Josephine County Sheriff’s Office Seeing Spike In Burglaries

Here is the top story on CBS Channel 10 tonight:

“Josephine County is seeing a dramatic increase in crime. Last month alone the sheriff’s office took in 231 calls. One of the biggest problems at the moment are burglaries. Sheriff Gil Gilbertson says that in June they had 56 reports of burglaries, and 44 reports of larceny.
The sheriff says it’s a huge increase from the spring before most deputies were laid off.
With only two deputies left to answer phones Gilbertson says it’s impossible to keep up, “your new profession is, you’re gonna fish for a living. But by the way you can’t use a fishing pole. Do the job but without, you know, the tools. It’s just very difficult to do the job especially the way it’s suppose to be done.” The sheriff says they are doing the best they can to call people back but it can often take days or even weeks.”

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