Notes from group meeting held 2/19/2013

sos-logo-smaller-155x155.jpgExcellent meeting Tuesday night!

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS:

  1. Formation of A PAC separate from SOS in support of the levy shall form under the leadership of Jeff Wolf.  Jeff’s PAC with Roy Lindsay as the Treasurer shall be called RESTORE;
  1. Bill Ertel challenged anyone present to follow him with a $100 donation, 9 people followed and in less than 30 seconds, $1,000 for the PAC was generated; Please make out your checks to RESTORE and get them over to Jeff Wolf; Jeff will present the group with some donating guidelines in the near future and advise when they shall be meeting, etc.
  2. Vote to establish a new committee: Two Tier Taxing District; The group voted YES; We now have a new Committee and are in need of a Captain; if you want to volunteer, please e-mail me ASAP! I am accepting nominations as well
  3. Determine when the various department leaders, ie. Sheriff, District Attorney, etc., were going to meet and what the revenue generated by the Levy alone will provide as a service to Josephine County residents; Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck was in attendance and promised to get that information to us ASAP!
  4. Methadone Clinic Toni Webb. Toni gave a very good, brief and concise update: Basically, that group has been meeting regularly and are in the final stages (this night actually!) of presenting Senator Herman Baertschiger and State Representative Wally Hicks with a formal proposal for funding (as an aside, I was in Salem today and spoke with someone who indicated to me in substance, “Everyone’s watching what Josephine County is doing!” Ok-Let’s get’er done
  5. Vote to establish another new committee: Opioid Clinic Committee: The group voted YES; Our second new Committee is the “Opioid Clinic Committee”
  6. Vote to have Toni Webb as the Opioid Clinic Committee Captain; the group voted YES; Toni is our Opioid Clinic Committee Captain! Great job Toni!
  7. Vote to have Formal March Ball Fundraiser; the group OVERWHELMINGLY voted YES; the Ball Chair-people shall be: Kim Gasperson; Ashley Lombardo; Laurie Norman and Cheri Adkins.  The date/venue has yet to be announced but it will be sometime in the end of MARCH! AWESOME Gals!!!
  8. Website Update Frank Morin/Jay Meredith Jay told us how he and Frank are going to continue to polish our site; additionally, Keith Heck agreed that he would keep us supplied with the “answers” to the “tough” questions, for posting on our site
  9. Last, but certainly not least, Lottery Committee Captain Cliff Thomason presented  Kevin Mannix

It was really an excellent presentation and was full of hope. Please read Stacy D. Stumbo’s Headline Article in today’s Grants Pass Daily Courier.

What Say You?

Thank you for your dedication to saving our home!

MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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