marshak
    • Gil Gilbertson
    • Wally Hicks
    • ToniWebb
    • Diane Hoover
    • Bill Landis
    • Felicia Cohen
    • Liz Hirni
    • Cheri Adkins

Toni Webb announced that Diane Hoover was asked by the County Commissioners to remove herself from this committee TASK #6—-Toni Webb Why was Diane Hoover asked to remove herself from this Committee? The Team is moving forward and recently was advised that MRIPA (Mid Rogue Independent Physicians Association) has interest in joining.  Next meeting is tomorrow (February 7, 2013) at 5:00 PM at the Women’s Health Center

  • Website Update (Frank Morin/Jay Meredith)  Frank has officially taken over the reins of the website! More to follow….
  • FIRETEAM UPDATE (Bill WEST) We will devote more time to that update next meeting. Bill is recovering from recent knee surgery. There will be an SOS presentation tomorrow, February 7, 2013 at St. Anne’s Catholic Church
  • Animal Shelter Update (Toni Webb) Toni provided us tasty cookies and updates on creative ways the shelter is attempting funding. They are in need of a shed and she will let us know how much that costs.
  • SOS MARCH EVENT (Fundraiser) We are now soliciting ideas for a March fundraiser. I am thinking about a formal dance at the Pub, where we can auction off dates or dances with our favorite local celebrities like CHRIS MECCA
  • Terry Soeteber is set to come to the next meeting to talk about Day Reporting.

Thank you for you committment to save our home!

MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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  1. Yeah I can see the “trust” alright! I see a lot of Public Official collusion and conflict of interest with this group. Interesting how this group acquires government information and public employee time non gratis, where as, a citizen must go through a timely administrative process with fees.

    Then a County Commissioner takes a proposal to a Administrative meeting for a decision. See a lot of Public Meeting Law violations!

    Clearly, your group deserves State of Oregon attention!

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