Local Business Feels the Effect of Lack of Criminal Justice Services

Here are a few quotes from last night’s SOS meeting:

Owner of 7-Eleven in Grants Pass:  “I have lost $5,500 in inventory in the last 90 days.”

Chief Joe Henner:  “Crime at the north Safeway has gone up nearly 180% over last year.”

GP Detective:  “Nearly 20 cars were broken into last night at hotels on the north side of Grants Pass.”

We have to solve this problem so please take 3 minutes and fill out this survey!

3 thoughts on “Local Business Feels the Effect of Lack of Criminal Justice Services”

  1. This is just the kind of exposure this problem needs. I’m hoping that everyone in town who reads this, shares it on their page and tells their friends about it, then TAKES THE SURVEY. Community input is key to the progress of this effort.

  2. It is just as problematic for the City of GP because they can catch the criminals but can’t arrest them or hold them accountable without an adequate jail and a DA to prosecute the less serious crimes.

  3. These incidents were all in town, so…what’s happening with the city police department? The levy failed because of those in the county, voting NO; thus, find out what’s happening out there, i.e., check on Cave Junction for instance. I understand it’s a real weirdo situation and the locals just shake their heads on it.

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