Notes from July 16, 2013 SOS Public Meeting

Tuesday, July 16, 2013, Meeting Notes:

·      We thanked Holly Lidey and her Garage Sale’s team for their Lottery Research Fundraising effort! Holly gave a special mention to Jennifer Essick and to Mary Bowers who were Super Stars during the sale. Jennifer actually took several items at the end of the sale and sold them on Craig’s List! Additionally,Dr. Felicia Cohen has furniture she is donating to SOS, for Jennifer to sell on Craig’s List! Awesome! Thank you!

Thus far, Holly and her team have earned our Lottery Research Project:


·      We spoke briefly about K. David Smith’s article on our website: Victims’ Voices of Josephine County and how his latest installment was an “eye opener”. Stay tuned for Article #5!

·       Multi-Tier Taxing District-(Kris Woodburn, Chris Mecca, Pat Fahey, Connie Roach and Jay Meredith) UPDATE : Pat talked about being close to a dollar number to have a fully functioning jail, with all the beds full, and a fully functioning juvenile justice center; we spoke about how this was going to be a “building block” and part of one of several prongs that will stream together for secure, sustainable, and stable funding for our Criminal Justice System; we will have to address concerns about how other parts of the Criminal Justice System, such as the DA’s Office and Sheriff’s Patrols will be funded; that is why getting the Lottery Balloon—so to speak, as well as the Opioid Clinic, up and running is so important, as they will be prongs of our solution stream; also, it has been suggested that as we get more concrete with respect to this concept, that we begin developing questions and answers addressing  any and all concerns; such as: Where do people who live in rural Josephine County shop? Where do OSP and JOCO Sheriff Patrol prisoners get lodged? What is percentage of Measure 11 inmates currently incarcerated?; We need to determine the next meeting of this committee

·       GPDPS November Levy

We discussed how important the success of the GPDPS levy in November was, considering it is one of the only tenements of the Criminal Justice System still intact; we also recognized how the GPDPS has literally held Josephine County together

·       Lottery Committee Update-(Cliff Thomason and Jay Meredith)

Jay spoke about the teleconference Jay, Cliff and Kevin Mannix had earlier that day (Tuesday) and how committed Kevin was to our efforts; They reminded us to refrain from referring to our Lottery Project as an initiative, because the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance, also a non-profit organization who we are partnering with, will not be involved in the actual initiative, but in the non-political research of the reallocation potential of Lottery dollars; Kevin sounded positive about our efforts and we all believe other hurting counties, especially the O+C counties will follow suit with Josephine County

Jay announced that our financial goal was $30,000 by July 31, 2013 and that we were currently at $10,000!!! 

Jay had provided us with an answer to the following question:

 “Why do we need to come up with $25,000 by July 31, 2013?”

After speaking with Kevin Mannix, that answer has been modified as follows:

There are two main ways to change state law: through the legislative sessions and through a citizen generated ballot initiative. SOS advised our state reps how they can make some positive changes to the state law regarding Oregon Lottery allocations based on our research. Wally Hicks took action but the proposed bill didn’t get a fair hearing in this year’s legislative session. This was not unexpected and we must continue to do the research and education process on our own, most of which involves very technical legal research. Just like Measure 11 that couldn’t gain any interest in the legislature but was an overwhelming success when brought to a statewide vote, we must develop our research to the extent that it provides a basis for understanding potential solutions. As a non-profit SOS is only doing the research and education and turning over that research to those that can take action.

The process of researching how to change state law is an expensive one and requires a significant amount of legal assistance. It’s similar in scope, work, and cost to defending a major lawsuit. This is why Securing Our Safety has partnered with Kevin Mannix and the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Foundation in Salem to complete the first phase of this project. The first phase that we are doing is research and education based, and is heavily focused on legal research.

Our total donation goal to make sure we can cover this research and have the legal experts weigh in is $30,000 and we believe we’ve chosen the right partner to succeed in this effort. Kevin Mannix and his team are widely known as experts in this field and in related research work. He is also an attorney and is one of the most successful legislators in Oregon’s history. He was very excited to see what SOS is doing when he visited us a few months ago, and agreed that he would help find a political organization that is interested in using our research. Our responsibility will be the legal research effort – which is a permissible activity for non-profits such as SOS and the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Foundation.

We have until the end of July to raise the funds necessary to turn over our research to an organization in time for them to be able to use it in a timely manner in the next year. We have already raised almost $10,000 through generous donations, and our goal is to raise nearly $20,000 more by the end of July to proceed with this project. For those that want to donate to the effort, please join us in our weekly meetings, participate in our upcoming fundraising events this month, or see our website for instructions on how to provide tax deductible donations: Based on our preliminary research, millions of dollars per year are at stake in Josephine, Jackson, and all other counties in Oregon. (This Answer is now posted on our website as well)

Incidentally, Jay said that State Representative Wally Hick’s proposals this past legislative session were HJR 33 and HB 3462.

·       EVENT #2: Pancake Breakfast

When: July 20th, 2013 (7-10 AM)

Who’s in charge? Shane Simon

Where: Grants Pass Apple Bee’s

Cost: $7.00 per ticket (We designate cost) For every ticket sold, $2.00 goes towards food cost. Tickets will be distributed this weekend per Shane. Please buy and sell as many as you can. We need this event to be a home run!!!

Seating: 250

Deposit: $50.00 refundable

Meal: Pancake/Sausage/eggs/coffee/tea/juice

What Do We Need? You and everyone you know to show up and eat!!! And then leave a huge tip!

Anything Else? We needed 17 volunteer servers wearing SOS T-Shirts to meet, greet and bus tables and now have 18:Shane SimonTom Dorman, Bill Ertel, Cheri Adkins, Matthew Eldridge, Syed Ali, Kris Woodburn, Dave Daniel, Cliff Thomason, Sylvia Travee, Amanda Main, Ed Vincent, Jay Meredith, Nadine Petel, Travis Osborne, Amber Garza, Christia Williams and Archie Lidey.

AppleBee’s also made aware of the success they have had with tip/donation jars at these type of events

We are still waiting for tickets, however, you can buy them at the door. Bekah Lidey volunteered to make up a flyer which was sent out last night. Thanks Bekah! Please print and post! Jay Meredith will be posting the flyer on our website as well!Kris Woodburn challenged each of the group last night to simply call 5 people to attend the Breakfast on Saturday!

·       EVENT #3: Poker Tournament

When: July 26th, 2013 (6-10 PM)

Who’s in charge? Jay Meredith

Where? Wild River Brew Pub

Donation? $50 per ticket

What’s Included in Donation? ASSORTED WOOD FIRED PIZZAS; Hand tossed dough with Wild River’s own all natural pizza sauce compliment a variety of toppings and refreshing mixed green salad and house baked baguette bread; Prizes for top finishers

What Do We Need? You and anyone you know who will buy a ticket and play poker for fun!

Anything Else? Prize donations/People who can deal cards

SOS Charity Texas Hold’em

Poker Tournament

$50 buy-in includes dinner!

Prizes to top finishers!

RSVP By July 19th

(later registrations welcome as needed)

Call or email to reserve your seat


Location:  Wild River Pub

533 NE “F” Street, Grants Pass

When:  Friday  7/26/2013  @ 6pm

 Contributions/tickets for the $50 per seat can be purchased ahead of time by donating online at or by visiting us at our weekly meetings:

There has been a FB event created:

The Cigar Cave will be setting up a stand inside the event; they have also agreed to donate one of the prizes

Syed Ali has kindly donated an iPad and will sell $10 raffle tickets for the iPad throughout the poker event… Somebody will be going home with an iPad that night!

Dealers UpdateAmber Garza has recruited card dealers for the event

Update on Walmart donation—Jay Meredith completed the Wal Mart donation application on-line yesterday and Cliff Thomason met with the Walmart Store Manager to discuss the application further. More to follow!

Still waiting to hear from Frank Morin’s efforts to contact Stephen Campbell about resurrecting his past “OP ED” in support of Lottery Fund reallocation

We have a Tickets Sold Count on Website for SOS Charity Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament


We will move forward with this event, but at a later date. Bill West will be coordinating that event.

Due to our need to achieve the Lottery Research Fundraising Goal of $30,000, Bill West has agreed to lead and coordinate a Direct Donate Committee (which will serve as our 4TH Event); this will include: 1) soliciting names of potential donors to be contacted/then farming those names out to SOS members to solicit a donation 2) organizing the 3 SOS Combat Security Fowl flocks  (Shane Simon got Diamond Hardware to donate to SOS)

Cliff Thomason is making efforts to unite with Klamath and Curry Counties to join us with our Lottery Research Project. Cliff reported that while researching the Lottery project, he attempted to locate and communicate with groups similar to SOS in other counties but could find none. Cliff suggested that SOS reach out to neighboring counties who might wish to form their own SOS group. What Say You?

Cliff was also featured in the Curry County newspaper, which we shall be providing a link to on our website.

·      Why we should consider mining in Josephine County

Michael Cope continued with his presentation regarding mining potentials in Josephine County; bear in mind, SOS is committed to research and the vetting of any and all ideas; some ideas, such as the sales tax and timber harvest, often come with diverse and opposing views; we are here to vet the ideas and provide a platform for evaluation; based upon what Michael has presented thus far, the group has elected to proceed with researching mining potentials in Josephine County and to form a Mining Committee; Michael Cope has agreed to Captain that committee and Jay MeredithCliff Thomason and Dave Daniel have already agreed to be on that committee; more to follow!

·      Garden Grants Pass and Gardening Lessons Rycke Brown gave a brief presentation again with a focus on how important it was to keep the city clean, which helps make it safe, and said she would like to help teach people how to garden; we agreed that we will dedicate a spot on our website for Rycke to communicate her gardening ideas; more to follow!

·       SOS Strategic Plan Jay Meredith spoke again about CONNECTING our dots via our committees and why it’s important for SOS to get rid of the tax support group stigma!!! Many of the committee Captains were in attendance and met after the meeting; all agreed to come up with a loose Mission Statement and Committee Goal, which we shall post on our website

·       Public Forum on Criminal Justice Pat Fahey discussed a series of public safety forums; we spoke briefly about a potential meeting with Greg Walden possibly in August; all agreed that we needed to keep these types of forums open to the public, because, if it’s a discussion with only politicians with the ability to speak, our fear is that nothing will get done; more to follow
·       T-Shirts  Lastly, Gordon Edstrom announced that our T-Shirt cost has gone up and the group decided to simply keep the amount at $10 each for any size; these shirts will be available at the Book Lore, who generously granted us inventory space and is located at 122 SE H Street, Grants Pass or call (541) 471-4945
For real lastly—congratulate Matthew Eldridge on getting hired as a Director in a local rehabilitation facility. Matthew said he would give us a Debate Committee Update next meeting!
Thanks for fighting for Josephine County!


Timber Committee-Jim Frick

Opioid Committee-Toni Webb

Sobering Center Committee-Bill Landis

Trust/Transparency and Education Committee-Bill Ertel/Holly Lidey

Efficiencies/Public and Private Partnerships-Laurie Norman/Toni Webb

BioMass Committee-Cheri Adkins

Refundable Committee-Carl Raskins

Multi-Tier Tasking Committee-Kris WoodburnChris Mecca, Pat Fahey and Jay Meredith

Sales Tax Committee-Jay Meredith

County Property Resource Committee-David Corsi

Property Tax Variations-Jeff Wolf

Lottery Fund Committee-Cliff Thomason

Justice of the Peace Court- David Corsi

Debate Committee-Matthew Eldridge

Mining Development-Michael Cope 



MISSION: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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