Notes from June 11, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

Here are our notes from Tuesday’s Meeting:


1)    John McCafferty gave an excellent presentation on the levy results by precincts; it was quite impressive how things had changed when compared to the last levy; shocking was that 54% of the County turned out to vote while only 47% of the City of Grants Pass voted; this presentation was followed up with a lively discussion as to what might be the next proposal; for those of you who missed this presentation, do not fret as we are going to ask John to return and give the presentation again next week.
2)    Pat Fahey presented a “first taste” of what a Multi-Tier Taxing District might look like with 6 or 7 Districts; it was a great start, impressive and applauded by most; some positive points included: each district would be assigned deputies who would be attached to that district who paid for them; the deputies would start and end their shifts in their district; we could possibly join the deputies with the Rural Fire Stations as a report/substation; there is a real possibility with that type of Community Policing that we could be eligible for the federally funded “COPS” program to help get us started; Pat will be putting together a written version of the plan and we shall begin soliciting input from YOU.
3)    Roy Lindsay invited everyone to the Community Ecumenical Prayer Meeting “Seeking Divine Protection-Seeking Divine Guidance Moving Forward” this Friday, June 14, 2013 from 7:00 PM -8:00 PM at the Newman Methodist Church at 6TH and B Streets in Grants Pass, Josephine County, Oregon; Roy said it will be a great non-political opportunity to reflect and pray for our future! For more information, please e-mail Roy at: or
4)    Shane Simon spoke about the upcoming Guardian Dinner on Saturday, June 29, 2013; Shane spoke about the need to raise $6,000 and how Evergreen Federal had donated $500; Cherryl Walker also made out a donation and Dave Corsi wrote out a check to pay for an entire table ($200); Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! More information to follow!!!
5)    Cliff Thomason spoke about the Lottery Committee; he just received a$1,000 check from Bridgeview wineries for the committee’s efforts; a challenge has been made to all of the wineries in the valley to follow suit; additionally, we agreed, while Josephine County will be the seat, so to speak for this referendum, the donations do not have to come exclusively from Josephine County as it will benefit the entire state!; Cliff is in need of event ideas to drum up more money; We need $26,000 and we have $7,000; Gordon Edstrom will be posting a Fundraising Goal Chart on our website so people can see where we are at with respect to raising the funds for this much anticipated referendum! Please join in! This is a great idea with some powerful potential! Cliff shall be passing out research support sign-up sheets in the future.

6)    Matthew Eldridge continues to be a shining star with our Debate CommitteeJay Meredith will be completing the insurance document for the event which will be held at North Valley High School, tentatively on September 14, 2013 with at least 3 O&C County Sheriffs (Josephine, Jackson and Coos) in attendance; that invitation shall also be extended to the respective County Commissioners; more to follow!!!

7)    Jim Frick will reorganize our SOS Timber Committee again as we need to inspire and motivate our current County Timber Advisory Committee; Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker was advised of reports that the current Advisory Committee, which consists of the “cream of the crop” Timber people, has become a lame duck committee, whose opinions have been disregarded or shelved; we all agreed that in the current timber market place, now is a time to act and get moving; this is a resource which can reportedly demonstrate immediate returns; Cherryl promised to work with us and that committee; more to follow!

8)     Jim Frick also mentioned the Mineral Advisory Committee which was also established at the beckoning of SOS, was in worse shape than the Timber Advisory Committee; we will review the possibility of establishing an SOS Mineral Committee next week and hope that Michael Cope will help with it.

9)    We thanked Cherryl Walker and Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck for their continued public efforts to help SOS and the rest of our County achieve: “A Citizen-Voiced Plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

10) Opiate Committee Update Toni Webb gave us a very quick and brief update as to the movement of the Clinic; we need to get the sign-up sheets in support going; Toni wrote, “Since John McIlveen is not able to make the Opioid Task Force Meeting this week; we will meet next on Thursday, June 27, 5:30pm, Womens Health Center.  John plans to come down from Salem for this meeting. 

In the last 12 hours, I have heard of two young people (early 20s) here in GP who want to get off heroin desperately.  One is a young woman who has been thrown out of her parent’s house and is on the street now.  Her father called the police and cried while he described the frustration of getting help for his daughter.  The other person is a young man who sold his car for drugs, stole from his grandfather and mother, and has no insurance or OHP.  He wants to detox, but doesn’t know what to do because he thinks he needs medical supervision to detox at this point. Our efforts to re-open a methadone clinic are very important to our community!

11)  Wal-Mart Loss Prevention Presentation was given by  Jamie Williams; Jamie gave an excellent snapshot of Wal-Marts struggle with the current injured Criminal Justice System; Jamie said in substance, “Word is out! We are becoming the place to go on I-5 to steal…”; Jamie reported how the trend with shoplifters in Grants Pass is becoming increasingly more violent and the offenders care less because they know there is no retribution; Jamie said she was glad to be part of our group—happy we formed—and will continue to work with us however she can.

12)  Victim Josh Bancroft spoke briefly on the victimization of his car lot, 5 cars stolen and over $40,000 damage… all recent events; Josh wants to get involved and said he would continue to fight for his community, of which he has been a part of for 40 years!

13)   Awareness Run- Bill West was not present, because, believe it or not, he turned 64 yesterday! Happy Birthday Bill!!! He wanted me to inform everyone that he was planning this event in Cave Junction… More to follow!!!

14) Refunding Committee’s BOLD New Idea Carl Raskins, Sheriff Gil Gilbertson, Community Corrections Director Abe Huntley, Josephine County Deputy District Attorney Rafael Caso all met recently and are working on a concept where Josephine County Prisoners and/or people who are working at the “work-crew” in lieu of staying in jail, will begin collecting, sorting and processing refundables; these monies will not solve our dilemma, but might just help in defraying some of the costs; all of the money would go to the jail; Carl will let us know how much money we earned through our efforts and we will take the next step; this is an idea still being discussed and we appreciate any and all input! Great idea!!!

15)  Josephine County Fair Booth Tom Dorman suggested we have a Booth at the Fair; the idea was presented to the group and unanimously approved; Dave Daniel will help with that coordination; more to follow!

16)  Website Update Gordon Edstrom spoke about updates to the website which will include our newest edition of: Victim’s Voices of Josephine County (David Smith); that first article by David has been posted!; Gordon informed us that we have had over 7,000 hits to our website! Gordon also advised that the recent photos of the collection and sorting of refundables have been posted! Gordon spoke of considering having Café Press be our provider on the website for people who would like to buy T-Shirts or other things with our logo; I was accosted afterwards and informed that by majority vote, we will NOT abandon “Gotcha Covered” as our sole supplier of T-Shirts; Thanks!!!

17)  Letters to GP City Council Jay Meredith spoke about the letter written by Pat Fahey to the GP City Council and how each was going to be hand delivered; the letter in short informs the Council to keep in mind long-term solutions when considering how to deal with our local criminal justice challenges and invites them to participate in our discussions.


MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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