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Notes from October 1, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

Our Meeting this past Tuesday was FANTASTIC!

Check out this link to this article submitted by Cliff Thomason:

Here are the notes:

·      Jody Nigh led us in the Pledge of Allegiance

·       “Solve the problem when it is small” Stay the course! We spoke about SOS and the people who have made this organization what it is have literally become the hope for our future, building the muddy path to a “A Citizen-voiced plan for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County!”

·       What does the recent movement of House/Senate passage of the Helium Bill in Washington DC mean for Josephine County? Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck spoke about the recent award of approximately $4.5 million dollars to Josephine County, which we could see in of July 2014; he actually said that the real amount with sequestering would actually be $4.2 million dollars, which would come in when the borrowed money currently sustaining some semblance of the Criminal Justice System would run out; Commissioner Heck also indicated that we should see $550,000 “for certain” by December 31, 2013

·       The Immediate Change Committee’s First Project  Jody Nigh

1.     Jubilee Park, Cave Junction—Shane Simon said the Skateboard Raffle Tickets have been delayed but our goal is still $1,000Pat FaheyMatthew Eldridge and Jay Meredith are going to work together to purchase a skateboard for the raffle; tickets will be $5 each and available for sale by members and at the Saturday Market; Shai Garza donated a Skateboard Helmet to that cause! Awesome Shai!

2.     5TH Street Overlook—Jody said interest to clean up that area is strong but she is running into environmental issues delaying it; our goal is not only to get that area cleaned up but to get the steps removed, limiting the transient traffic

3.     Baker Park—Jody is also working to have us go in and clean up that area as well

4.     Josephine County Jail—Jody is looking for volunteers to help her on OCTOBER 26, 2013 to landscape the jail and the property about it; Sheriff Gil Gilbertson has a riding lawnmower he will be providing to us; you will be required to sign a waiver and we’re asking that you wear your SOS T-Shirt for this event—more to follow!

·        Jail/Juvenile Justice Levy Committee Update 

Pat Fahey—Pat said the language is almost complete; a last minute change required some delay to us getting it up on the website; more to follow! This will be the cornerstone to our Criminal Justice System.

·       Justice of Peace Committee Update Dave Corsi gave us some exciting news about the possibility of establishing a Justice of the Peace Court here in Josephine County; as you are aware, this Committee is exploring future Justice of the Peace Court potentials in Josephine County; David attended a Seminar the last week of September relating to Justice of the Peace Courts and met with Justice of the Peace Court Judges and related staff to learn about how Josephine County may get a Justice of the Peace Court established soon; as previously stated, it appears that Josephine County already has the authority to establish such a court, which was apparently created in the early 1990s and we are working on determining through Josephine County legal personnel whether that authority still exists; this is not an effort to create law enforcement by writing tickets! It is an effort to enforce laws and to redirect bail monies back into Josephine County; Here are some interesting FACTS:  

1.    Average Statewide Citation=$165

2.    First $45 goes to State of Oregon

3.    Last $16 goes to entity which physically hosts the Justice of the Peace Court

4.    The amount in between the first $45 and the last $16 gets split 50-50 to the entity which hosts the court and to the entity which brings the citation forward; for example:

Say a Grants Pass Police Officer stops an offender and cites a person for failing to obey the speed limit in a School Zone. The fine is $200.

$200 FINE

-$45 (State)

-$16 (Justice of Peace Court in Grants Pass/Josephine County)

-$69.50 (Justice of Peace Court in Grants Pass/Josephine County

-$69.50 (City of Grants Pass)

Don’t want to pay a ticket of $200 for speeding in a School Zone? Don’t speed in a School Zone.

Dave’s committee webpage on our website: is currently under construction, but if you would like to be a part of this exciting possibility, please e-mail Dave

·       The Hardrock Mining Committee—What’s the Next Step? Michael Cope was unable to make last night’s meeting but will return next week with an update: Mike will bring a flow chart for that meeting, so we can understand what the process to continue with our mining efforts are and why the Mining Lab is so important

·       Opioid Clinic Update We spoke briefly about the increased participation we are having with this Committee addressing an ever increasing community problem; I spoke about a poor Mother in rural Josephine County who had to battle drug dealers in her driveway only to finally relent to her daughter’s pleading to do something so her daughter would not “get sick” (experience Opioid withdrawal symptoms) and that Mother actually drove her daughter to a drug dealer in Grants Pass to buy heroin; THAT is unacceptable!

TOMORROW is the Impact Summit 2013 from 4 PM until 9 PM on October 3, 2013 at the GPHS; check our website for additional details

·       Timber Committee Jim Frick UPDATE will be next week!

·      Lottery Committee Cliff Thomason gave us an update with respect to the Lottery Petition; we just got the Ballot Title from the Attorney General’s Office! It’s going great! Kevin Mannix is in the midst of refining the Title! Cliff provided us a quick informative presentation, which he will make available on his committee’s webpage on our website: click and then click on Lottery Committee; please critique the presentation as we want it to be highly polished; additionally, if you have ANY questions about the Lottery, leave them in written form on the webpage! Also, Please visit this Committee’s website for any additional details!!!

·       Run/Walk Bill West/Holly Lidey

This is going to be a FANTASTIC Event!

Bill and Holly gave us an update but please be sure to go to the website page for additional details and also to our website: to vote on a name! The newest suggestion by Club Northwest Founder Scott Draper was “Run for Your Life!” Holly spoke about her recent meeting with Club Northwest and how they are on board with us; again, this run will be in March 2014; this run is ALL about AWARENESS! We want to wake up everyone in our county about our current Criminal Justice System shortfalls and we want to fix it; this run will be a warm-up for the Pear Blossom Run in our sister city of Medford; we want this run to be Josephine County! One great suggestion was to have a course for parents with runners—and we already have three people signed up for that course (Ryan Mulkins is one of those runners!)!!! If you are interested in joining this Committee, please e-mail Bill West at

·       Fund-Raising Art Show  the date for this was decided to be the First Friday Art Night, February 7, 2014! More to follow!

·       Holly Lidey and Cheri Adkins are still passing out SOS sweatshirts. If you ordered one, they are in! If you have not already paid for yours, they are $21 each (Size Small-XL) and $25 each (Size 2XL-3XL) Please e-mail Holly at to arrange for pick-up! And if you want one, again, please e-mail Holly at above address for the next order!

·       So much of what we are doing is about banging the drum and making people aware of our dilemma, so we can get everyone to jump in and help out however they can to save our home. The events are about AWARENESS and slowly but surely, we are stitching this County together!

As such, another AWARENESS POKER NIGHT Fund Raiser will be held at the Wild River Brew Pub in November 2013. Jay Meredith will be coordinating this event but will need help! Please e-mail Jay at to help! We will have a date by next Tuesday’s Meeting!!!

·      Sobering Center Committee Bill Landis shall be giving us an update on the Sobering Center at next week’s meeting

·      LASTLY Amber Garza is going to be going around and collecting business logos from all of our sponsors to be placed on our website; as you know, we are a non-profit organization and sincerely appreciate all of the businesses who have donated to us in the past, present and future. If you are reading this and are a business, please e-mail me or contact Amber Garza so we can join you with our current group of sponsors on our website; we of course encourage you to consider these sponsors when you are in need of a service they can provide! Please help Amber with this very important project.

Help where you can. Do something! Thank you for fighting for our home.



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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