Notes from June 25, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

We had another great meeting!  Thank you to everyone who continues to fight for this community.

Topics of discussion:

Guardian Dinner Update – Shane Simon:  Our local employees working in our criminal justice system are fighting a local war against crime and they haven’t been provided the resources they need to fight the war.  This will be a great event to show appreciation to our community’s guardians and show them we’re working hard to get them what they need to win the war.

Join us in thanking our guardians this Saturday on June 29, 2013, Taprock Event Center at 6:00 PM. We would like to thank the community for their contributions towards this event and we have met our financial goal to cover this event. THANK YOU COMMUNITY!  Over 150 people will be in attendance of which well over half of this total represent the Guardians that can make it to this event.  We will also be delivering some to-go meals!  If you would like to attend please contact Shane Simon at 541-218-8278 or Cheri Adkins at 541-441-0740.

The Grants Pass City Levy (Liaison) – As expected City Council last week voted to place a levy renewal on the November ballot this year.  The City and County each serve in separate and unique roles in the overall criminal justice system.  This levy is just a continuation of what the rate has been for the past 5 years ($1.79) to continue support of the City’s Police and Fire Rescue divisions for a period of four more years.  The City’s PAC will have a liaison work with SOS for educating the group and the public about this measure.  SOS members agreed that it will be important to support this effort so we can continue to focus on the needs of the County’s criminal justice system in the next year.

Multi-Tier Tax District Proposal/What the City is doing in the immediate future (Pat Fahey/Kris Woodburn/John McCafferty) – this Committee discussed recommending a measure similar to what SOS recommended last year but with some adjustments.  A levy or district is being considered that would focus on the needs of the adult jail and juvenile detention services which are shared services that support the entire City and County.  It would be a very simple measure/initiative that could be done from a bottoms-up perspective and driven by a signature initiative.  It could cover nearly full capacity of the jail (at least 220 beds) and help reopen the mothballed Juvenile facility.

What the City is considering at present in terms of renting jail space could be just a partial bridge to this solution.  This is just a proposal for part of the overall series of solutions that will be required to restore the criminal justice system.  Other solutions such as increasing timber harvests on County owned land and other partial solutions will need to be implemented to cover some of the other system needs like rural patrol or the District Attorney’s prosecution services.  The overall property tax rate for this idea would be lower than what the County voted on in May and we discussed the importance of finding other solutions that would benefit the parts of the criminal justice system that would not be covered by this simple measure.

Debate Committee Update (Matthew Eldridge) – This will be a great event that will involve both our community and a few other communities in Oregon.  The debate will involve four high school debate teams and will be held at North Valley High School on Saturday, September 14th.  While we need some folks to help the day of the event, we held a “debate” on what the proper four topics of the debate should be.  We thought the four topic areas should represent potential solutions to our County’s criminal justice system that have a more realistic chance of being successfully implemented.  The group suggested one topic should relate to natural resources and one topic a multi-tier tax district.  Please email SOS at SecuringOurSafety@gmail.com with your ideas on the four debate topics.

Awareness Run (Bill West) – Bill is in the early stages of planning an awareness run/walk. Please email SOS at SecuringOurSafety@gmail.com if you would like to help plan this event or if you have experience in these types of events!

Opioid Clinic Update – Toni Webb; Toni discussed the BIG meeting coming up this Thursday:  Dr. John McIlveen, State Opioid Treatment Authority, will be in attendance for this meeting.  Kim Sanderson from CRC will also be attending.  Some of our SOS members should attend to show that we have a force in favor of this effort! 

Opioid Task Force – meeting

5:30pm, Thursday June 27

Women’s Health Center – 1075 SW Grandview Ave. (between Southgate Cinema & Three Rivers Hospital)

State Lottery Committee Update (Cliff Thomason) – Jay spoke of the urgent need to accomplish our initial funding goal within two months in order for this project to have a chance of being successful in the next year.  We discussed how this idea would benefit all Counties but would especially benefit Southern Oregon and other O&C Counties.  We spoke of visiting members of our business community and holding some special events to reach our funding goal.  Please email SOS at SecuringOurSafety@gmail.com with ideas on groups or individuals that would be willing to hear some more about this promising research project.




MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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