Notes from 4-2-13 SOS Public Meeting

Tuesday was another great meeting!

Here are the Highlights:
    1.     SOS about Josephine County (Jay Meredith) Jay briefly advised how SOS was gaining a reputation in the county as a solution resource; “kudos” to all of you, because the perception has been slanted that we are pro-tax period, with concept of the bigger picture for the health of our community (good segue).
  1. The County Health Rankings (Diane Hoover) Diane presented an informative snapshot of the recent “County Health Rankings”, which were released on March 20TH; Diane was awarded a $980 grant to help make the community understand how the county health rankings are reflective of the entire system; Josephine County Ranks 29/33 overall; Of particular concern is the motor vehicle crash rate (2011-13/2012-26/2013-23—Oregon County Average per 100,000 in 2013 is 12; Josephine County’s population is approximately 83,000+) and the high rate of adult smoking
  2. Lottery Committee Update (Cliff Thomason) Cliff updated us on his committee’s movement; it continues!; Financially, with respect to fund raising efforts, his committee is at approximately $6,000; Cliff encouraged us to get him more—the initiative will cost approximately $25,000; Cliff will speak next week about the lottery in Klamath County; Jay Meredith will post numbers of lottery returns on our website!
  3. T-Shirts-We will be taking new SOS T-Shirt Orders for the Upcoming Events (Cheri Adkins/Peter Tamashiro—We have: 7 medium and 7 small left); Cheri, based on the orders I received tonight, let’s order: 8 XXL; 8 XL; 10 Large; 10 Medium and 10 Small; Thanks!!!
  4. The Ball (Kimberly Gasperson) As you may or may not be aware, SOS is having a Fundraiser Ball…………………

This will be a time for intelligent minds to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere and continue to bond for our community.

Please join us. There will be wine tasting, food sampling and dancing to the music of a much loved local band Lavender Blue (Paid for by a generous donation byDave Corsi—Thanks Dave!!!)on Saturday April 27Th from 2-6pm.

The setting for this event will be one of Josephine County’s premiere wineries The Schmidt Family Vineyards. A wine tasting from Schmidt is included and their amazing chef Cindy Lou will be preparing the food; a sampling of her amazing hors d’oeuvres. If anyone has spent any time at this venue you will know that it is well worth it. All of this comes with an additional amount of fun, a silent auction with items donated from our local community. Auction items include handmade jewelry, wine, a Powderhorn Pie-A-Month, a Ski Trip, and Artwork, just to name a few.

All of the proceeds go to Securing Our Safety, the folks (US) that have been working as a community voice to find a way to restore our Criminal Justice System.

Please consider purchasing a ticket. Tickets are $50 per person, $20 of which is an IRS tax-deductible donation. You can do so by e-mailing Kimberly direct or visit our website at:  

Thanks for helping!

  1. RESTORE Event (Jeff Wolf) Jeff talked about radio spots and the small yard signs the RESTORE group are ordering; next meeting is Monday, April 8TH at Noon at the Wild River Pub
  2. Operation Black OPS We agreed that SOS will have a Walk Event instead of the regularly scheduled meeting on Tuesday, April 30, 2013. We shall walk form the empty Juvenile Center to the Josephine County Courthouse to the Josephine County Jail, in a show of support for the community and the Criminal Justice System; more to follow!
  3. Opioid Clinic Update—(Toni Webb) Toni gave us a powerful brief presentation which included: Senator Herman Baertschliger and Michael Sellers (aide) continue to work on options for drug treatment in Josephine County; Karen Wheeler (Oregon Health Authority) is going to work with Kim Sanderson (Regional Mgr, CRC/Allied Health) to open a satellite methadone clinic; Karen said that there is a strong possibility that the State will pay for doctors to become Suboxone-certified; This is an online course which takes 3-4 hours to complete; We continue to explore options for counseling & support groups for people who will be in the drug addiction treatment program; We are exploring the idea of a Town Hall meeting in May to raise public awareness of drug addiction, treatment options, and steps people can take (such as locking up medicines); We are making progress! Excellent job Toni!
  4. Another Committee—Property (Phil KillianDave Corsi and Jay Meredith) will be meeting with Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker about property potentials in the county; after our first meeting, SOS will decide whether we should form a committee dedicated to this task
  5. Questions—We discussed questions again! What people in our county are saying; Go to the Q+A section of our and view the 31 questions that have been answered by various sources; EXCELLENT job! We all agree that it’s hard to promote what you do not know; We all agreed how important it was for us to be able to answer the questions that our fellow citizens have.KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING!!!
  6. Fireteams (Bill West) Presentations planned/Bill shall begin working his teams with the Neighborhood Watch Captains
  7. Website (Jay Meredith/Gordon Edstrom/Frank Morin); Go to this site! Jay, Frank and Gordon have been really working hard on getting this site polished! It is becoming our pivotal tool! Great job guys!

13. PULL As you are aware, on Saturday, April 20, 2013 at 0900 Hrs., people who care about our home, have agreed to step up and physically pull an “Out of Service” Josephine County Sheriff’s Patrol car, from A Street in Grants Pass, 1.2 miles,up hill on 7TH Street to the top of town, in a symbolic gesture of our dedication to the restoration of the Criminal Justice System.

We voted on a name tonight and chose:

Our Community Pulls Together

We already have nearly 30 warriors who have stepped up to physically pull!

14) The Debate (Pat Fahey) Pat stated, “We are on for a debate!” The venue sounds like it will be the Anne Basker Auditorium; Pat is still working on a date, moderator and rules; Pat said that Mark Seligman and others up to this point have been very accommodating.
15) Last but definitely not least, Karl Raskins has started a campaign by which people can donate their cans to SOS for the Criminal Justice System; Karl will be meeting tomorrow with a group of about 15 to solidify this effort; Excellent job Karl! Way to think outside the box! More to follow…

Thank you all for your energy and support for our home!

We can do this. We can!

MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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