Notes from September 24, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

“We must never despair; our situation has been compromising before, and it has changed for the better; so I trust it will again. If difficulties arise, we must put forth new exertion and proportion our efforts to the exigencies of the times.” – George Washington

Our meeting yesterday was good.
Here are the notes:

·       Levys, Crime and Information Mark Seligman (5 minutes) Mark read a prepared speech; at 10 minutes he was cut off; there was a brief heated moment that I take responsibility for, which was a result of at least two mistakes I made: MISTAKE #1) I did not make Mark fully aware that 5 minutes really means 5 minutes; I realize how critically valuable everyone’s time is when we meet, and I attempted to hold Mark to the 5 minute mark at the 10 minute mark (which, to be fair to Mark, included a question); I should have planned for Mark to have more time; MISTAKE #2) Many of you reminded me that in Mark’s speech, he broke our one and only rule at SOS, “No personal attacks”; apparently I should have immediately addressed some of the personal comments Mark made, as your Facilitator, but I did not, which led to the Sheriff needing a rebuttal moment, which, again, was not planned; That will not happen again.

·        I would like to remind everyone that we need to ensure that we listen to everyone’s point of view, as I can assure you, what we don’t address now, we will certainly need to address later; “Solve the problem when it is small”; We have always taken and will continue to take the high road of respect; we may not agree with Mark or others who have opposing views when it comes to the safety of our community and how we get there, but we should permit others, actually promote them to speak, especially when they respectfully ask to be heard and then drive all the way into Grants Pass from Selma, to do so; it’s just the right thing to do; I will be asking you in a future to permit Mark to have some more time to speak; I will ensure that we agree on the amount of time beforehand and also, remind him and anyone who wishes to speak, to be respectful and to know that we simply cannot tolerate personal attacks; it serves no purpose and is a complete waste of time; everybody makes mistakes and we can’t move forward if we are unforgiving.

·       Lastly on this subject, as you are well aware, often times, we can even learn from what other opposing views have to say; for example, Mark told me in a phone call after our meeting, that he and our group are actually operating off a different premise, that “we” think crime has increased in the county and he wholeheartedly believes it has not; As you know, Mark referenced the statistics the Sheriff’s Office recently published which were incorrect—the truth is, they may actually be accurate but it will be difficult to say, because the communication system in Josephine County with respect to the Criminal Justice System, is broken; Our Sheriff, who should always be in the know as to the crime in our county, reported that he heard about a shooting last week, and a murder and a bank robbery the week before, from the news media and not from other law enforcement agencies; that’s not acceptable! Not only is that disconnect bad for our overall safety as a community in Josephine County, it only adds to the fodder of those citizens who live in the rural county who think justice these days is only enforced by their own hands or for some who sadly think that most offenses don’t rise to the level to call anyone for help anyways…

Stay the course! SOS and the people who have made this organization what it is, is not only hope for our future, but is building the muddy path to “A Citizen-voiced plan for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County!”

·       What does the recent movement of House passage of the O+C Timber Plan in Washington DC mean for Josephine County? Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck addressed this topic; Commissioner Heck said without mincing words, “It means nothing at this point to Josephine County…”; he said that even if we do get some money, we shall have a terrible shortfall next year; our current monies run out again in June of 2014; so we asked the question about the $340,000, it appeared to many, that the County gave to the Fairgrounds; turns out it wasn’t money at all but debt forgiveness; County Budget Committee Pat Fahey agreed to write an Op Ed, with the Commissioner’s permission, explaining that in detail, that it wasn’t tangible money awarded to the Fairgrounds, but rather debt forgiveness; also, City Councilor Mark Gatlin and Keith explained the difference between discretionary funds, funds that can be used with discretion, and dedicated funds; Keith said something like only 1.8 million dollars of the County funds received is actually discretionary—if that number is wrong, it’s because I misquoted him!

·       The Immediate Change Committee’s First Project   Jubilee Park, Cave Junction Shane Simon spoke about his committee’s efforts this past Saturday, September 21, 2013, where he, Cheri Adkins and Amber and Shai Garza operated an SOS Booth in Cave Junction, where they raffled off three skateboard in the rain and collected $180 in donations; Awesome! We know we can do better, so the group was challenged to earn this effort $1,000 ; We decided to purchase one high-end skateboard, via Pat FaheyMatthew Eldridge and Jay Meredith, which we will then raffle off by October 31, 2013 at the cost of $5 per ticket; Shane will have tickets at the next meeting to pass out!

·        Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee Presentation 

Pat Fahey spoke of the completed petition and actually read it to us; it included that levy funds are dedicated and are also subject to scrutiny via an outside audit; the target date for this levy, May of 2014; the Chief Petitioners are Pat Fahey and Dwight EllisRoy Lindsay will be the PAC Treasurer and we are in need of a PAC name; the name that appeared to surface was:”Citizens Securing Our Safety”; Pat said he would assist me in completing his webpage on our website today by sending me the actual language for the Levy Petition to be posted as well; we will presenting this levy and the need to fund the Jail and the Juvenile Justice Center as our KEYSTONE for our Criminal Justice System

·    Justice of Peace Committee Update Dave Corsi is attending the JOP Seminar in Springfield, Oregon, this week: Wednesday and Thursday, and will be giving us an UPDATE at next week’s meeting! Dave was explicit to announce that this court “would not be a revenue gatherer, rather a revenue diverter”;  We NEED to get Dave’s Committee WEBPAGE for WEBSITE up

·    The Hardrock Mining Committee—What’s the Next Step? Michael Cope will bring a flow chart for next week’s meeting, so we can understand what the process to continue with our mining efforts are and why the Mining Lab is so important

·    Opioid Clinic Update/Meeting Notes Our next Opioid Committee meeting is September 26, 2013 at the Women’s Health Center; we briefly discussed the movement in the community to act; we spoke about our promotion of the Impact Summit 2013 from 4 PM until 9 PM on October 3, 2013 at the GPHS; check our website per Jay Meredith for additional details

·    Timber Committee Jim Frick will update us next week

·    Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason will update us next week

·    Fund-Raising Art Show  planning for the Opioid Committee’s Awareness Campaign; we discussed this briefly and decided to coordinate it with a First Art Friday Night; more to follow

·    Run/Walk Committee Bill West and his committee met after our regular meeting today—this event is going to be HUGE! More to follow; Bill will post his notes on his webpage on our site! WE NEED A NAME!

·    Holly Lidey and Cheri Adkins passed out SOS sweatshirts last night. If you ordered one, they are in! If you have not already paid for yours, they are $21 each (Size Small-XL) and $25 each (Size 2XL-3XL) Please e-mail Holly at haalidey@msn.com to arrange for pick-up!

·    This just in—There have been numerous requests for SOS to have another POKER NIGHT at the Pub in November… WHAT SAY YOU?


MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine

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