Notes from July 30, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

Good Evening SOS!

Great Meeting!

Here are the notes:

·      The Lottery Committee Refund Research Project

(Jay Meredith and Cliff Thomason):

1) Poker Tournament
$3,245.00  Again, thank you to all of those who participated; special thanks to JJ DeForest for running the event!  See below for the winner Shannon Baldwin!

2) Where we are at with funding for the Lottery Research Project right now:  $21,350

3) Flocking Report Bill West spoke about his teams efforts with respect to the “flocking”; while he said that overall we have been well received, many people have been “not so pleasant” and one large company in town threw the Flamingos into their dumpster; Bill said he and his team smiled as the retrieved them and never uttered a single, negative word! Excellent job! The flock will be flying the rest of the week! If you know anyone who would like to contribute, please e-mail Bill ASAP

Bill’s Warrior Commanders include:

Pink Kamikazes
Shane Simon
Fierce Flockers
Amber Garza
Fowl Flockers
Mary Bowers

4) What we still need:

$8,650 by tomorrow! WE CAN DO THIS!!!

5) We talked about how this SOS Group is not always about FUNDRAISING! But how necessary our task at hand was!

·      Multi-Tier Taxing District-(Kris Woodburn, Chris Mecca, Pat Fahey, Connie Roach and Jay Meredith) Connie Roach gave us an UPDATE: This effort will be a petition driven effort, which shall be presented to the Board of County Commissioners to put on the ballot; it will be for full funding of the Jail and the Juvenile Justice Center; the group realized how important it will be to have other options in the air to compliment this levy; We also agreed that beginning an education/awareness campaign to begin immediately, will be vital to this levy’s success; there was talk from Pollster Josh Ballock, who met with SOS last Friday, to possibly put this levy on with the City GPDPS Levy, but the group again rejected that idea, agreeing that although we do not necessarily like the idea of another City Levy, it is vital that it is successful at this time; we agreed that the life of the City Levy should be coming to a close, but after this current Levy is successful; we also agreed how important developing a Question Bank for this levy will be; as such, we will post these questions and their answers on the website for everyone to read:  

Question Bank Thus Far:

When will this Levy go on the ballot?

What will dollar amount be?

What will this Levy provide for?

What is the life of this levy?

Why is it called a “building block”?

Why is the funding-stream for the Criminal Justice System being referred to as a multi-prong approach?

How do we address those who live in rural county areas when they complain the levy doesn’t do anything for them?

How does this Levy have the potential to free up other monies for rural Sheriff Patrols and the DA’s Office?

When is this Committee’s next meeting?

Where do people in the rural county areas shop? Work?

·      The Josh Ballock Meeting Report (Friday, July 26, 2013) Pat Fahey and Jay Meredith—As reported above, Josh suggested we return to the Poll in November with our levy; he also suggested that we spend more money on the future levy in part as an awareness campaign; more to follow!

·      Mining in Josephine County

Michael Cope amrcope@gmail.comJay Meredith actually spoke about this committee’s recent proposed letter to the Josephine County Board of County Commissioners regarding the Economic Development Fund and how it might be appropriated for Natural Resource industry to include Mining; Jay will be posting a copy of that letter on the website under the Mining Committee’s Section; also, Michael Cope provided this very informative link for insight into the mining he is referring to AMR’s Documentary Video on the Benton Mine along with American Mining Research’s (AMR) Bios. 

 Michael will also be organizing tours, for those interested, to explore and evaluate current mining opportunities; we also will begin an awareness campaign/Question Bank on our website for our Mining Committee

·      Fires in Josephine County—What can/should SOS do? The group agreed to post on our e-mail list, an invitation to those suffering as a result of the fire, potential resources of shelter, etc.

·      Why is the Grants Pass Public Safety Levy so IMPORTANT to Josephine County?

Again, we discussed how important the GPDPS is to our depleted Criminal Justice System and how pulling the carpet out from under the feet of the GPDPS would probably signal the final bell for law in Josephine County! 


MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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