Notes From 3-12-13 SOS Public Meeting

Great Meeting Tuesday night! You could definitely feel the positive energy. Please take some time to review the meeting notes. 

  1. Opioid Clinic Update—where we are at in Salem (Toni Webb); Toni left the meeting early yesterday to drive to Salem; She met with at least two Senators today and shall give us a full report upon her return

  1. Kick-Off of Multi—Tier Tax District Committee (Kris Woodburn) was present and that Committee officially “kicked off”; Co Captains along with Kris are Chris Mecca and Pat Fahey; other Committee members include Harold HartmanRobert GrahamFred BorngasserJeff WolfJay Meredith and Dave Daniel; Thanks for your efforts! We look forward to hearing about what your research reveals!
  2. Question Controversy—What people in the county are saying! If you have any questions, please submit them to me. I shall begin collecting them again on Friday to have them ready for Monday. When I receive the answers, we shall post them on the website! Keep them coming!!!
  3. Timber Committee Update (Jim Frick) There are a lot of questions coming in about our Timber Industry. Jim was unable to make the meeting last night. Hopefully next week, he will provide us with a full report and possibly answer some of the questions; Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker was on hand and fielded some questions regarding the Timber Harvest. It is, as she said, a work in progress. Good News! Commissioner Walker did say that the Timber Market appears to be doing better in general and that is beneficial for what our current lumber harvest is worth! Great! We realize that the Timber revenue cannot sustain our Criminal Justice System alone. The solution will be multi-pronged.
  4. Lottery Committee Update Jay Meredith presented on behalf of Committee Captain (Cliff Thomason); Jay gave an excellent presentation on the work conducted thus far; Jay spoke about our collaboration with Kevin Mannix and the Oregon Anti-Crime Alliance Foundation toward developing our proposal; Jay had a Flyer draft on hand and spoke about where the committee is at financially
  5. The Ball  Jay Meredith presented on behalf of Committee Captain (Kimberly GaspersonThe dateApril 27, 2013 The venueSchmidt Family Vineyards The Cost: $50 per Ticket ($20 is Tax Deductible); This is a SOS Fundraiser Event. Join us for a night of PEACE as we move forward to arrive at: “A Citizen-Voiced Plan for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.” THERE WILL ONLY BE 100 TICKETS SOLD!!! E-MAIL KIM  ASAP for your tickets!!!
  6. RESTORE as a point of knowledge, Roy Lindsay updated us on RESTORE for their Chairman (Jeff Wolf); Roy said they were getting signs and he shall be creating a website in the future; Cherryl reminded us all how this levy is a BRIDGE!
  7. Fireteam Commander Bill West spoke about SOS Presentations planned; Josephine County Commissioner Cherryl Walker requested that If you know of any group who would like to hear a presentation about the Levy, they would be more than happy to present to them; Bill will be forwarding a presentation schedule to our website; Holly Lidey will be presenting to Wolf Creek at the Wolf Creek Inn on March 20TH at 6:00 PM Bill Ertel will be doing the PSA; Cherryl Walker shall be presenting to the GP Police Officers Union, the Josephine County Sheriff’s Office and OSP at the Wild River Pub after next Tuesday’s SOS Meeting (March 19, 2013); More to follow!
  8. Question Campaign/Website Gordon Edstrom gave a very quick but informative update regarding our website; the website is a collaboration involving (Jay Meredith/Gordon Edstrom/Frank Morin) Gordon said he will be migrating our current website on Friday to a Word-Press format; Gordon said you will be able to view things easier, take small surveys, etc. As we have discussed, our SOS website shall be a pivot point for our success!  As such, Gordon wants to know: Do you want an open Forum on the website, where people can access and discuss issues? It would be moderated by a Moderator (who will ensure we don’t have vulgarity, etc.)  WHAT SAY YOU???
  9. Sobering Center (Bill Landis) Bill spoke about the continued progress of the center; There will be a Sobering Center Meeting tomorrow, March 14, 2013 at 8:00 AM at the Mission; Please plan on attending if you can! Don’t forget, things like the Sobering Center and the Opioid Clinic are parts to our multi-pronged solution; next week, we shall vote on establishing a Sobering Center Committee!
  10. Saturday Market (Bill West) Bill said we need to have an SOS presence down at the Saturday Market; as such, Bill will create a schedule for the Market and sign-ups will be next week! Is anyone available for this Saturday? Please e-mail me ASAP!
Next week’s meeting will include a revitilization of the Public and Private Partnerships Committee!
Together, we can!
MISSION STATEMENT: “A citizen-voiced plan to provide for a secure, stable and sustainable Josephine County.”

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