Notes from July 23, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

Meeting Notes July 23, 2013:

·       We briefly discussed the following link, demonstrating our frustration with lottery proceeds. Please go to the link below and then follow the conversations (Thanks John McCafferty):

·       Multi-Tier Taxing District-(Kris Woodburn, Chris Mecca, Pat Fahey, Connie Roach and Jay Meredith) Pat gave us an UPDATE: We are still wrestling with the dollar amount; Pat said there is no question that the effort will be to support a “full” jail; issues which need to be addressed in the form of questions, questions that we should be answering now to form a question and answer bank, include:

When will this Levy go on the ballot?

What will dollar amount be?

What will this Levy provide for?

What is the life of this levy?

Why is it called a “building block”?

Why is the funding-stream for the Criminal Justice System being referred to as a multi-prong approach?

How do we address those who live in rural county areas when they complain the levy doesn’t do anything for them?

How does this Levy have the potential to free up other monies for rural Sheriff Patrols and the DA’s Office?

When is this Committee’s next meeting?

Where do people in the rural county areas shop? Work?

·      Lottery Committee Update-(Cliff Thomason and Jay Meredith)

We recognized the efforts of everyone who participated in the Applebee’s Breakfast last Saturday led by Shane Simonand Cheri Adkins! We raised:


Special recognition was given to Nadine Patel for quietly working the entire shift in the scullery!  

The Poker Tournament was the next topic. Looks like we currently have 75 participants! Our goal is 100! We talked about some fantastic prizes to include a $500 Visa Gift Card! The event is this Friday, July 26, 2013 at the Wild River Brew Pub from 6P-10P. Tickets are $50 and include dinner! Please come!!!

Then we discussed Flocking! Bill West is the Commander of the First Royal SOS Airwing Brigade consisting of 3 Fly Units:

1) Pink Kamikazes Commanded by Shane Simon

2) Fierce Flockers Commanded by Amber Garza

3) Fowl Flockers Commanded by Mary Bowers

If you know someone who you want the flock to visit and participate in a fun donation effort for our Lottery RFesearch Project, please e-mail Bill West your request and we’ll get right on it! Thank you!

We need $30,000 by July 31ST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We reviewed DA Stephen Campbell’s 2008 OP Editorial in support of reallocating lottery funds and remarked how far we have fallen in terms of the funds requested then to what we need now…

District Attorney Stephen Campbell’s Opinion Editorial 2008


Even with the recent Federal Rescue bill which reinstated Federal timber payments on a descending basis over four years, Josephine County is in trouble.  We need to plan now for the future and seize every reasonable opportunity to secure alternative funding.  Measure 62 provides an excellent opportunity to do just that.  A Yes vote on Measure 62 would require that 15% of all profits from the Oregon Lottery be specifically set aside for law enforcement and early childhood development.  Under Measure 62’s formula 50% of the dedicated funds would go to the Oregon State Police forensic units to help them help every police agency and prosecutor across Oregon solve and prosecute crimes.  Early childhood development programs would receive 20% of the proceeds and the 36 sheriffs and district attorneys would receive the remainder.  Under current projections this would result in revenue of $370,000 per year to both the Josephine County Sheriff and District Attorney.

The fact that this is dedicated lottery money is important to you.  That means that the State will participate in investigations and prosecutions of State statutes and that they cannot withdraw that support and leave it only to the counties when political climates, parties or leaders change, as has happened in the past.

Most citizens will remember when the Oregon Lottery was originally launched all proceeds were dedicated to economic development.  It seems indisputable that robust economic development cannot and will not occur without adequate public safety.  It just makes sense to dedicate some lottery profits to law enforcement.  A Yes vote on 62 is good public policy and will serve Josephine County and your pocketbook by appropriately linking law enforcement services to dedicated Oregon Lottery profits.

·       Opioid Committee UpdateToni Webb gave us a brief but exciting report on where we are at; in summary, she discussed the addition of 6,000 patients to the Oregon Health Plan in January, which has CRC, our front-runner, with respect to the Clinic establishment, motivated; we are looking at possibly having a clinic up and running by December; we are looking for office space—2,500 square feet, to be used for the clinic—location parameters include the need to be away from residential areas and further than 1,000 from any school; we are in discussions with Cherryl Walker and the possibility of having the County or possibly the City help with property in the form of sale or trade; this is very exciting news! Toni is in the process of formally requesting statistics from the GPDPS to determine heroin/opioid related crimes; More to follow!

·       Toni Webb also invited everyone out to the Merlin Animal Shelter, where Toni and others passionately remodeled that facility! Awesome job!

·       Mining in Josephine County

Michael Cope continues his education of the group with respect to mining; he welcomes the opportunity to address any and every concern there might be with respect to mining concerns; his committee met for the first time after the regular meeting; if you would like to join Michael’s Committee, please e-mail him at

·       Debate Committee Update Matthew Eldridge gave us a brief update as follows: The Debate will be on September 17, 2013 at the North Valley High School; the topics are: 1) Suing the Federal Government 2) National Guard 3) Logging 4) ____; If you would like to join this committee, please e-mail Matthew at ; FYI, we plan to have the Governor of Oregon at this event… So wear your SOS T-Shirts!

·      SOS Elsewhere Cliff Thomason talked about our need to possibly reach/branch out to other Counties to help them form a group like ours so we can better connect; more to follow!

·      Art Show Project We are now taking input for an Art Show Awareness Fundraiser perhaps at a winery in October; What Say YOU?



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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