Notes from 3-19-13 SOS Public meeting

Good Afternoon SOS!  It was another great meeting on Tuesday!
Here are the notes:
    1. Sobering Center Update—(Bill Landis) Bill provided us with an update for the center. It is going really well. A small committee has been formed to forge that project further. Last night, we elected to partner with the Sobering Center group. Bill, as a member of SOS, agreed to report back on the center’s progress. Judy Ahrens volunteered to attend Sobering Center meetings as well. Bill advised that there is a real possibility that the center can become a reality within the next year! Awesome job Bill!
    2. Opioid Clinic Update—(Toni Webb) Toni reported on her meetings with several Senators in Salem. Toni reported that there are many topics being discussed at our Capitol and thought that Josephine County did not appear to be a priority. However, Toni did say that it sounded like we would get some money for our Opioid Clinic, to assist us in getting the clinic established. Toni reported that she would be meeting with Dr. Jim Shames and Dr. Tim Roberts to draft a letter to our local providers to meet and to gather their support for the Clinic.  Great job Toni! Josephine County Commissioner Keith Heck has been investigating properties in the County that might be able to provide the physical structure for the clinic. Great job Keith! Also—Toni was on KAJO yesterday morning discussing the clinic and did an outstanding job with Carl Wilson discussing the clinic. Jay Meredith will ensure that the interview link will be on our website! Again, great job Toni! As an aside, in the course of my work, I met with 1 of the 150 Josephine County residents who drive daily to the clinic in Medford for Methadone disbursement. He was appreciative of our efforts, sincerely wanting to change his life.
    3. Multi-Tier Tax District Committee Assessment (Kris Woodburn, Chris Mecca and Pat Fahey) All Co-Captains were present for the meeting. Welcome back Pat! Harold Hartman gave a great, brief  presentation on a 3-Tier District Plan that Klamath County is exploring. Thanks Harold! That Committee shall be meeting seperately on Wednesday morning 7am, April 3rd at the Elmers in Grants Pass.
    4. Questions—What people in the county are saying/Questions Answered; We spoke briefly about the importance of receiving, answering and posting questions on our website; We all agree that it’s hard to promote what you do not know; Steven Lombardo collected and dropped off the second batch of questions to the Board of County Commissioners yesterday. Good job Steven! We all agreed how important it was for us to be able to answer the questions that our fellow citizens have. For those of you that are answering questions, please get those to me ASAP, so they can be posted on our website!
    5. Timber Committee Update (Jim Frick) Jim gave a a solid update on where we are at with respect to our timber industry. It was good to hear that our harvest has increased and we appear to be receiving a decent market value but Jim cautioned us that continued improvement in efficiencies is necessary. Some of the questions we are receiving are directly related to our Timber Industry, and they shall be directed to Jim and his committee for answering. Great job Jim! Jim also brought a friend of his from the newly formed Josephine County Mining Advisory Committee. It was reported that he recently found a 3/4 ounce nugget of gold?? The group discussed future plans to form a Mining Committee. There was recently a meeting to assess what natural mining resources are available in Josephine County (more to follow!!!) 
    6. Lottery Committee Update (Cliff Thomason) Cliff spoke about the flyer that his committee developed, our partnership with Kevin Mannix and the Oregon Anti-Crima Alliance Foundation and where they were at financially with respect to fund raising efforts ($5,000); Cliff asked that if anyone knows of a donor resource for him to approach, to get that info to him ASAP! Cliff was also recently invited to Klamath County to give his presentation and the feeling is that other counties are jumping on board with us; Connie Roach advised that the legislative effort for our Lottery initiative has been forwarded by Wally Hicks for consideration (more to follow); Also—Cliff  was on KAJO Tuesday morning discussing our Lottery Committee and did an outstanding job with Carl Wilson discussing the proposal. Jay Meredith will ensure that the interview link will be on our website! Again, great job Cliff!
    7. The Ball (Kimberly Gasperson) announced that the tickets are being printed at the GASPERSON Print Mill; again, there are only 100 Tickets; Kimberly wrote, “As some of you are aware, the Schmidt Family Vineyard has been gracious enough to host a fundraising event for Securing Our Safety on Saturday April 27th from 2-6pm. The venue is absolutely beautiful and should provide an amazing afternoon. Only 100 tickets will be sold. The event will feature a wine tasting, hors d’oeuvres, and a silent auction. In order to put on a successful silent auction we are in need of donations. Let me be the first to donate, two bottles of wine from Schmidt. Now, we need some other donations and some ticket sales!!!” If you want a ticket, please e-mail Kimberly directly.  (Jay Meredith will put a ticket counter on the website to inform you of the remaining tickets!) And then, Kimberly asked for donations for the Silent Auction and you stood up! In a matter of moments, here’s what you put up: 1) Will and Power of Attorney (Chris Mecca) 2) A Pie-A-Month for a Year (Powder Horn Cafe Tina Gotchall) 3) Silver Smith Custom Designed Jewelery (Mary Bowers) 4) iPad (Jay Meredith) 5) Circumcision (Dr. Steve Marshak) 6) Lunch with the Sheriff (Gil Gilbertson) 7) Custom Woodwork (Bill West); Additionally, I have been told that Felicia Cohen also has a list of donations! Thanks you so much for stepping up to raise money to save our home.
    8. RESTORE Event (Jeff Wolf) Jeff spoke about the need for more participation, a clearer picture of what the Levy represents and the need for additional funding; Jeff said that several large signs have been ordered; Steven Lombardo agreed to assist in scouting locations; Jeff also spoke about the need for an awareness event; more to follow!
    9. Fireteams (Bill West) Presentations planned/Presentation Sign-Up; Bill spoke of numerous SOS Presentations to include the Mormon Church, Wolf Creek, Cave Junction, etc.; Bill encouraged everyone to get involved and to notify him for any and all organizations that would like an SOS or Commissioner presentation
    10. Question Campaign/Website (Jay Meredith/Gordon Edstrom/Frank Morin) All of our Webmasters were present; Gordon spoke about our ever-developing and efficient website; we agree that the website should pull you in; one of the items we agreed to have was a mini-survey; we are still in the process of developing that question; we talked about having a Forum with a Moderator and the group wanted to think about that before proceeding, if we do at all; mainly, there was concern of the need for rules so that unfair editing did not occur; thanks for all the work from Gordon, Jay and Frank!!! More to come…
We can do this. We can!
MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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