Notes from 3-26-13 SOS Public Meeting

Great Meeting Tuesday!
Wednesday, was a good day: 
  • We sold tickets for the SOS Fundraising Charity BALL (There are only 100 Tickets Total! Buy NOW Here!)
  • A group of movers and shakers from the Timber Industry, which included our own Jim Frick, met and are going to make a HUGE impact on Josephine County!
  • I met with a Mining Expert and discussed tremendous potentials within the Josephine County borders! More to follow…
  • Dave CorsiPhill Killian, and others plan to meet with the Josephine County Board of Commissioners to discuss how some of the dormant county owned property might be used for new business
Below are the Meeting Notes and the 4 Upcoming Awareness Events:
 Notes from Tuesday’s Meeting:
  1. Saturday Market—-(Mark Gatlin) Mark passionately discussed the need for action; how we all need to get/stay involved and motivate others to save our community; Mark talked about the tremendous success he was having at the Saturday Market with Cheri Adkins
  2. The County Health Rankings (Diane Hoover) The County Health Rankings were released on March 20TH; Diane’s Presentation was postponed

  3. Sobering Center Update—(Bill LandisTodd Moran reported that the Center is moving forward and he shall continue to update us

  4. Opioid Clinic Update—(Toni Webb) Toni spoke of a new Pharmacy/Pharmacist in Grants Pass who wants to join our efforts; Toni also reported that there are 12 confirmed students at GPHS battling heroin addiction!!! Why we do what we do…

  5. Multi-Tier Tax District Committee (Kris Woodburn, Chris Mecca and Pat Fahey) shall be meeting on Wednesday morning 7am, April 3rd at the Elmers in Grants Pass; Sheriff Gilbertson has the Deschutes County Program, which will be picked up and delivered to the Captains tomorrow
  6. RESTORE Events (Jeff Wolf) spoke of the progress of his Committee; there will be yard signs and awareness events in April; there was also a representative from AFSCME, I apologize that I did not properly get his name, who said after hearing about the county’s dilemma, drove up to Salem, in his own car, on his own time and secured $2,000 from the AFSCME Union in support of RESTORE (more to follow!); great example of dedication to one’s community! Mark Gatlin was asked whether or not the Grants pass City Council supported the Josephine County Levy proposal; Mark said he would get us an answer!
  7. Question Campaign/Website (Jay Meredith/Gordon Edstrom/Frank Morinour website continues to improve; this will be the last time the Meeting Notes will be sent to our e-mail list; you will be able to view the notes on the website and shall receive a notice of posting; also, there is a mini-survey posted on the website! There are 24 questions of the questions submitted, answered on our website already!
  8. The Ball (Kimberly Gasperson) Kimberly had tickets for our fundraising event for Securing Our Safety on Saturday April 27th from 2-6pm; there are only 100 Tickets and they are going quick! Tickets are $50 each(of which $20 is Tax Deductible); There will be a ticket counter posted on the SOS website, where you can also purchase the tickets; e-mail SOS at for tickets or visit the calendar page of our site for info and online ticket purchase info.
  9. Fireteams (Bill West) Bill also passionately seconded Mark’s fervor and called us all to action! There are several presentations scheduled; again, Bill encouraged everyone to get involved and to notify him for any and all organizations that would like an SOS or Commissioner Presentation
  10. A Business Man Departs… (Salvador Corona) Lastly, Mr. Corona and his Wife were present to share their harrowing experience as crime victims and his decision to sell his business; it was a moving presentation and epitomized our situation; The Coronas indicate they are staying in Grants Pass and will continue to support SOS’ efforts

April Awareness Events:


We agreed to have 4 major awareness events in April, which include:
A debate
A vehicle pull up 7TH Street from A Street
Our Fundraising Ball—-April 27, 2013 Schmidt Vineyards
A walk from the empty Juvenile Justice Center in Grants Pass to the Josephine County Courthouse to the Josephine County Jail, symbolically connecting all of the dots
Dates to follow!!!

The man of wisdom is never of two minds;
the man of benevolence never worries;
the man of courage is never afraid.


MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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